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Why did none of you tell me that Code Geass had mind control, bondage, and lesyay galore? I didn't know you could have girls wanking off on television outside, like... HBO.*

Dammit, I'm getting back into anime. Fuck.

To Watch
  1. Newly fansubbed episodes of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Fuck yeah, Kyon.

  2. Utena. Considering how old it is, the dub is not that bad. God bless YouTube for having it all for me. 8D I love me some Mind Screw, lesbian post-modernism.

  3. Key the Metal Idol, because I told Athena I would. The dub hurts me though. Must find a sub.

  4. Code Geass. Oh god, I cannot resist this. How bad is it to get into a show just because it's TVT Fetish Fuel page? Uh.

  5. Also considering Black Lagoon though the first ep didn't grab me. Oh oh, and Negima, because I liked Love Hina.

Strange observation. I like slash fic. I don't like femmeslash fic. I do like yuri, but I usually won't watch yaoi. I have no explaination why.


* No, seriously, #1 on this list.


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