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I'm gonna just assume everyone who is able has watched PSY's "Gangnam Style" music video. I believe we have here is the apex of global swag levels, the likes of which we will never see again in our lifetimes. I for one am honored to have witnessed this historic moment.

Okay, so I'm sick enough that I'm at the "heat up broth and butter some bread" stage, and I am going to now write about what video games each person in the Dresden Files would play if they all could play video games.

Marcone: Starting with John because he's the most vivid in my head. He can't justify having a console or a PC with a high-end graphics card, so he plays on his home computer. He can't get into any game that requires him the assume the role of another person (JRPGs, games with strong protagonist personalities, etc). He prefers anything he can play as himself, especially games that reward and punish his choices.

He'd play the shit out of Civilization. He's got multiple empires, plays them all on huge maps at Marathon speed. He's gotten every type of victory except Domination, which he hopes isn't a bad omen.

Any strategy game is up his alley. Except the more spreadsheet-y ones like EVE Online.

Hendricks: A fan of the classics. He pretty much gets all of his games from In the olden days of yore, where several novels worth of text were weaved through the game and your actions had real, lasting repercussions that weren't explained to you at the time.

Fallout 1/2, Arcanum, and older installments of The Elder Scrolls.

But obviously, his far-away favorite is Planescape: Torment. What can change the nature of a man? (Really, he probably has Black Isle Studio's entire fucking catalog TBH.)

Gard: Anything and everything that presumes to be based on mythology. Because it's funny.

Molly: Nintendo kid, from start to finish. If any console were allowed in the Carpenter household, it'd be a Nintendo. Once she connects with other geeks out in the world, her horizons broaden a bit, but only so far as platformer games.

Murphy: Sports games. There is something nice about shutting off your brain, booting up the latest iteration of EA's monopoly, and playing. She turns off all the extraneous sounds/music and puts on the radio as she plays. It's calming.

Luccio: DS/Vita. She's always on the movie. Other than that, everything is fair play.

Kincaid: Splinter Cell, Max Payne, Indigo Prophecy, Metal Gear Solid-- if it has solid combat and a fucking ridiculous melodrama driving it, he's there.

Ivy: Any game that is randomly generated and has no set way to win. It's tough to enjoy games when you have every terrible BrandyGames walkthrough book in your head. Rez, Minecraft, Audiosurf, and such.

Harry: ADVENTURE GAMES OH GOD. Tim Schafer's entire catalog, the old LucasGames golden age, and Sam and Max. Wacky humor, ludicrous leaps in logic, and colorful art styles. As our residence Noir-wannabe, he's played Grim Fandango about five times.

brb need more broth now

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The best/worst thing about that video is that PSY fails to give even a modicum of a fuck. I'm constantly torn between thinking he's completely awesome for not caring how goofy he's acting, and sort of being embarrassed by proxy for him. Tho, I'm sure in the context of Korean culture it's not nearly as norm-busting!

Marcone being s strat-game nerd is priceless, I shall treasure the thought always. The Ivy and Harry classifications are so obvious as to be stamped as immutable truths.

I hope you get better!!! Ugh, being sick in the summer is extra terrible, I hope your immune system bludgeons the virus to death soon. (Do you like chicken broth in a cup better than beef, or vice-versa?)
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