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this is one of the crazier fannish things I've done.

small gif with all three fanmix covers scrolling

A Chicago Triptych: A Dresden Files Fanmix in Three Parts

John's cover, a vector-sketch mix done in stark red, black, and white with John's legs standing over a bloodied body with bullet shells on the floor

For John: thus bad begins

1. "Western Biographic" - Bound Stems

walk past school, we meet up at the docks
I need a wage to eat tonight
we'll cover up the bruises, my brother works the hardest
the men begin to shout and fight, I'm staying inside

(we don't believe it, we don't believe we're almost here)

but my father tells me, "don't cry
sometimes a dark horse dies
you can learn without the system"

All that is known about John Marcone's past is that he grew up in a poor family. For the boy who would be king.

2. "Constructive Summer" - The Hold Steady

we're gonna build something this summer
summer grant us all the power
to drink on top of water towers
with love and trust and shows all summer
get hammered
let this be my annual reminder
that we can all be something bigger

I went to your schools
I did my detention but the walls were so gray I couldn't pay attention
I read the gospel, it moved me to tears
but I couldn't find the hate and I couldn't find the fear

I met your savior I knelt at his feet
and he took my ten bucks and went down the street
tried to believe all the things you said
my friends that aren't dying are already dead

raise a toast to Saint Joe Strummer
I think he might have been our only decent teacher
getting older only makes it harder to remember
we are our only saviors
we're gonna build something this summer

He may not have always been John Marcone, but he always had big plans.

3. "Told My Troubles to the River" - Tom McRae

so I told my troubles to the river
and I tossed them in the deep
and I washed my hands in the river
but the river brings more trouble to me

I told my troubles to the river
she shared them with the seas
she returned them to me doubled
the river holds no offer of peace
I can wash this blood from my fingers
I can wash this stain from my soul
but I can’t wash out your memories
the river returns them all

After coming home from where they taught him to kill, John tells his disillusionment and sorrow to Chicago. And Chicago shares her troubles with him.

4. "The Underdog" - Spoon

I hear the call of a lifetime ring
felt the need to get up for it
you cut out the middle man
get free from the middle man

you've got no time for the messenger
got no regard for a thing that you don't understand
you have no fear of the underdog
that's why you will not survive!


Everyone has to start somewhere.

5. "Orca" - Wintersleep

I'll be a tidal wave when I grow up, crashing on harbors
I'll be a tempermental element, a raging water
I'll be a perfect storm swallowing over
I'll ba a killer whale when I grow up
I'll be a monster

I'll be a hurricane when i grow up, an ugly thunder
I'll be a forest fire about to flood over an empire
I'll be an avalanche chewing its rupture
I'll be a killer whale when I grow up
I'll be a monster

Mortals have free will, and Marcone uses his to become a monster.

6. "Holocaust for Giants" - Rasputina

when I was nine years old, went back to Ohio
a hired man was digging up a well on my father's land
he found a fossil there
it was a massive bone and since then I've known
that a race of giants lived in the northern hemisphere
ten thousand years ago they lived right there
it seems incredible but it's the truth
there were hundreds of 'em walking down the sides of the river
even giants think they'll always live forever

the bible speaks of this-- there were giants in our midst!
but they slaughtered one another in a meaningless war
thank your lucky stars we don't do that anymore!

And then John meets the other monsters of Chicago. Welcome to the supernatural world.

7. "Cream and Bastards Rise" - Harvey Danger

people who could buy and sell you
sharing a joke that they will never tell you
you think you're dailed in, someone has to win
and you know what that means, well then someone's got to lose
it's probably you, it's probably you.

it's not a race, it's not a competition
and if it were, you'd be in no position to
get them to listen to you
if you had to-- not even if your life depended on it!

you don't have to be a genius, but it helps to (It helps to)
all the also-rans are real nice guys
but only cream and bastards rise
yeah you can see it in their eyes

The Vargassi and the Jamaicans fall. Gentleman Johnny takes their place and all of Chicago knows their new lord.

8. "Catapult" - Arctic Monkeys

both sides, in softly came a growl from both sides
and if his whisper splits the mist, just think of what he's capable of with his kiss
nice try, you cannot turn away but nice try
turns your legs to little building blocks, then with his index finger flicks you on your socks

I go high-pitched, he'll talk and make your voice sound high-pitched
dread to think if he got you on your own and whispered in your ear in that baritone
it's the same stone-- his heart was cut from the same stone
that they used to carve his jaw, it's impossible not to feel inferior

then he can catapult you back to your daddy or into any hissing misery
and he'll tell you how the day after a triumph feels as hollow as the day after a tragedy
and extinguish any chance of escape when he slaps you on your arse or kisses your nape
and he's leaving without saying bye

nice try, you cannot turn away but nice try

Harry Dresden is introduced to the most dangerous vanilla mortal in the world. First impressions... aren't great.

Guest Verse: 9. "Manhole" - Ani DiFranco

I'm holding here a book, notable but not the greatest
stolen for me by the latest in a long line of thieves
and I'm just about to drop it in that manhole of memory
when I realize it doesn't bother me like love's mementos usually do
and I look up to see who's different here, the latest me
or the latest you

'course you're the kinda guy who doesn't lie
he just doctors everything
chooses some unassuming finger and quietly moves his wedding ring
who'll rewrite his autobiography for any pretty girl who'll sing
but you can't fool the queen, baby
'cause I married the king

and maybe it was I who betrayed his majesty!

Helen Beckitt. Marcone's Ms. Demeter. Talk about your blind spots.

10. "So Come Back, I Am Waiting" - Okkervil River

the black sheep boy dissolves in hot cream and sweet moans
in each daybed and empty home, in each seething bacterium
killing softly and serial, he lifts his handsome horns, magisterial
he's the smell of the moonlight wisteria, he's the thrill of the abecedarian
see the muddy hoofprints where he carried you?
and there's plenty of ways to claim his crimes tonight
and there's plenty of things to do on his dime
and there's plenty of ways to wear his hide tonight
you've got yours, I've got mine

so why did you flee?
don't you know you can't leave his control?
only call all his wild works your own
so come back and we'll take them all on!
so come back to your life on the lam!
so come back to your black sheep man
says, "I'm waiting on hoof and on hand,
I'm waiting, all hated and damned
I'm waiting, I snort and I stamp
I'm waiting, you know that I am
calmly waiting to make you my lamb"

For the Gentleman and the service he provides. He may be a black hat, but he is a necessary evil. Whatever your vice, he will generously provide, and you'll thank him for the privilege.

Harry's cover, a muddled, blue-brown-white sketch of his face from the nose down.

For Harry: a thing with feathers

1. "Family Photographs" - Swords

in the loneliest part of the city, in the house at the end at of the cul-de-sac
through a doorway, down a hallway, following a light that invites you in
up a stairway and down a hallway, heavy with the portraits that draw you in
showcasing the high times, blocking out the dark times
though they so desperately wanted to creep in
I called you a liar, you were a liar
showing on your face as you mask a grin
so here's the timeline, devastating timeline
photo after photo, the truth sinks in
she calls you a liar, you are a liar
and it all comes crashing in

The origin of Harry Dresden is rooted in betrayal. Justin turns his new family upside down for the chance to enthrall him.

2. "The Wanting Comes in Waves (Repaid)" - The Decemberists

"mother, I can hear your footfall now
soft disturbance in the deadfall now
it proceeds you like a black smoke pall
still the wanting comes in waves
you delivered me from danger then
tore my cradle from the reedy glen
swore to save me from the world of men
still the wanting comes in waves
and the waves...
and the waves!
and I want this night! oh!"

"how I made you, I wrought you, I pulled you
full more, I labored you, from cancer I cradled you
and now...
this is how I am repaid?
remember when I found you, the miseries that hounded you
but I gave you motion anointed with lotion
and now...
this is how I am repaid?!"

"mother, hear this proposition, right
grant me freedom to enjoy this night
and I'll return to you at break of light
for the wanting comes in waves
and waves!
still the wanting comes in waves!
and you owe me life! and you owe me life! oh!"

"and if I grant you this favor to hand you
your life for the evening, I will retake by morning
and so...
consider it your debt repaid!

The Leanansidhe loves Harry, but he made a promise, and he will keep it.

3. "Live Through This" - Rubyhorse

smile, it's not the end of the world
as far as I can tell, everything is still the same
so why are we stuck inside?
it's such a glorious day, it's a shame to waste

when it rains, it pours
and it's hard to believe
in a world so cold
it's sucking out the feeling

you will live through this

There are losses of innocence. Then there's losing your father figure and everything you've ever known for the second time.

4. "They" - Jem

I'm sorry, so sorry, I'm sorry it's like this
I'm sorry, so sorry, I'm sorry we do this

do you see what I see?
why do we live like this?
is it because it's true
that ignorance is bliss?

who are they, where are they
how can they possibly know all this?

The White Council. The Doom. Breaking Laws you've never heard of. Welcome to the supernatural world.

5. "The Little Things" - Danny Elfman

let the headlines wait, armies hesitate
I can deal with fate, but not the little things
armageddon may arrive any day
I can't get away from the little things

with a pile of cares and a bucket of tears
I look at the sunlight and I feel no fear
with a mountain of maybes and some icarus wings
and I'm armed with delusions and that one little thing
and that one little thing is it all comes down to you

Harry Dresden, just holding the fort in his little corner of the world the best he can.

6. "Hardest of Hearts" - Florence + the Machine

there is love in your body but you can't hold it in
it pours from your eyes and it spills from your skin
tenderest touch leaves the darkest of marks
and the kindest of kisses break the hardest of hearts

there is love in your body but you can't get it out
it gets stuck in your head, won't come out of your mouth
sticks to your tongue and shows on your face
that the sweetest of words have the bitterest taste

there is love in our bodies and it holds us together
but pulls us apart when we're holding each other
we all want something to hold in the night
we don't care if it hurts or we're holding too tight

Margaret and Malcolm Dresden. Elaine and Justin DuMorne. It's no wonder Harry doesn't love easily.

7. "Storm Coming" - Gnarls Barkley

now I can paint a picture with a pen
but a song will only scratch the skin
and there are still places I haven't been
but I know what's in there is already in the air
oh, there's a storm on the way

hey hey hey there is truth in the thunder
love in the lightning, the feeling is frightening
but isn't it exciting?
I'm something like stormy weather
if it weren't, we'd never huddle together
but do I have to tell you that I'm also the sunlight
that shines shortly after-- I just rain 'cause I have to
oh, to a new chapter
I wish you lots of laughter
'til the next time you see me
just remember you need me
I'm the storm coming!

Chicago's supernatural defender. Give him a call. He's in the book.

Guest Verse: 8. "Wild" - Poe

I go wild 'cause you break me open
wild 'cause you left me here
I got wild 'cause your promises are broken
wild 'cause the chips are down
wild 'cause there isn't anybody else around
wild when the waves start to break
and god knows they're breaking in me now

so this is what it's like, living in limbo
first I'm high, then I'm solo

Susan and star-crossed lovers. Because he can't save them all.

9. "Cold War" - Janelle Monae

so you think I'm alone but being alone's the only way to be
when you step outside you spend life fighting for your sanity

if you wanna be free? below the ground's the only place to be
'cause in this life you spend time running from depravity

I'm trying to find my peace
I was made to believe there's something wrong with me
and it hurts my heart
lord have mercy, ain't it plain to see?

this is a cold war, you better know what you're fighting for
this is a cold war, do you know what you're fighting for?

There's a war going on. Harry can't just hide in his basement apartment, but it is so very tempting.

10. "Go, or Go Ahead" - Rufus Wainwright

thank you for this bitter knowledge
guardian angels who left me stranded
it was worth it, feeling abandoned
makes one hardened
but what has happened to love?
you got me writing lyrics on postcards
then in the evening looking at the stars
but the brightest of the planets is Mars
what has happened to love?

so I will opt for the big white limo
vanity fairgrounds and rebel angels
can't be trusted with feathers so hollow
your heaven's inventions, steel-eyed vampires of love
you see over me, I'll never know
what you have shown to other eyes

go or go ahead and surprise me
say you've lead the way to a mirage
go or go ahead and just try me

but of Medusa-- kiss me and crucify
this unholy notion of the mythic power of love

look in her eyes, look in her eyes
forget about the ones that are crying
go or go ahead

For the man who could once fold sunshine into linen. What has life given you, but lost loved ones, a daughter you can never know, a Knighthood you never wanted, and a bullet in the chest?

The cover for both of them-- A blurred picture of Chicago's skyline and it's reflection in the water overlaid with blue and red.

For Chicago's Protectors: one hoarse cry for discipline

1. "I'm Your Villain" - Franz Ferdinand

toss in a word and I'm your villain
I see the passion emerge and I'm your villain

if I could laugh, I'd love you
oh, if I could smile at everything you said
we could be laughing lovers
I think you'd prefer to be miserable instead
oh, if I could love, I'd love you
if I could love like anybody else

I know what I am if I'm your villain
although I don't give a damn if I'm your villain
but serious, you're so serious
but I got ready salted ready
on your belly if you wanna have fun

see you later, my baby, see you later

"I want to make a deal with you." "Blow me." "We both know you need me and I'm too tired to dance. Say please." "Is there anything you're not shameless about, John?" "Mr. Dresden, I've asked you not to call me that." "Don't call me Harry." "You must think me insane."

"People are dying, John. Help me save them. God, please, help me."
"... Yes."

2. "Psychobabble" - Frou Frou

how did you get this number?
I can't get my head 'round you
of course you're not coming over
snap out of it, you're not making any sense!

you couldn't be more wrong, darling
I never gave out these signs
you misunderstand all meaning
snap out of it, I'm not falling for this one

if love is surrender then whose war is it anyway?

do just what I tell you and no one will get hurt
don't come any closer, 'cause I dunno how long I can hold my heart in two

Not being enemies, okay, Harry can handle that. But this? This he doesn't understand.

3. "Johnny Feelgood" - Liz Phair

johnny feelgood, johnny right one, johnny missed you, johnny light on
johnny makes me feel strangely good about myself
moderation is a memory, dive right in and let him send me
I can take this in doses large enough to kill

and I never met a man who was so crazy about it
it kinda has become an obsession to me
I hate him all the time, but I still get up
when he knocks me down
and he orders me around
'cause it loosens me up
and I can't get enough
and I'd pay to spend the night with him some more

Harry knows he's dangerous. That he can be a monster. And yet... and yet he keeps coming back. Possibly because the sex is fantastic.

4. "Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps" - Cake

you won't admit you love me
and so how am i ever to know?
you only tell me perhaps, perhaps, perhaps

a million times i ask you
and then i ask you over again
you only answer: perhaps, perhaps, perhaps

if you can't make your mind up, we'll never get started
and i don't wanna wind up being parted, broken-hearted
so if you really love me, say yes
but if you don't, dear, confess
and please don't tell me perhaps, perhaps, perhaps

All John can do is wait for a sign. Shame Harry has no idea what he's doing.

5. "Not About Love" - Fiona Apple

and it doesn't seem fair
that your wicked words should work in holding me down
and it doesn't make sense
I should fall for the kingcraft of a meritless crown
and it doesn't seem right
to take information given at close range
for the gag and the bind and the ammunition round

this is not about love
'cause I am not in love
in fact, I can't stop falling out

I miss that stupid ache

Because it's not. It can't be love. It's just trust and banter and mutual life-saving and sex and it's not love, dammit.

6. "Crazy in Love" - Snow Patrol

I look and stare so deep in your eyes
I touch on you more and more every time
when you leave I'm begging you not to go
call your name two or three times in a row
such a funny thing for me to try to explain
how I'm feeling and my pride is the one to blame
'cause I know I don't understand
just how your love your doing no one else can

got me looking, so crazy, my baby
I'm not myself lately-- I'm foolish, I don't do this!
I've been playing myself, baby I don't care
'cause your love's got the best of me
and, baby, you're making a fool of me
you got me sprung and I don't care who sees
'cause baby you got me, you got me, so crazy baby

And just as well. John Marcone doesn't... do love well. At all.

7. "And Then You Kissed Me" - The Cardigans

and it hit me like never before
that love is a powerful force
yes, it struck me that love is a sport
so I pushed you a little bit more

love you're news to me
you're a little bit more that i thought you'd be
a mole in my well-fed lawn
you're a nightmare beating the dawn

lord i've had my deal
but i never quite knew how it feels
when love makes you wake up sore
with fists that are ready for more

blue, blue, black and blue
red blood sticks like glue
true love is cruel love
red blood's a power fuel
sweet love, tasty blood
my heart overfloods
oh you hit me, you hit me really hard
man, you hit me, you hit me right in the heart
and then you kissed me

It's violent and passionate and fucked-up and completely inescapable. It's a bad idea on so many levels. But it still is.

8. "Summer Rain" - I Blame Coco

but to you, it's all the same
like a hunter only knows
what's its prey

whatever's mine is yours
we share the blame
just like the darkness in your mind
is blind with shame

so tell me, have you lost it all
have you changed your name
it's funny how this loneliness
can bring you fame

so tell me would you come on tour
would you be my king
it's funny what will buy your love
will slowly bring

so, how can I trust you
love me if you must be fooled
here's the mic and here's your cue

you should have known that I was trouble
you should have told by the look in my eye
you should be careful who you fall for
'cause only once bit and twice is too shy

so hold on to me, or I'm your responsibility
so hold on to me, stay strong for me
and smother me, cuddle me
here's to my sobriety

... Okay, this one is exclusive to The Matter of Chicago. Kinda. It still fits.

9. "This Modern Love" - Bloc Party

don't get offended if I seem absent minded
just keep telling me facts and keep making me smile
don't get offended if I seem absent minded
I get tongue-tied
baby, you've got to be more discerning
I've never known what's good for me
baby, you've got to be more demanding
I will be yours
I'll pay for you anytime

you told me you wanted to eat up my sadness
well, jump on, enjoy, you can gorge away
you told me you wanted to eat up my sadness
jump right
baby, you've got to be more discerning
I've never known what's good for me
baby, you've got to be more demanding
Jump left

what are you holding out for?
what's always in the way?
why so damn absent-minded?
why so scared of romance?

this modern love breaks me
this modern love wastes me

They both go down together, kicking and screaming.

10. "When the World Ends (Oakenfold Remix)" - Dave Matthews Band

when the world ends, you're gonna come with me
we're gonna be crazy like a river bends
we're gonna float through the criss-cross of the mountains
watch them fade to nothing
when the world, you know that's what's happening now
I'm gonna be there with you somehow

I'm gonna tie you up like a baby in a carriage car
your legs don't work 'cause you want me so
you just lie spread to the wall
the love you've got is surely all the love I will ever need
I'm gonna take you by my side and love you tall
'til the world ends

I'm gonna take you to bed
I love you, I swear
like the end is here

For the ending where it works out for them.

11. "And Then You Kissed Me II" - The Cardigans

your name used to taste so sweet
then you beat the love right out of me
it's a mystery how people behave
how we long for a life as a slave
when he kissed me I gladly gave in
to a fight nobody could win

man, he left me blue
and if I could I would do it too
I tell you now like I told you before
love is a powerful force
and it's a mystery how people behave!
how we long for a life as a slave
and tumble into any open arms
that will only ever do you harm

oh, you you it's always you
the best kisser that I ever knew
true love is cruel love
not much to be proud of
nerve-wrecking acrobatic backwards bend
all for a happy end

it's a mistery how people behave!
how we worry ourselves to the grave
when he kissed me I lost everything
then I got up and did it again

oh you, you, it's always you
the hardest hitter that I ever knew
true love is cruel love
not much to be proud of
ass-kissing mercy-missing faithless friend
all for a happy end

For the ending where they rip each other apart.

DOWNLOAD LINK: SendSpace, MediaFire (lemme know if you need a re-up or an alternate link.)


You know, I've been aware of my obsession with fanmixes for some time now. But this is kind of ridiculous.

Thanks to [ profile] alexwhitewell for the art on John and Harry's mixes. I know the styles are not the same, but I kind of liked that about them. John's is very harsh and stark and vector-y. Harry's is softer and muddled, and I think the differences work.

For the curious, my pretentious titles:
A Chicago Triptych, a triptych is a piece of art that has three separate but related parts. thus bad begins is Shakespeare. a thing with feathers refers to Emily Dickinson's line "hope is a thing with feathers." And one hoarse cry for discipline comes from an HG Wells quote, "Chicago is one hoarse cry for discipline."

Thanks [ profile] grenegome and [personal profile] binz for help finding songs when I was so close to being done and just needed a few more slots filled.

This took moooooonths to finish. I started it way back in the middle of Book One, so I've been chipping away at it since then. I hope everyone enjoys it. 8D

... I cannot fucking believe I didn't have an Andrew bird song on here. What is wrong with me?

(no subject)

Date: 2011-04-18 09:34 pm (UTC)
forestgreen: charchoil picture: Iason embracing Riki possessively and Riki reluctantly surrendering. Charecters from Ai No Kusabi (Default)
From: [personal profile] forestgreen
Wow! This looks amazing! The songs and the thoughts behind them and the cover art and everything is just perfect and so them. I want. *downloads*

(no subject)

Date: 2011-04-18 10:35 pm (UTC)
samjohnsson: River says goodbye to the unawesome. (Random Kiss)
From: [personal profile] samjohnsson

The art is amazing. I'm gonna have to listen to all these songs.

Question - this a canonmix or mocmix?
Edited Date: 2011-04-18 10:36 pm (UTC)

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Date: 2011-04-19 12:50 am (UTC)
polarisnorth: a silhouetted figure sitting on the moon, watching the earthrise (Default)
From: [personal profile] polarisnorth

(no subject)

Date: 2011-04-19 03:25 am (UTC)
greyeyes: (Default)
From: [personal profile] greyeyes
Oh, WOW! Downloading!

(no subject)

Date: 2011-04-19 05:29 pm (UTC)
cyprinella: Two hand puppets holding hands with hearts in the air above them (puppet love)
From: [personal profile] cyprinella
I've told you how I love this mix already, so now I just have to say how much I love the art. *_______________________*

(no subject)

Date: 2011-10-16 04:23 am (UTC)
innocentsmith: a lion, a lamppost, and a winged man in a conservative coat stand on a bridge under an orange sky (Default)
From: [personal profile] innocentsmith
I downloaded this aaaaages ago, and only just got around to opening the file and listening the other day. But now that I have listened to it, I had to come back here to let you know that I'm madly in love with it and have been playing it incessantly on iTunes and burned it to CD. So many great songs I hadn't heard before! And they all work so well for the characters! Awesome.


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