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Finally watched the Master trilogy from S3 Doctor Who.

I cried a lot more than I was expecting. And wow, John Simm plays a complete bastard very well. *claps*

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New Meme:

List your fandoms (all the ones you really love). Under each one, name your three favorite moments from the said fandom.
No cop outs. Three canonical moments. Not "any scene where blahblah happened".
Only three. Yes, this is meant to be a pain in the ass.

My Answers )

Your turn, FList.

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DW is today and I can't watch it. Fuck.

My SGA "Atlantification" vid is going to single-handedly kill me and my computer. I think I'm using every episode but, like, five. Seriously- a LOT of footage. But I'm done with 1:20-ish and it looke good.

Hey, speaking of vidding, that one Ben Folds Five song, "Best Imitation of Myself"? Do you think that's John or Rodney? (And does anyone have it? My version has a jump in it around 1:20 and I can't vid it. T.T)

Now, meme-time!
Movie meme (and my thoughts on some of them) )

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Watch Nine's Promo Vid and Ten's Promo Vid.

[Poll #753358]


PS: I'll admit it now. Nine > Ten. *solemn*

PPS: My new icon? Rocks so hard. The Tenth Doctor: On the legends of the fangirl planets, he is known only as the Oncoming Shag. (tm teh Nos', as usual)
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[ profile] who_da_loop had the balls to send a question to the costume designer of Doctor Who to ask first about Rose's awesome outfit in The Idiots Lantern, then to.... well...

Ask about Tennant's pinstripe crotch.

From that letter (beside the definitive answer about how the pants zip) : 'I will inform David of your unusual interest in his trouser fastening, I'm sure he'll be intrigued!'

I take back all the bad things I've said about this fandom. I love it here.

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Everyone who's a Firefly/Doctor Who fan, [ profile] rainyd wrote a comment snippet you'd wanna see.

Here's to hoping she writes it, eh?

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Some REAL motivation posters. )

I should not be allowed here anymore.

ETA: As of now, it's not just a DW post. *grin* I couldn't help myself.
ETA again: That's IT! I'm DONE! Twelve posters is ENOUGH!

Then why am I eyeing my SGA and Numb3rs folders...?

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[ profile] rainyd has found something distressing. RTD is an idiot and not nearly as clever as we assumed.

I'll be over here, loading my gun and buying a plane ticket to Cardiff.

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A very good DW fic that should be required reading for the fandom:

She reads the first chapter on the bus home and wonders why a man who’d been trying to chat her up would think of this as a present. It’s not exactly hard to read but it’s sweet and painful and she hardly notices the tears that well up until she can’t see the page anymore.

When she finishes the book, she starts it again. She tells Mickey that her idea of heaven is standing so still while time rages around her that she has all the time in the world to do what she wants without missing out on anything.


Another thing; in attempting a Numb3rs vid, I've come to the conclusion that Larry and Charlie need to hug sometime in season 3 and it's a crime that they haven't already.

That is all. Well, until my next inane post, that is.

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I've discovered I cannot get my 'Perfect Ten' vid reviewed by [ profile] the_reel because I don't have a permenant link.

Well, fuck.

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More Vid Recs

Ordinary by [ profile] martoufmarty

Score: 5/5

Oh, this is good. This is very good. For some reason, I think of this vid and think "sexy". It's a well-edited, well-selected vid with a great song choice.
This vid excels at effects, something I'm not seeing too much of. It uses slides, overlays, fades, and all very well.
I think this is just under "Clocks" for brilliance in DW vidding with some really great moments, surrounded by really good moments.
(Also, bonus for cool "MM" logo in corner.)

Worth the DL: God, yeah.

Altered States by [ profile] nym_updates

Score: pending

Okay, dude, what? Maybe I'm really missing a HUGE inside joke, but I'm completely lost with this vid.
Um. It's a showcasing of the Weird Things that happen in DW, but the song is so weird and distracting, I couldn't focus on it at all.
Seriously, someone explain this to me. I'm so confused.

Worth DLing? Go. DL. Explain this to me.

Assassin by [ profile] nostalgia_lj

Score: 3/5

Wow. The Lady Nos' made a vid. If the fandom had a fanon newsletter, that would be the headliner. Anyway. Vid.
Okay, so, good song for the Doctor and a few good scenes. What I cannot figure out is if Nos' is making a canon vid, or is this a constructed reality. If it's the latter, add a number to the score, 'cause that's awesome. But, nevertheless, an okay vid. My main problem is the editing, which seems somewhat... lazy. I dunno why. Might be a personal thing.

Worth DLing? If you want to form your own opinions on it.

No Sleep Tonight by [ profile] golwenadaneth

Score: 3/5

Hee. Amusing. The whole premise is Rose seducing the Doctor, and it's very cute, but suffers from the limited amount of source we have. This would have been better if the vidder had just waited another week or so to make it, but I know how hard it is to sit on a vidding muse.
It has a few repetitive bits, and one shot that should have really been cut sooner, but still a fairly good vid.

Worth the DL? If you aren't looking for vidding brilliance, why not?

Wonderboy by [ profile] kataclysmic

Score: 100/5

It's Captain Jack and the Ninth Doctor to Tenacious D. Go and DL this now.

Worth the DL? If you don't DL this, you obviously hate Doctor Who.

That's the round-up! Enjoy!

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A conversation between Kit and I:

Kitanne: Bring [Queen Victoria] back, I say.
Kitanne: Maybe in Torchwood?
Luce: Hee. Probably not.
Kitanne: True, but that would be cool.
Luce: Especially if she sleeps with Jack and he becomes werewolf.
Kitanne: Oh, Torchwood. I can not wait.
Kitanne: AHHHH. Not my Jack!
Luce: *is insane*
Luce: Jack would make an awesome werewolf.
Kitanne: Jack actually would make an awesome werewolf.
Luce: And Ten would love to have him along.
Kitanne: He totally would
Kitanne: :is for Jack/anybody especially Jack/Ten/Rose:
Luce: OT3 love.
Luce: And finally an OT3 I support.
Kitanne: I know!
Kitanne: I'm usually not an OT3 person.
Luce: They have too many weird power dynamics. But this one... is just love.
Kitanne: But Jack/Ten/Rose. LOVE
Kitanne: It's all Jack. He's just a slutty mcslut slut
Luce: But he actually cares for the people he's with.
Luce: OMFG! He's Casanova!
Kitanne: OMG HE IS
Kitanne: He's such a Casanova
Luce: Why did I not realize before! RTD revived-
Luce: OMFGOMFG! Giacomo Casanova = JACK! They call him Jack!
Kitanne: AHAHAHA
Luce: Why did I not see this before? Seriously.
Kitanne: Dude.
Kitanne: We should present this to the world.
Kitanne: Yes!

In conclusion: Captain Jack Harkness is RTD's sneaky way of reviving Giacomo Casanova.

And possibly a werewolf.

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Nine is not 'a shoothing star leaping through the skies'.
Jack is not 'a tiger defying the laws of gravity'.

And Ten is definately not any of the following:
-"Burning through the skies, two hundred degrees" and we do not call him 'Mister Fahrenheit'
-'gonna make a supersonic man outta' anyone
-'a sex machine ready to reload'

Seriously. Queen songs are crack cocaine.

So, yeah. Mom bought the Queen: The Greatest Hits 2-CD set. And I cannot stop thinking of Ten as Mr. Fahrenheit. But, god, he so is! The pacing and lyrics is perfect. They really are. And the song is another one, like "Come Together", that screams "I AM TEN! VID ME, BITCH!"

*cries* Make the muse go away!

ETA: If you're curious, here's the song.

-Luce, who's showing off an appropriate icon
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My vid is complete.

Title: The Perfect Ten
Vidder: Lucia Zephyr [ profile] lucia_tanaka
Song: "Come Together" The Beatles
Spoilers: CiN, tCI, NE, and a smidget of TaC
Summary: This is the Tenth Doctor, and here is what he does. (An overall look at Ten thus far.)
For: Kitanne, for her enthusiasm, and pointing out the things that could be improved, and loving the timing enough to make it worth the effort.

YSI to vid
Download Link Mark II
Download Link Mark III
Download Link Mark IV

Okay, seriously, you guys are flattering me but I'm gonna have to use the link Perian gave me for this. It's off her site. Be nice to it.
Right-click and save. DO NOT STREAM!

Please comment, especially if the DL dies. I'll gladly re-upload it.


web stats
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Luce's Vid Review

A few more vids came out. Let's take a look, eh?

Alright by [ profile] chicketieboo

Score: 4/5

I really like this vid. It starts out odd, mixing a bit of Ten and Nine, but it's a really brilliant idea. And the song choice is just phenomenal. This vid has plenty of very nice, clever edits, especially because the chorus. It have a very bittersweet feeling. The good things happen and the bad things happen, and at good intervals.
Bonus for the cresendo and the overlapping clips there. And the ending is a bit overdone, but nice best it throws back to the beginning.
I will poke at her a bit here; the credit page at the end has a typo.

Should I Download: Yeah, I think so.
Also: This vidder made the best fanmix in this fandom I've seen so far, and I should know; I DL every single mix I find. This one fits the best and is the prettiest. It's called Nos De Caraid. If you like mixes, go grab it.

Steady As We Go by [ profile] ellie79

Score: 3.5/5 (5/5 if you're a DMB fan)

This is a hard one to be objective for. I'm a HUGE Dave Matthews band fan. So. Very good vid, but very leisurely. Unlike the last one, this one has longer clips and slower pacing, but that works because DMB has those kinds of songs. I know a few people who don't like that sort of vid pacing. Keep that in mind. Outside that, it's a good vid, but very... conventional? I think that's the word I'm looking for. It doesn't try to be more than it is, and what it is a pretty nice shippy vid.

Should I DL: Yes.

Last Night on Earth by [ profile] ellie79 and [ profile] satine79

Score: 4/5

Um. Hm. This vid has only one problem, but it irks me. It's inconsistent. Some clips are very wonderfully placed, others just seem really out of place. That's because this is a retelling of "Parting of the Ways", so every clip had to be done in fairly chronological order. That hinders the vid a bit at first, but it shapens up nicely.
But... meh. I'm kinda of sick of PotW, myself. It's the most overused ep in vidding, which makes it lose most emotional value you might get from it. I perfer vids that use eps all across the spectrum, not just the 'omgtwuluv' side. But that's just me.

Should I DL: If you're not sick of PotW like me.

Everybody by [ profile] rabid1st

Score: 3.5/5

As opposed to Ten/Rose vids, which still have that shiny newness.
So, I like. Not a brilliant vid, but very fun to watch. In about three instances, the clips seemed out of place, but otherwise... *thumbs up* Very catchy tune too.

Should I DL: Yep.

Is it just me, or is almost any vid with Ten a bit of instant win?

Oh, and new DW today! Which means I can finish my Ten vid. It's non-shippy and a sum up of Ten so far. Kitanne seemed to like the prototype of it, so hopefully the final will rock as hard as I hope.

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This is [ profile] fan_this's fault.

Lucy's Vid Reviews

Because sometimes, you wanna know if it's worth it.

Hangin' By a Moment by [ profile] gweneth_syeira

Score: 2/5

This vid started off very nicely. It fit lyrics well, but not overly so. Used what little Ten material there was well.
This vidder does not follow the Six Second Rule. Several shots go one quite a bit without a cut. Even if the vidder intended to not cut, it looks lazy and this otherwise good vid suffers. Also, too many colorizations.
So... vidder has potential, but still needs more work. *shall be watching the vidder*

Should I Download: No.

Doctor Jones by [ profile] doctor_who_fan

Score: 4/5

Hee. Maybe this vid should be given a 3/5 instead, but it's just so fun. Not the best vid by technical standpoint with a handful of rough cuts, but so endearing with clip choice. Made me laugh quite a few times.

Should I Download: Yes, and the YSI link there is dead, so I'll upload it soon. thank me for uploading.

Slowdown by [ profile] chicafrom3

Score: 4/5

A Mickey vid. A good Mickey vid to a perfect song with a vidder who wants you to understand him more. Even if you don't like Mickey, watch it. It's good.

Should I DL: If you like, but the vidder put if on youtube too.

Clocks by [ profile] fieryhands

Score: 6/5

*cough* Anyway, it's got it all. Makes a some unpopular song rock. Best editing I've seen in any fandom. Excellent handling of multiple Doctors and companions.
ETA: The point of this vid is to show that all the Doctors, no matter what their appearances of personalities are, are the same insane time-traveling alien. That? Is brilliant.

Should I DL: If you don't, I'll bap you with a pillow.

End of the first vid review.

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*looks at WMM*

So. I have three vids in the works.

1 - VERY fast paced Season 1 tribute vid, set to "It's the End of the World As We Know It" by REM. Actually about 2/3 done. Just need to script the final verse and the final chorus.

2- A rather insane vid about the Ninth Doctor as a serial killer. Set to the Beatles' "Maxwell's Silver Hammer". Bonkers song about a murderer- really brilliant. Have the first 40-ish seconds done.

3- Fully scripted vid idea. A look at the Tenth Doctor through the Beatles' song "Come Together". Should be even easier now that I have New Earth.

Which to finish first though, hmmm? *ponders*

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The Single Greatest Video in the Universe


*fans self* The man is molten lava.

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Who fans:

David Tennant wrote a beautiful article about his experience as the Tenth Doctor, and how surreal it is to play the man you considered a god in your youth. It's horrible sweet and should banish any worries you have on him playing Ten.

[ profile] ebonybeach has typed up the article here. It's brilliant and heartwarming.

Other Side of Lucy's Brain: Dude, Tennant's not a bad writer...



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