Nov. 20th, 2012

luciazephyr: golden tiger with pale green eyes ([DF] tyger tyger...)
Hey guys.

We are not going to talk about the fucking travesty that is the Cold Days sample chapters. I'm doing that enough on Tumblr anyway.

Time for some fic. It'll go up with my Amnesty Kink Bingo square. Yep, I still plan on doing a full bingo, even past deadline.

Title: Diplomatic Resolution
Fandom: The Dresden Files, Dresden/Marcone.
Ratings/Warnings: Explicit for sexual content.
Summary: I don’t usually have much of a head for politics, unless it involves abusing loopholes to keep myself un-executed, but I was pretty sure politicking didn’t usually lead to lazing around in bubble baths. (Decadence Square fill for Kink Bingo)

Here at AO3!


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