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Obligatory Matter of Chicago update: OKAY I have temporary betas for MoC. But I have finals until Monday, so not much MoC focus is around to be had. The next chapter is currently around 6,500 words and not close to done, so it's going to be one of those mammoth chapters that take me a little longer to write anyway. Trust me, this is the way to do it. Otherwise you'd get half a chapter with a massive annoying cliffhanger. No one likes cliffhangers, amirite? This way, ya'll get the big final showdown in one chunk, then we'll deal with aftermath. Mmkay?

Other stuff: I have been gifted with a paid DW account now! Gosh! I mean, LJ's shenanigans have been annoying the shit out of me forever and DW is kind of superior in every way to LJ. So I may be for reals migrating over there. I just wish fandom at large would do the same. But DW has the Dresden Files kink meme and now a Dresden/Marcone comm with, omg, actual moderators, so yeah. DW > LJ.

But all that will have to wait until after finals anyway.

Oh, and I'm probably gonna give my DW and the MoC comm makeovers. Again, after finals. My last one opens on Monday, so. :bites nails:

In unrelated news, does anyone have a copy of Suzanne Vega's "Language"? I can't get mine off my Zune as Mum is hogging the only Windows-enabled computer.


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