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Jun. 7th, 2006 01:44 am
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So, me + (GIMP + high res SGA pics) = icons.

1. 2.
3. 4.
5. 6.

1- lyrics from Sarah Fimm's "Nexus"
3- lyrics from Placebo's "Every Me and Every You"
4- no, i don't think Joe would make a good Doctor, but that name, "the Oncoming Storm"... that's too John to pass up.
5- yep, Hewlett as Eleven.
6- and another DW-ish text, but damn, it's so Rodney.
Caps from New Atlantis, textures by [ profile] colorfilter.
Standard rules apply.


ETA: Hewlett-As-Doctor icon came from here btw.
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Using lyrics from "The Facts About Jimmy" by Shawn Colvin. That song is pretty much James Wilson, compressed to just under five and a half minutes, ya? One banner and one wallpaper of the same style.

I miss Jimmy like I miss my wine... )

Just lemme know if you like or if you're using either. Credit would be nice if someone wants the banner.

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Some REAL motivation posters. )

I should not be allowed here anymore.

ETA: As of now, it's not just a DW post. *grin* I couldn't help myself.
ETA again: That's IT! I'm DONE! Twelve posters is ENOUGH!

Then why am I eyeing my SGA and Numb3rs folders...?

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First thing's first: I made a banner for the forum I'm joining. It's about the huge ARG that LOST is running- the Hanzo Conspiracies.

How proud am I? Extremely. I has all the little goodies from the secret areas of The Hanzo Foundation. It has the "subverting authority" and "who is this clown" messages, the map of Hanzo's last known locations, the HF logo, the creepy lady (Persephone?), the blastdoor map, and the big passwords used to access everything. I'm very proud. *happy dance*

Now. Onto Numb3rs. )

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The Fusion that Needs to Leave Me Alone-



Avenue A Apartments:
On the third floor:
Roommates Megan Reeves and Lawrence Fleinhardt. Megan is an actor looking for her big break. Lawrence is a brilliant philosopher writing a book.

On the second floor:
Roommates and brothers Donald and Charles Eppes. Donald is a struggling musician trying to write his one great song. Charlie is a fun-loving performer with hidden depths.

Amita Ramanujan, a lawyer who's drawn into the Bohemian lifestyle after dating Charlie. Now, after their break-up, is still involved in the residents of Alphabet City.
David Sinclaire, an aspiring filmmaker who used to live with Megan and Lawrence before selling one of his mini-doctumentaries to an anthology and buying an apartment not far from 11th Street. Still crashes at Megan and Larry's on the weekends.

Snippet )

And the first COMPLETE fanart of R3NT: Charlie, the Feline of Avenue B.

Upcoming: Larry sketch and the hand-colored version of the Charlie sketch (colored by my mei-mei, Hoshi).

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Rough color of Charlie sketch is done and the portrait of Larry is finally coming together. If you're interested, it'll be him on the rooftop either with his laptop, working on his book, or just stargazing. Also, started the R3NT!Don portrait. *grin* He has a guitar. It wasn't my intent to give him one, but it happened anyway. It looks good.

Anyway, the updated Charlie sketch is here and, for reference, the dry sketch is here.

Now, I have to add effects (lighting from the street and fire, shadows, textures, etc).

So, any critique, folks?


R3NT fanart

Mar. 8th, 2006 10:03 pm
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My first art in about three months, and of course it's fanart. *sigh* Completed one RENT-Numb3rs sketch. Am currently experimenting with my image manip program for coloring.

This pic if of Charlie from the first real scene of RENT, which has the citizens of Avenues A and B standing on their fire escape balconies, lighting their eviction notices of fire and dropping them to the street below. You gotta see it. It's fuckin' awesome, with the night, the city lights, and the fire! *squeals in musical delight*

See the very rough sketch here. Completely uncleaned and done in pencil -> ballpoint.

Give me another hour or two and I'll have a much better version up, hopefully in color, and accompanied by a RENT-Numb3rs R3NT snippet.

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I so am not sketching Numb3rs fanart.

I am not listening to RENT whilst I sketch.

I am NOT drawing concept sketches of Bohemian!Numb3rs people.

And I am not giving Charlie a ridiculously cute scarf like Mark's.

*looks down at paper*




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