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The Matter of Chicago is postponed indefinitely.

Sorry. But I have too many bad experiences linked to that fic to even look at it anymore. Maybe sometime in the future I'll finish it or post the story outline, but as it is...

I'm genuinely sorry, guys.
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Title: the false dichotomy of strength or weakness
Rating/Warnings: PG-13, allusions to torture.
Word Count: 12,455.
Summary: Good help was hard to find, especially in my field of work. The realms of supernatural, criminal and legitimate business, and real estate did not overlap as often as one would hope, given how lucrative such synergistic activities were. There was a reason my employees were paid so well and had the best health coverage in the nation. They were the most valuable resource I had.

Some, admittedly, were more valuable than others. And, to my eternal dismay, as someone's value increased, so did their penchant for giving me headaches.

Harry Dresden was irreplaceably valuable.

Notes: This is the Marcone POV interlude in the Matter of Chicago series. It is meant to come after Book One: other things the road to hell is paved with.

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