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I had a really vivid dream about three nights ago about Otacon and Snake getting tossed into a VR machine (why am I so obsessed with those things) by someone who wanted them out of the way but not dead. And the simulation happened to be based on the shit on Otacon's computer. So it randomly loaded up Fallout for them to "play", with beating the game = getting out.

And the original dream ended around there but I'm still thinking about it.

And how it'd reverse the boys' power dynamics (why am I so obsessed with those things). When Snake fumbles around and eventually catches up to Otacon, he's halfway to max level, totting some serious weaponry, and riding around on a nuclear-powered motorcycle. Because he know the game so well, he's metagamed it to hell and back. He's dumped all his points in Small Arms and Science and Repair and Explosives, and he's a fucking terror of the Capitol Wasteland.

And when Snake catches up, he gives him a bottle of Rad-X and a stack of the Big Guns-increasing book items because he's used an exploit to get infinite copies and Snake can ride in the sidecar with the rocket launcher.

I just want that so baaaaad. Snake having to deal with very much not being the weapon of the two of them for once, and Otacon's blasé explanation of the Bethesda's Gamebyro engine and how easy it is to min-max once you understand how it works.

There. Aren't your lives so much better now that you know more about my terrible weaknesses?

Also, Snake would be all "unfortunate boner" over Otacon in Wasteland drag.

ETA: whoops I accidentally Wanderer!Otacon
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okay okay fine, I'm starting to finish up the megachapter of MoC. But in the meantime, I've been compiling the surprisingly numerous fills I've down for the kinkmeme over here. It's only two so far, but I'll be adding whenever I have a half hour to kill. And I finished that mute!Harry fill mentioned in my last entry if anyone's interested.

So does anyone else get stuck doing dishes and start staging TV shows in their minds? Or is that just me?

I'm going to babble about this idea, post relevant pics, and drop a lot of tropes under this cut, ya'll. )

So I have a whole show starting to form in my head. Basically a spin-off of TDF. I love Harry, but you know there's gotta be other interesting people in that 'verse. I could never write it because Butcher could likely sue my ass.

But it's fun to think about.

I have no idea why I decided to share all this. I'm never going to write it. It's just daydreaming to fill empty time doing chores and such.

Excuse me I gotta get back to MoC now.


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