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Again, to add to the list of reasons I'm going to hell:

[ profile] psych_oh_boy and his friend [ profile] spellmastahgus. And there's [ profile] kickass_lass once that one's up and running.

Yep, special hell. I blame [ profile] rainyd.


PS: For those not in the loop- Psych RP.
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The most stunning wallpaper you could imagine. Just... wow. The color, the placement, the text, the gradients- STUNNING!

La vie Boheme


PS: Got the album. Two-discs, all the songs, plus the cut songs "Halloween" (Mark's angsty song) and "Love Heals" (ensemble, like a prototype to "Seasons of Love"), and extended version of "Goodbye Love". If anyone really wants a certain track, comment and let me know. Just, try not to request the whole damn thing, eh? That'd make me twitchy. But I'll YSI up to three tracks for someone if anyone's been dying for this music like I've been.
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Revisting a classic: The Movie Line Meme
Everyone has movies they love and everyone has a handful of line from the said movies that they always remember. List a few and see if your FList can guess the film.

1-"That's not fair! They've got rocks! All we've got are machine guns!" Dudley Do-Right (shut up, mei-mei)

2-"Hey, little one. You know your part in this?"
"Do you?"
"This is what I do, darling. This is what I do."

3-"It's in that place I put that thing that time." Hackers

4-"I'm a plant."
"A plant? Aren't men like you usually called a fruit?"
"Very funny."

5-"A man with his priorities so out of whack doesn't deserve such a fine automobile." Ferris Bueller's Day Off

6-"Why are you talking like that?"
"Well, I thought you wanted to."
"No, I don't want to."
"Suit yourself, I'm easy."

7-"All these worlds are yours, except for Europa. Attempt no landing there. use them together. Use them in peace." 2010: The Year We Make Contact

8-"You are in more dire need of a blowjob than any white man in history."

9-"Why do they always paint hallways that color?"
"They say taupe is very soothing."
Ocean's Eleven

10-"Chewing gum helps me think."
"Sweetie, you're wasting your gum."
The Birdcage


Okay, so... I'm making a Numb3rs vid to the song 'Enid' by the Barenaked Ladies. It's a humourous look at how Charlie messes up his relationships. It's meant to be a friendship vid of Charlie towards Amita, Don, and Larry, though I'm pretty sure it could be easily taken a romance vid for one or all of the above...

And the sequel to "Law of Conservation" has been titled "Pockets of Warmth" and is.... it is. *sighs* Thank god for Miriam's hand holding. It'd be so screwed if not for her. But I think it'll be good. Oh, and it's soooo not platonic. So, L/C slashers rejoice.

Things I'd Pay to See on Numb3rs
-Charlie dancing in his office to "Come Together" by the Beatles. Seriously, just in his own little world. Preferably in a hat of some sort, though a fedora would own me.
-Larry pissed off. The man's got depths, use them!
-'Once More, With Feeling', Numb3rs style.
-An episode without a case, just a character relationship ep. More humor and more character analysis.
-Fuck, let's just say a Joss-written episode and get it over with. Anyone who's listened to the commentary of Serenity knows the Bossman has an affection for DK and writing lines for him to say- it's not impossible!
-Let's put someone in mortal danger. That doesn't happen often enough.
-Exposition on how Charlie and Larry met, please?
-New writers.

That's all for now. *waves*

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For my own reference -

Crackfic challenge posted at...

[ profile] numb3rs_notice: Here.
[ profile] numb3rs_slash: Here.
[ profile] numb3rs_fic: Here.

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This song IS Atlantis!

copy and paste:

Michael Hutchence - The Passenger )

*Note, don't download if you got the "theme for great cities" fanmix. It's on there. Disc one, track two.

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Dear diary,
Today I got swag and went a bit crazy.
Today was my first real fannish Christmas.
It was the best day ever.

1. Serenity, DVD.
2. Serenity, my laptop.
3. The Cortex, my new WiFi connection.
4. Walk The Line OST, `cause dude, awesome film.
5. Firefly-themes sticker ("And on the seventh day, Joss created Jayne" *dies from glee*), button ("Curse you sudden but inevitable betrayal!"), mousepad (same).
6. Those cool oval magnet things that are fun to play with.
7. Really tiny mouse for Serenity.
8. A purse. WTF? I use a men's wallet and lack any sense of femininity and you get me a purse? *smacks NYC relatives*
9. $50 gift-card. Bad news? It's Sears only. Ai ya, tyen bu!
10. Two boxes of truffles, one blueberry, one cherry. omfgasm.
11. Some cool hematite bracelets.

I think that's it. FList, what did you guys get?

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Got my gifts. *biggest damn grin in the `verse*

Let's just say...

I have a laptop.

Named "Serenity".

Connected to a wireless connection.

Called "The Cortex".

*has a geekgasm*

Ladies and menfolk, today is positively shiny. I got my toys and the Serenity DVD and tons of fannish swag (Mom discovered CafePress).

This is the best Christmas ever.

*screams and hugs her own Serenity*

Hear that mei-mei? I really do own Serenity.



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