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This is all [ profile] th_esaurus's fault. She wanted folks to write musical numbers for the fandoms. She did a short musical for Doctor Who and challenged others to do the same.

And we all know how weak I am. Here's Jon and Stephen's rendition of "Part of That World". Yes, that one song from The Little Mermaid.

Special type of crack within )

*prepares to be killed*

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Some REAL motivation posters. )

I should not be allowed here anymore.

ETA: As of now, it's not just a DW post. *grin* I couldn't help myself.
ETA again: That's IT! I'm DONE! Twelve posters is ENOUGH!

Then why am I eyeing my SGA and Numb3rs folders...?

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So, I'm doing the full thing. Anyone wanna be my beta?

Title: R3NT
Author: Lucia Zephyr
Rating: PG
Genre: Musical crackfic, romance, drama.
Warnings: It's a fusion of RENT and Numb3rs. Hello! Also a WIP.
Summary: It's time now to sing out, though the story never ends. Let's celebrate, remember a year in the life of friends. (The Ultimate Crack: Musical Fusion)

Seasons of Love )
Rent )
You'll See )
One Song Glory )
Light My Candle )

More to come. I'll keep the fic itself here and post new LJ entries, annoucing new additions and link to them.


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So, I'm taking a nap after school 'cause, goddamn, I need to sleep more often. I very often have fannish dreams, especially when my muse is awake and working.

I need to stop leaving the RENT SDTK on when I sleep. I had a really weird Numb3rs crackfic dream that Charlie was the equivalent of Mimi, the very attractive fun-lover. He was singing bits of "Out Tonight" (Mimi's cry for someone to come along when she goes out to have some fun). "I've had a knack from way back at breaking the rules once I learned the game." And the whole Peter Pan coming-in-through-the-window thing happened, with Larry in Roger's place, looking really shocked. No guitar though. I think he had a laptop on his lap... Anyway, now I can't stop thinking of Charlie acting all flirty and charming and totally saying "You're sweet- wanna hit the street?" and bodily dragging Larry out of the flat.

That, and "Light My Candle". Charlie acting like he needs a match so he can introduce himself to Larry, who's completely awkward, not upset at the very attractive visitor, but not sure if he wants to get into something with someone so clearly insane.

And Don is totally Charlie's roommate wondering WTF his brother sees in some Bohemian philosopher guy on the second floor. Megan is Larry's roommate and ex-girlfriend, obviously. She wants to be an actress.

GAH! *sporks brain* STOP IT!



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