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Working on getting a job. Whoop whoop.

Also working on MoC. Whoop whoop.

It will likely have a pre-post to discuss some of the issues of the series. Totally skippable, but figured I'd mention.

I am also contemplating importing the MoC story to Dreamwidth. Because I still legitimately hate LJ and the direction it's continuing down. I could cross post, but TBH I don't want to do that. And I guess most DW users also have LJ accounts. But JFC LJ is awful. Crappy design, much shorter comment and post limits (ask me about the Bakery AU's final post sometimes), and continued Facebook-integration/imitation. IDK, I'm at the point that I think fandom's migrated enough to DW that using it alone is feasible. Especially since DW allows us to import journals and communities now.

But. Obviously don't want to alienate the LJ-only users.

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oh god I'm in DC. This is so strange. Trying to remember how to talk to people IRL. More difficult than you'd think.
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oh god I'm going to Washington DC in 5 days. To my first con. Where I will remeet Binz and Cyprinella. And will meet-meet Grene and LGI. And attend panels, including a Dresden panel. Hooooooomygod.
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a follow up to the last post, because Fitzgerald Michael Kreiner is possibly my favorite character in anything ever of all time okay.

"But you’re not my ancestor, are you?" hissed Father Kreiner. "You’re an ersatz version of me, created by the Remote over many years. [...] You’re a fake. You’re a fiction. Truth is, boy, I am the person the Doctor first met, first took from Earth in the TARDIS." He closed his eyes, and the lids fluttered as though he were searching deep in his memory. "I was the young man who went to China with Mao’s army. I wept at the sound of the T’hiili Queen’s song. I saw the double sunrise on Cherantrin V. It was me who travelled with him and ... Samantha? Yes, with him and Sam to Vega Station..."

There was a long pause. Fitz couldn’t think what to say to all this. Couldn’t admit it might be true. Couldn’t speak.

Kreiner’s eyes snapped open again. The Faction monster said, "I am the real Fitzgerald Michael Kreiner."

"And I claim my five pounds."
-The Ancestor Cell, Father Kreiner (original Fitz) vs Clone/'Real' Fitz

Who is Fitz Kreiner... Fitz Kriener is flawless, I hear his guitar is insured for $10,000!

Fitz is technically the longest-running companion in the DW series. He's the main companion in the Eighth Doctor Adventures, a series of book that are pretty fucking awesome most of the time. Eight is personally my favorite Doctor thanks to said books, because he's just so damn interesting. But this is about Fitz, not EDA!Eight.

Yeah, but who IS he? )

Also, Lullabee, someday we should break down and post those Abridged EDAs. Some were pretty fucking funny, I think.


And for anyone who would like more info on the EDA books, Lullabee and I wrote the TV Tropes page on it (check out the Characters page for a full list of just how fucked up and amazing Fitz is). Not that I'm not still pissed at TV Tropes for their bullshit, but Lull and I wrote those pages, so.

And and if you like the audio adventures, Fitz got a guest spot in the Company of Friends work, and it was written by his creator, Stephen Cole, and while BFA!Eight =/= EDA!Eight, it's a good portrayal of Fitz's character. Besides the accent. Dunno WTF happened there.

AND AND AND if you want the EDA books, the mass majority are seriously out of print, but there are PDFs the fandom circles around. Hit me up and I'll get them for you if you're interested.
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1. So I just spent a full week reteaching myself computer information systems and web scripting after the drama of the move wrecked my college, right? And I succeeded (my teacher says he anticipates a huge recovery in my grade from all my catch-up work) for all intents and purposes.

Basically, Saturday was the first day in three solid weeks that I had to myself. No obligations, no moving, nothing to worry about for 24 hours.

So obviously my period decides to arrive that morning and incapacitate me for the duration.

My luck, guys. My fucking luck.

2. I HAVE DISCOVERED JOHN GREEN'S CRASH COURSE: WORLD HISTORY SERIES. oh my gooooood this shit is fascinating as fuck and hilarious and Green's enthusiasm for history makes it VERY easy to learn. I DIDN'T KNOW THAT ABOUT SNAILS! TELL ME MORE, JOHN GREEN! /chinhands

3. I realized yesterday that I haven't visited LJ to do anything but reply to comments in months. So it's gone from my bookmark bar. Do folks still use LJ? Whyyyyy. Come to DW, it's better in pretty much every way.

4. I am excited for Elementary and the next person to claim they are ripping off BBC Sherlock will be fed to a lion. This summarizes my feelings on the matter well:

A tweet by user peasantings saying "I'm really glad Sir Arthur Conan Doyle came back from the grave, and told Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat 'worry about my brand.'"

Moffat, shut your mouth and go ruin some more female characters or whatever it is you do in your free time.

5. So. Fic. I'm settled in Florida and despite the fact I fucking hate being here and everything about this fucking state (ask my about my grandmother's racism sometime), I am slowly getting back into the swing of writing again. I have a shortish one-shot Dresden fic that is half Binz's fault and half thisfishflies's fault about Harry wearing nail polish.

(Actually it's mostly Binz's fault because if you get her talking about Harry's idealization of femininity, she will give you Ideas about Harry embracing parts of himself he feels he's not allowed to and you will get Feels and it will suck, but seriously, if Binz wants to talk at you about this, let her, it's fascinating and full of feels.)

(Also, the fic is called Hand Jobs, WHICH I WANT TO ESTABLISH WAS BINZ'S IDEA. NOT MINE.)

So that'll eventually get posted. Then it's time for some fucking Matter of Chicago renewal, aaaaw yeeeeah.

6. 100% unrelated to Dresden, I have been slowly writing a Dragon Age: Origins fic that's pretty much me dealing with the game's lack of dealing with issues of anti-elf racism and the fact the City Elf origin revolves around rape and sexual assault. It's not grimdark, but it's pretty serious. Totally unbeta'ed though. For the curious: oh, bring me a love that can sweeten a sword.

7. I don't believe in uppercased letters in titles okay? okay.

8. So on Tumblr for some inexplicable reason there has been a random renaissance of The 10th Kingdom, a miniseries you probably never heard of but it was amazing, okay? It was a post-modern twist on fairy tales and had some really stellar writing and some of the most interesting characters ever. And this 10K renaissance reminded me of my love for the protagonist, Virginia Lewis, and that in turn made me think about the Characters I Have Loved. I came up with four, and I'm going to briefly share them with you under the cut.

Characters Lucy Has Really Strong Feelings About )

10. Hey, anyone have any advice on getting cheap airplane flights? Or maybe have some coupon codes lying around? Just wondering.
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Intro to CIS final exam: 72%

Web Scripting exam: 76%

Not bad, considering I retaught myself the entire classes in the last two days.
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Like, so close. I think I have all the elements I need (arrays, loops, and forms). But for some reason the end result isn't coming together, and my teacher won't be online to help until this evening.

Anyone with Javascript knowledge wanna take a look and tell me what probably stupid thing I've forgotten?

ETA: fff, I think it's about how to get the form data to the function, but I can't figure out how to fix it. fuck.
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And thus we come to the tail end of this saga.

Last time of Lucy And Her Housing Drama: The house buyers fell through! All is lost!

After, we got the other prospective buyers to come back. They made us save some money off the deposit, but it was still better than not having a buyer.

The kicker is that the flaky buyers called back at 9AM the next day to ask for another shot at the house. HAAHAHAHAHAAH no.

We packed up the house, signed the papers, and trundled out of Missouri, set for Florida. Some quick impressions:

Eastern Missouri: I am gonna miss all the farms and fields and moo-moos and random llamas and the hills and the vistas and everything about you. Chesterfield, MO, you had a great hotel but jesus fucking christ you are the whitest, wannabe-poshiest MO city ever. What are you and do you think I don't know all that elegant hanging ivy isn't natural.

Illinois: You're boring, and you need more road signs.

Kentucky: WHAT THE FUCK, KENTUCKY? It is really, really obvious that Kentucky has no fucking money because from the moment we entered Kentucky to the time we left, the roads were terrible. I am dead serious when I say there wasn't ten miles of road that was good. It was sad. Infrastructure, KT, have you heard of it?

Tennessee: Hilariously, at the NOW ENTERING TENNESSEE sign, the roads suddenly become beautiful and newly paved. I wish I got a picture, but it was awesome, like TN was mocking KT for its shitty roads. TN was very very pretty, but also absolutely terrifying. There's this stretch of I-24, west of Chattanooga and around Monteagle, where I honestly thought I was going to die. It's the road down the mountain, and it is too steep. It's fine in a car, but in a truck, hauling a large load? You can't stop. You literally can't. There are fucking runaway truck ramps all the way down. My life was flashing before my eyes because we just couldn't slow down. What the fuck, Tennessee? BUILD ANOTHER ROAD. ONE THAT ISN'T OUTRIGHT DEADLY. COME ON NOW.

Georgia: Better than fucking Kentucky and Tennessee. But on the flipside: it's Georgia. The only thing worse is

Fucking Florida: God, I hate Florida. Like, really. I hate Florida, and having to drive through it myself has only intensified my hate.

So yeah. In a few minutes, were going out to the truck to offload some basic shit-- clothes and tea and such.

BTW: Fish, you, me, get together sometime this summer? I will drive to you if need by. This is shit that should happen, yo.
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house buyer fell through

because absolutely nothing in my family's life is allowed to go well, apparently

my life feels like a long length of rope
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The Move To Florida: OH GOD WE GOT THE HOUSE SOLD. I was not expecting this. I really thought we'd have to declare bankruptcy and abandon it, but goddamn, we've got it sold! We had fucking competition for it! Awesome. So awesome.

This weekend is the moving sale, and next week I'm on my way to Florida. Very exciting. 8D

Suits fic rec: needs must by thatotherperv

Okay. I have to gush about this fic for a bit. Because maaaan this fic. It's so good for me, and I wanna talk about why.

The facts were these: This is, according to the author, "the one where Mike is a paid sub." Which is an accurate but shallow summary. Mike is a professional sub when the money requires it. He takes one-night deals, but when the Grammy Nursing Home Ultimatum happens, he takes on a job he'd been putting off: a long-term submissive job. Obviously, Harvey is the client.

Mike goes into it expecting to hate the job, that his client will be a sadistic asshole. He's wrong on both counts.

What I fucking love about this fic: Where to even start... Stylistically, this fic is great. It's got some great vibrant sensory details but never edges into Ikea Erotica. The POV is very tightly in Mike's head, and it keeps me guessing. Because you have to rely on how Mike sees the world and on any clues that you catch yourself. Harvey in particular is a great unknown quality. Like, I think I know Harvey's feelings towards Mike, but I'm working with the same set of info Mike has, and that makes me feel, as a reader, very connected to Mike.

And the fact that often I see fic that's about Harvey discovering his feeeelings for Mike, but needs must is much more about Mike, who is a little more jaded (and IMO more realistic than canon Mike), slowly warming up to Harvey and coming to terms with his own kinks. 'Cause though Mike's a paid sub, he doesn't like subbing. Until Harvey-- and it's not like Harvey is some Super Perfect Dom or anything. He just treats Mike with respect. It's a really great narrative thread I've never seen in another fic before.

It also eventually intertwines with canon, but with Mike as a paralegal, and my god watching Mike and Harvey try to juggle both of their professional relationships and the times it blows up in their face and how they re-negotiate and make it work--

ugh ugh ugh. This fic. I love kink-driven fic that focuses on the characters, that treats sex workers with courtesy (even if Mike isn't sure he deserves it), that handles this Pretty Woman scenario with 100% more tact and cleverness--

Also, Louis is Mike's agent. Which is kind of amazing, let's be honest.

Fic updates every Tuesday. It is my favorite Suits fic. If this is your bag, check it out.
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Hey guys hey. One of my fics got podficced! Oh my god, it's glorious. 8D [ profile] lily_wordsmith podficced Civisking (or, the one where Harry accidentally becomes a Wyldfae lord).

It's like. Really good. Not just saying that because it's a podfic of something of mine (!!!!!), it's excellent. Go check it out! 8D 8D 8D

just just aaaaaah

David Tennant looking haggard with about eight cigarettes in his hands with the text I CAN'T DO IT.
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I give blanket permission for anyone to remix, podfic, make fanart of, etc of my work. I would like to know about it, but rest assured I am probably not going to shoot you down. Only caveats are that I would like to be credited and that you may not use any of my work for monetary gain. Hopefully that doesn't need saying though.

Have at.

ETA: Which reminds me.

If you are podficcing something of mine, and I've phrased something poorly or in a way that is hard to physically say out loud, you have my permission to rephrase as much as you need to make it work.
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and I don't mean just apologizing for not having written more yet

Story discussion, some problems I have with the story, and what it means to me as a writer )

So yeah. Those are my thoughts right now. Actual dictionary-definition ambivalence.
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oh my god guys

oh my god

I played Journey just now.

holy crap.

that was amazing. It was such an experience. I definitely teared up and cried from EMOTIONAL OVERLOAD. And I played with four different people. And my first one, I lost track of them and chirped around, trying to find them, and I couldn't and it was so sad 'cause I was alone

and this other guy raced me through the sand

and this other person.... didn't care, TBH and ran ahead. 8(

BUT THE LAST GUY, we did the final two stages together, and s/he helped me not get blown over by the wind or eaten by the flying things. And they were amazing and THANK YOU, MYSTERIOUS PERSON! ♥

oh man. PLAY JOURNEY IF YOU CAN, GUYS! It is amazing.
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Okay guys. We're going to sit down and talk about why the ending to Mass Effect 3 is terrible and why if you write off the fanbase as entitled brats, you don't understand the situation.

So here is the non-Mass Effect Fans' Guide To Why The ME3 Ending Was Objectively Terrible.

Spoilers abound under the cut. )

That got long-winded to say the least. I hope it was illuminating and I hope I've shed some light on why fans are so angry. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.

The worst of this is, outside the endgame, ME3 was almost flawless. It was the most emotive, powerful piece of fiction I have ever seen. If made me think, gave me real cause for personal reflection and made me think about ethical dilemmas I'd never considered before. It was a fucking masterwork.

And it was all throw out the window by that endings.

Bioware can fix this, and I hope they do. Their fans deserved better, and the story deserved better. As I told Holly, this is like Lord of the Rings having the same ending as 2001: A Space Odyssey.

It is Actually That Terrible.
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I have the Mass Effect 3: Collector's Edition. Mum has secured two full days off.

Lets see how much of this we can get through in 48 hours.

See you guys on Thursday. 8D

Oh, hey, btw, fellow ME fans. I got to look at the strategy guide while at the midnight release. James Vega? Not a romance option for male or female Shepard! I know, right? Totally surprised. There are new NPCs who serve as gay options tho, so look out for them. Would give their names, but I don't remember.
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Hi. /waves

Still alive. Still dealing. Haven't moved yet, but it really is just a matter of time. Mum's looking into getting a lawyer and doing the whole surrender house in lieu of deed thing. So. There's that. Thanks much to everyone for the kind words and especially for the advice. It's been a huge help.

I've sadly not been writing. I'm still hovering right below critical mass for my stress level and am just trying to keep calm and carry on. I do feel rather guilty about not having written anything, especially since I promised the end of the MoC hiatus. I can only say that I'll get to it as soon as I can.

Mass Effect 3 is dropping in two days. I'm going to be at the midnight release. So. Pumped. You have no idea, guys. The ME series is among the most important media I've ever seen. I know ME3 is going to disappoint in some areas (what they're doing with EDI has me furious) but the sheer scale, the level of execution, the ambition, and the way they've crafted a story that spans the universe but still feels so personal? BioWare, I am impressed. Don't fuck this up.

I haven't been writing, but I have been thinking. I've been chewing over my origific in my head a lot lately, fleshing out the characters. I mentioned before that I was leaning on the tarot imagery for some inspiration in the story. Still true, but in a much broader sense. I've been reading Rachel Pollack's 78 Degrees of Wisdom and it's been invaluable food for thought.

So, for the curious, here's a basic rundown of my main cast, as I see them so far.shit only about three people including me care about under cut )

jfc, that was a lot of writing. hope it was somewhat interesting. bedtime now.
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/breathes deeply

Okay, so Grandma has hurt herself and Mum has decided that waiting a month and a half is too long. We are going to leave Missouri and return to Florida as soon as humanly possible. There is quite a bit of stuff to do.

  1. We need to figure out how to abandon the house. It is not really sellable and the mortgage is more than its worth by a fair amount (I'd say by $30K on the low end). It seems the best option for us is the "surrender by deed" the house to the bank, or possibly lender? I'm getting mixed signals on this.

  2. We are going to sell or trash a lot of stuff. We have chairs and bedroom sets and a fairly new clothes washer and AC unit and-- a lot of things. We're going to price it all out very cheaply (i.e. the new washer will go for about $75) and just get rid of as much as possible.

  3. What we can't sell, we're donating or recycling. I hate the Salvation Army for various reasons, so I'm looking for another venue to donate clothes and furniture and such. I live near Warrensburg, MO and am willing to drive a while.

I know there are other things, but this list is what's on my plate right now. If anyone has an information on any item, I'd appreciate any advice you could offer. I'm very much in the tall grass here, constantly on the verge of an emotional breakdown, and need help. And hey, if you are in the area and looking for furniture or appliances on the cheap? Lemme know. I have 'em, and everything will be under $100.

If you can help at all, hit me up here or, if you prefer, my email is luciazephyr[at]
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Mum says that when income taxes come in, we are abandoning our house and returning to Florida.

I'm looking around and wondering how much of our possessions we can fit into our little sedan for the drive down.

I don't know what to do anymore.


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