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So apparently delicious might be sold instead of shut down. RELIEF LIKE WHOA.

I'm kind of taking a night off from writing fic for the first time in about 35 days. Ya rly, guize. LET'S DO SOME MEMES!

The Fannish End Of the Year Meme! )

Also, I think I had, uh, a LOT of new people watching this LJ now. Hi, new people! Lemme find some relevant "who the hell is this lucy person" memes...

Ask me one fandom-related question in the comments. This can be fandom specific, general, or about fandom/lj stuff/fic writing/etc. in general.

Feel free to ask more than one if you fancy. Hell, don't feel obligated to keep it fannish if you want to ask me something about me.

To save a few of the obvious: Lucy, American, lesbian but currently celibate, Missouri by way of Florida and New York, Aquarius-Saggitarius, Year of the Snake, and yes I do curse a lot, sorry about that.

Also I may possibly make another post about my mental casting for the Dresden Files. Might. Probably. Yeah.
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Okay, I have to say.

If what happened in that Supernatural episode happened in one of my fandoms, I really might delete all my fic and have a breakdown.

For god's sake, TPTBs, stop that. It's not funny or cute.

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Look, okay, I've mostly stayed out of the 2009 Fandom Steel Cage Match. Now, I loved Supernatural once. I loved Dean and Papa Winchester especially.

But come on. Barney Stinson is losing. This cannot be tolerated. This is the final round too.

SUIT UP! Go vote. Do it for Barney, who is patently and securely an Ascended Geek and you know it.

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  1. Hey, a great fannish fundraiser is going on right now, Live Long, Marry. They're raising money to fight the California initiative to ban gay marriage.

    If you have something you can offer, get over there and set up shop. If you have a bit of loose money, go browse through the offers. They're got everything from fanart, to fic, to LJ layouts, to vids, to podfics, to handcrafted sex toys (no, not kidding). It's really awesome and just looking at the first pages I spotted things I'd love to bid on. Alas, I am moneyless. Nevertheless, go look!

  2. I got my diploma yesterday. Mum showed remarkable restraint, waiting a full thirty seconds before lecturing me on not knowing what I'm doing or where I'm going and proclaiming that I absolutely must go right into college.

  3. How long should I wait to stop by the library and ask about my application? I handed it in Saturday and I'm really anxious to land this job because it pays well and is something I know I can do.

  4. Saw Wall-E. Very cute. I loved all the 2001 jokes.

  5. Apparently, when I'm depressed, I whole up in my room and watch The West Wing and Firefly. Good to know.

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Hey, apparently there is a piece of legislation going through the House concerning "orphan works" that would let the art of copyright holders become public domain if the copyright holder it impossible/hard to find. One example I heard was a music album that a company is not reissuing, it'd become public domain.

I also heard some fretting that original work that fannish folk do might be affected. I'm not sure how since we all already exist in the legal grey area anyway.

But, yeah. I can't find a decent, non-biased link about this around and when I try to read the bill, my eyes cross. Anyone know more or have any thoughts? I'm wondering if I should be contacting my congress folk about supporting/voting against it.


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So, ya'll remember the fuckwit who said Joss was anti-woman and obviously raped his wife?

Someone has a response. When they watched the pilot, they were bombarded with hateful anti-male propaganda.

:lols mightily: Oh, Jossfen. You are the bestfen.

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So, today was an interesting day at Fandom Secrets.

So asshole guy posted a very inflammatory secret- over here, number 13. Obviously, the comments are full of wank and bitchery because this cat obviously doesn't understand that saying "women should be happy with the equality they got" is a moronic thing to say.

That's not what gets me. Not even the absolute awesome of some of the comments gets me. What gets me is that feminists seem to add ":D" and "♥" to their "fuck you"s.

That makes me smile. Especially when implemented here in size 20 red font, blinking red "GO FUCK YOURSELF. :)"

I love fandom.


PS: See my new Rachel icon? :D
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So, tomorrow, we are having a yard sale. I'll be out in the 100 degree heat from 8 AM to 6 PM. It's not happening at our house, so I'm going to not have my computer for that time period.

I will have my notebook though.

So, that's a lot of time to burn. Time for you guys to take advantage of me with some requests.

Request ficlets, preferably five ways or prompts. Ask me my thoughts on yaoi or RPS or whatever. Ask for haikus or poems Ask me to make you a custom music mix for writing adventure/AU/smut/wotev (I'll have my music with me, so this is easy). Fuck, ask for art. I'm a crappy artist, but for the 11th and 12th, I will do anything to alleviate my boredom.

After the two days, I'll post all my results. Hell, if you'd like me to scan in the pages, tell me and it shall be done. Not all the requests will be done, but anything that inspires me will.

You may request all today and tomorrow. Responses will be posted soon after the yard sale from hell.

Go ahead, ask away. Trust me, you're doing me a favor.


PS: Don't ask for porn. I'm working the sale with about five other people. Five conservative country folk. That'd never go well.
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I'd like to be the first person to say Thank you to Six Apart and Livejournal.

No, I am not joking. I now have a strong urge to slap anyone who's bitching about LJ's bannings. 'Cause, fuck, we have things good right now.


ETA: [ profile] miriam_heddy calls shenanigans in the comments here and raises a few points against the essay. Keep it in mind, folks.
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I have a hard time just whinging, even though it's my LJ and I'll cry if I want to. So, here's something you folk might actually care about.

I have a tendancy to babble a lot on possible projects. Just off the top of my head I can think of two Psych vids, one Sports Night vid, many fics, and a couple of fanmixes. If you've been reading a while, you may remember a few.

So, let's have a quick poll thing.

[Poll #1030749]
Feel free to go back a while, dredge up anything you're upset I didn't get around to. And don't bother with the pirate AU fic since that's going to be complete if only because I have a co-writer. It's more stressful to work with others, but it is very motivating as well.

Now, really, going to bed. Night, ya'll.


PS: This is a cool song, especially this line: Like a dead devil sailor washed up on the shore/With nothing of note but the old captain's coat. I love funky, weird rhymes like that. Best example of that is Maxell Edison, majoring in medicine. ♥
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Ganked from [ profile] flakygoddess because when I feel melancholy, I do memes. Yeah, I dunno either.

List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.

  1. I really despise Summer. I have fun for about a month, but then loneliness gets to me and I go extremely stir-crazy due to the whole "middle of nowhere" and "apiphobia" things that keep me inside. I used to think Autumn was may favorite season because of how beautiful it was, but now I suspect it's just the relief of getting back to school and people.

  2. I got the name Lucia a long time ago. I was playing one of the SSX trilogy (I think it was the second one, SSX Tricky) and was enjoying dominating the high score board. I didn't want to put my real name or "Tanaka" since I was becoming disenchanted with that name anyway. I heard the Red Hot Chili Peppers' "The Zephyr Song" and was struck by how soothing and comforting the song was, mainly that chorus line- Fly away on my Zephyr. I used Zephyr as my new name.

    It was only later that I got into Greek mythology and learned of Zephyrus, the god of the gentle winds who was kind and helpful but also very jealous and occasionally spiteful. I love it more now.

  3. When I'm stressed, I hug myself and get very monosyllabic.

  4. I'm terrified of being alone and I worry about going off on my own in the world. This freaks me out because I'd love to find someone to live with, but I don't want to force my abandonment issues on anyone.

  5. I talk to myself when I'm alone. I was left on my own a lot as a kid and to make up for not having many friends, I talked to characters I had read in my books or seen on television. I had quite long conversations with them.

    Occasionally, I do the same thing with the characters I write, usually the OCs like Ezirael or Asmodai.

  6. I recently realized that I'm prejudiced against religion. Even if someone if a perfectly decent person, I'll think less of them if I learn they're religious. There are a few exceptions to this though.

  7. I don't think I particularly excel at anything. Not fishing for compliments, just sayin'. There are better writers, vidders, artists- what have you. That makes keeping dreams alive hard, but... c'est la vie, yeah?

That's all, I think. I'm tired, no one is online, so I'm going to bed.

I'm sorry I'm not updating like I used to, LJ. I think I'll get better once I'm back in school. I'm just so delicate lately.

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Oh, wow, Keith. I don't know whether to be impressed or horrified.

Honestly, I never considered any of that. I haven't picked up a Harry Potter book since I read Book 6 in the first week. That was quite awesome and actually believable.

*slow hand clap*

If anyone missed Keith's theory, comment and I'll sum it up. It's really well thought-out in a "omg, Keith, you have three jobs and you still have this much time on your hands?" kind of way.

In other news, Dan Abrams needs to GTFO of Joey's show. I'm starting to get angry.


ETA: Oh, two people already want to know. Okay. Keith's theory here. )
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Okay, so. We got assigned our final in Journalism.
He calls it the Tabloid Final, though the rags (can) have nothing to do with it. The object is to create a four-page mini-newspaper of our own design and of our own articles. Everyone in the class is basically doing a "well, if I read a rag, it'd have this type of news". Someone's doing sports, another school gossip, and another movies.

I, obviously, am gunning for fannish.

So, my working title is Pan-Fan Monthly (multiple fandoms, "pan-", yes?). I will do about... twelve articles (unless I ramble too much and have to cut back).

Ideas so far:

  • "Drive Cancelled: The Whedon Curse Strikes After Two Weeks"

  • "Book Review: Where's My Jetpack?"

  • "Weekly Poll: Who is Your Who?"

  • "Hail to the King: Colbert and His Nation"

  • "What Fans Want: Piecing Together the Perfect Show"

  • "Why Studio 60 Failed: What Sorkin Didn't Learn from Sports Night". (Yes, for this one, I will try to get [ profile] scrunchy to help.)

So, gimme some thoughts, fannish folks.

[Poll #976484]

Thank you, all. *goes to watch Andy now, this time paying attention*

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Ganked from [ profile] amireal: Love letters to fandoms. Write them up, and let others guess who they're to.

sappy, teenage angst here )

Guess away.

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My NaNoWriMo novel revolves around a road-trip up the east coast of the US. Anyone who lives there or has visited and doesn't mind helping me out, I need some research info.

Help Lucy not screw up her novel here. )

So. NaNo. *frets* I'll be spending the next three days on Wikipedia and Google, looking up things for NaNoWriMo, forgetting to takes notes over them, then having to re-research them while I'm fighting to get my 1600 per day wordcount.

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Please, only respond if you know what the hell I'm talking about.

[Poll #854193]

I've cried, I swear to god, five times and I'm only halfway through part two.

Things like this make me... irrationally angry. *sigh*

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I mentioned to Mum about the snippy, bitchiness you people got over my making you choose between Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. As a result, she helped me come up with this.

Feel free to beat the fuck out of me after you do this. There are no ticky boxes. You must choose.

Let the flames and tears begin.

[Poll #839501]

Part two of the poll is here. Make sure to vote in part one first! )

There! You're done! How much do you hate me now?

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Studio 60 On the Sunset Strip.

Is it bad that I already want fic?

It is rocks so hard.



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