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The more I mainline Dead Like Me on Netflix, the fouler my language gets, and as someone raised by a grandmother who was a biker chick, I don't need the help.

Goddamnit, Mason, you curse more than you actually fucking speak. And I love you.

Still hate Daisy though. Her getting religion may be doing the opposite of endearing her to me. I never claimed to be unprejudiced.

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DW: I think Mum is eternally a Doctor/Rose shipper. She hates Rory like she hated Mickey and sees him as "getting in the way". At least Amy is a massive step up from Rose. YAY FOR SHOWING ACTUAL CONNECTION BETWEEN THE DOCTOR AND HIS COMPANION and not just saying "oh, he loves her, obvsly, duh".

In other news, I love this show because this must be how show pitches tend to go: )


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  1. Netflix on the XBox is what is known in the technical community as fucking awesome. Its got so much up for stream, and lucky for me the old cult telly hits are more often up for streaming than the new shiny shows, so I can gouge myself on all those series and movies I've been meaning to watch but haven't got around to finding.

  2. Meaning I just got to finally see the pilot of "Dead Like Me", which I've been wanting to watch for months now and only got my ass in gear about because the bloody EDA fandom is awesome squared (subnote: you ever notice I use awesome way too much? I do.). George is so relatable, it hurts to watch, as she is me if I actually voiced my inner thoughts instead of keeping them locked up. THE PRETTY BLONDE CLOUDCUCKOOLANDER IS HILARIOUS AND I ADORE HER EVEN IF I HAVEN'T CAUGHT HER NAME. And Mason... well. He walked into shot for the very first time and I said out loud, oh my god, it's Fitzgerald Kreiner, because it IS. And then he opened his mouth and I fell head over heels in love with him, and hard. I am so gonna be watching this show for him and George. The two of them are so fabulous, IDEFK man.

    Also, this show is my kind of comedy. From the very first opening narration and that The Origin Of Death As Told By Neil Gaiman On Happy Pills, and "god, lower case G"- ffffff. ♥ ♥ ♥ Oh look another Too Good To Last Show for me to be in love with. Why can't I like the massively successful shows?

  3. Eater of Wasps is continuing the big gay married in space adventures of Eight and Fitz, but this time with added love for Anji. I'm starting to see why people adore her. She's a very good counter to the other two TARDIS denizens and has as much of a solid, recognizable personality as Compassion did, which makes me tres happy. Yay for a female POC being a fully-realized character! That's so rare for me to read about. I am now mentally casting her so I may continue to mentally write The Televised Adventures Of Eight, Fitz, and Anji (Guest Starring Compassion Maybe?) in my head, which I've been doing for days now. I should jot these ideas down, because I think the canon show could really, really make this all work. Start with a one-off episode in Eleven's run where The Doctor and Amy meet Fitz and Anji, who have misplaced the Doctor and need their help finding him... Actually, I have a whole concept laid out about this. Maybe I will post it later.

  4. Also, Eight's remark about having a tattoo during their moonlit walk to go rob some bloke was so flirtatious, holy shit, just ask Fitz out on a date, Doctor, you know he'll put out after a couple of drinks.

  5. If I do post about the TAoEFaA(GSCM), I think I will also have to post about Fitz himself and why I believe he is the result of a secret British plot to get me tangled inside the DW fandom by creating the companion that hits every single narrative and characterist button I have so I will love him eternally. I'm making a list of all these buttons, because frankly this is getting ridiculous. WHY IS HE PLAYING PIANO ALL OF A SUDDEN? ANSWER: BECAUSE I HAVE A FETISH FOR PIANO-PLAYERS AND MULTI-INSTRUMENTALISTS.

  6. Today is Mothers Day in our house. I love my mother and feel I should say she is the most amazing mother possible. She's genuinely my best friend and there are very, very few things I won't talk to her about and that list grows shorter and shorter as time goes on. She's always made a very solid effort to keep up with my fandoms and hobbies and I've talked more meta with her than I ever have with you lot on LJ. She MST3Ks my video games when I play them, she waxes poetic about the hotness of Brad Pitt, John Barrowman, and Angie Jolie, and on long car rides, we often end up discussing things that I look back on and go, "wow, she is phenomenal". One time, we spent an hour discussing Sony's tactics with their PS3 launch and how maybe it wasn't such a failure like we assumed, going over what happened and how it affect the gaming and film industry.

    My mother is brilliant and I love her. ♥

Shutting up now to go make Mother's Day breakfast.



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