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I'm gonna just assume everyone who is able has watched PSY's "Gangnam Style" music video. I believe we have here is the apex of global swag levels, the likes of which we will never see again in our lifetimes. I for one am honored to have witnessed this historic moment.

Okay, so I'm sick enough that I'm at the "heat up broth and butter some bread" stage, and I am going to now write about what video games each person in the Dresden Files would play if they all could play video games.

I'm rather proud of myself for not projecting too hard on anyone here. )

brb need more broth now
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I had a really vivid dream about three nights ago about Otacon and Snake getting tossed into a VR machine (why am I so obsessed with those things) by someone who wanted them out of the way but not dead. And the simulation happened to be based on the shit on Otacon's computer. So it randomly loaded up Fallout for them to "play", with beating the game = getting out.

And the original dream ended around there but I'm still thinking about it.

And how it'd reverse the boys' power dynamics (why am I so obsessed with those things). When Snake fumbles around and eventually catches up to Otacon, he's halfway to max level, totting some serious weaponry, and riding around on a nuclear-powered motorcycle. Because he know the game so well, he's metagamed it to hell and back. He's dumped all his points in Small Arms and Science and Repair and Explosives, and he's a fucking terror of the Capitol Wasteland.

And when Snake catches up, he gives him a bottle of Rad-X and a stack of the Big Guns-increasing book items because he's used an exploit to get infinite copies and Snake can ride in the sidecar with the rocket launcher.

I just want that so baaaaad. Snake having to deal with very much not being the weapon of the two of them for once, and Otacon's blasé explanation of the Bethesda's Gamebyro engine and how easy it is to min-max once you understand how it works.

There. Aren't your lives so much better now that you know more about my terrible weaknesses?

Also, Snake would be all "unfortunate boner" over Otacon in Wasteland drag.

ETA: whoops I accidentally Wanderer!Otacon
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1. So I just spent a full week reteaching myself computer information systems and web scripting after the drama of the move wrecked my college, right? And I succeeded (my teacher says he anticipates a huge recovery in my grade from all my catch-up work) for all intents and purposes.

Basically, Saturday was the first day in three solid weeks that I had to myself. No obligations, no moving, nothing to worry about for 24 hours.

So obviously my period decides to arrive that morning and incapacitate me for the duration.

My luck, guys. My fucking luck.

2. I HAVE DISCOVERED JOHN GREEN'S CRASH COURSE: WORLD HISTORY SERIES. oh my gooooood this shit is fascinating as fuck and hilarious and Green's enthusiasm for history makes it VERY easy to learn. I DIDN'T KNOW THAT ABOUT SNAILS! TELL ME MORE, JOHN GREEN! /chinhands

3. I realized yesterday that I haven't visited LJ to do anything but reply to comments in months. So it's gone from my bookmark bar. Do folks still use LJ? Whyyyyy. Come to DW, it's better in pretty much every way.

4. I am excited for Elementary and the next person to claim they are ripping off BBC Sherlock will be fed to a lion. This summarizes my feelings on the matter well:

A tweet by user peasantings saying "I'm really glad Sir Arthur Conan Doyle came back from the grave, and told Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat 'worry about my brand.'"

Moffat, shut your mouth and go ruin some more female characters or whatever it is you do in your free time.

5. So. Fic. I'm settled in Florida and despite the fact I fucking hate being here and everything about this fucking state (ask my about my grandmother's racism sometime), I am slowly getting back into the swing of writing again. I have a shortish one-shot Dresden fic that is half Binz's fault and half thisfishflies's fault about Harry wearing nail polish.

(Actually it's mostly Binz's fault because if you get her talking about Harry's idealization of femininity, she will give you Ideas about Harry embracing parts of himself he feels he's not allowed to and you will get Feels and it will suck, but seriously, if Binz wants to talk at you about this, let her, it's fascinating and full of feels.)

(Also, the fic is called Hand Jobs, WHICH I WANT TO ESTABLISH WAS BINZ'S IDEA. NOT MINE.)

So that'll eventually get posted. Then it's time for some fucking Matter of Chicago renewal, aaaaw yeeeeah.

6. 100% unrelated to Dresden, I have been slowly writing a Dragon Age: Origins fic that's pretty much me dealing with the game's lack of dealing with issues of anti-elf racism and the fact the City Elf origin revolves around rape and sexual assault. It's not grimdark, but it's pretty serious. Totally unbeta'ed though. For the curious: oh, bring me a love that can sweeten a sword.

7. I don't believe in uppercased letters in titles okay? okay.

8. So on Tumblr for some inexplicable reason there has been a random renaissance of The 10th Kingdom, a miniseries you probably never heard of but it was amazing, okay? It was a post-modern twist on fairy tales and had some really stellar writing and some of the most interesting characters ever. And this 10K renaissance reminded me of my love for the protagonist, Virginia Lewis, and that in turn made me think about the Characters I Have Loved. I came up with four, and I'm going to briefly share them with you under the cut.

Characters Lucy Has Really Strong Feelings About )

10. Hey, anyone have any advice on getting cheap airplane flights? Or maybe have some coupon codes lying around? Just wondering.
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oh my god guys

oh my god

I played Journey just now.

holy crap.

that was amazing. It was such an experience. I definitely teared up and cried from EMOTIONAL OVERLOAD. And I played with four different people. And my first one, I lost track of them and chirped around, trying to find them, and I couldn't and it was so sad 'cause I was alone

and this other guy raced me through the sand

and this other person.... didn't care, TBH and ran ahead. 8(

BUT THE LAST GUY, we did the final two stages together, and s/he helped me not get blown over by the wind or eaten by the flying things. And they were amazing and THANK YOU, MYSTERIOUS PERSON! ♥

oh man. PLAY JOURNEY IF YOU CAN, GUYS! It is amazing.
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Okay guys. We're going to sit down and talk about why the ending to Mass Effect 3 is terrible and why if you write off the fanbase as entitled brats, you don't understand the situation.

So here is the non-Mass Effect Fans' Guide To Why The ME3 Ending Was Objectively Terrible.

Spoilers abound under the cut. )

That got long-winded to say the least. I hope it was illuminating and I hope I've shed some light on why fans are so angry. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.

The worst of this is, outside the endgame, ME3 was almost flawless. It was the most emotive, powerful piece of fiction I have ever seen. If made me think, gave me real cause for personal reflection and made me think about ethical dilemmas I'd never considered before. It was a fucking masterwork.

And it was all throw out the window by that endings.

Bioware can fix this, and I hope they do. Their fans deserved better, and the story deserved better. As I told Holly, this is like Lord of the Rings having the same ending as 2001: A Space Odyssey.

It is Actually That Terrible.
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Hi. /waves

Still alive. Still dealing. Haven't moved yet, but it really is just a matter of time. Mum's looking into getting a lawyer and doing the whole surrender house in lieu of deed thing. So. There's that. Thanks much to everyone for the kind words and especially for the advice. It's been a huge help.

I've sadly not been writing. I'm still hovering right below critical mass for my stress level and am just trying to keep calm and carry on. I do feel rather guilty about not having written anything, especially since I promised the end of the MoC hiatus. I can only say that I'll get to it as soon as I can.

Mass Effect 3 is dropping in two days. I'm going to be at the midnight release. So. Pumped. You have no idea, guys. The ME series is among the most important media I've ever seen. I know ME3 is going to disappoint in some areas (what they're doing with EDI has me furious) but the sheer scale, the level of execution, the ambition, and the way they've crafted a story that spans the universe but still feels so personal? BioWare, I am impressed. Don't fuck this up.

I haven't been writing, but I have been thinking. I've been chewing over my origific in my head a lot lately, fleshing out the characters. I mentioned before that I was leaning on the tarot imagery for some inspiration in the story. Still true, but in a much broader sense. I've been reading Rachel Pollack's 78 Degrees of Wisdom and it's been invaluable food for thought.

So, for the curious, here's a basic rundown of my main cast, as I see them so far.shit only about three people including me care about under cut )

jfc, that was a lot of writing. hope it was somewhat interesting. bedtime now.
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Yesterday was one of the most painful days of my life. I spent most of it crying and looking at links and trying to distract myself from the pain. Ugh. Sucks.

I did actually find something pretty sweet. If you're even remotely interested in games, Amazon is having a huge games sale. If I had the money, I'd be picking up Civ5 or Civ4+expansions for 9 USD. There's also Spore, Battlefield BC2, both Dead Space games, and a Dragon Age 1 + Dragon Age 2 pack for just 12 USD. Crazy deals, guys.

From what the Amazon rep said (really nice guy), the Civ games should activate on Steam while most others on Origin, if that's a factor for you. ETA: OH and apparently the deal is America-exclusive. Shit, sorry about that. 8( I've seen it work for Aussies too though, so you may wanna check.
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Finals are mostly wrapped. I have two more class periods left, but all the hard stuff is done. It was really rough last week, but I made it! I'm even fairly happy about the results of my biggest project. Note to self: Next time, don't volunteer to work solo. Doing the work of 3 people sucks.

As a reward to myself (and to Mum for putting up with my end-of-semester panic), we picked up Mass Effect so we could play through the entire series, start to finish. This one is gonna be the Golden Run for ME3 (in theory-- I still kinda like the playthrough where I romanced Liara, then Garrus; yay bisexual/pansexual Shepard!).

I've been playing on Veteran, the hard mode for ME1. And I've been really bored out of my fucking skull. Like... I could leave my teammates on the ship and do every mission myself. I have never had any issue with any fight. In fact, I've been really pissed at my teammates for not pulling their damn weight. WREX, YOU ARE A KROGAN. KICK MORE ASS PLZ?

I keep wanting to bump the difficulty up to Hardcore, but apparently I haven't unlocked it. What, clearing out an entire room of Geth solo in thirty seconds doesn't mean I'm ready for Hardcore?! Come on.

I haven't even needed my sniper rifle. I just kill everything with my pistol. It's pathetic. 8(

And this isn't me saying HA HA I AM THE GREATEST GAMER EVAR. No, this is me saying, BioWare, the difficulty spike between ME1 and ME2 is fucking ridiculous. Do better with ME2 -> ME3.

(PS: Where the fuck is our FemShep trailer? YOU PROMISED, BIOWARE.)

On the flipside, I now want to RP a Paragon Shep somewhere. Could be super fun. Can't think of a witty username tho. And I can't find any pics of a black FemShep, and I'm sorry, but Adelaide Shepard is black, bald, and the nicest badass you've ever met.
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[ profile] fireholly has made something that will be relevant to your interests if you are a video gamer.

[IMAGE: A bingo square for sexism in video games wank. LONG list of squares under the cut, but worth reading.]

List of squares for screenreaders. )
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"You were gone!"
"I came back!"
"Yes, and now Garrus is doing more than calibrating the main guns!"


This replay was the best idea ever. Liara, at long last, is FTW.

Okay, sorry. Last ME post for a while. I'm super fucking psyched after seeing the new E3 exclusives, but I haven't played the Arrival DLC yet and ME3 is nine months away, so. Yeah.
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oh because I apparently answered a dialogue question wrong. great. that's awesome, game, thanks.

Calling it now, with ME3, this will be the best narrative in gaming, from start to finish. Well, if you play a Female Shepard anyway. Male Sheps can GTFO. Jennifer Hale is amazing. (Also, watching Sheploo scenes on YouTube, he's always just kind of... lacking. Great for the comedy bits, but for the rousing speeches and quiet determination, eh. Falls flat. Also, Sheploo can't romance Garrus. u jealiz?)

I keep squeeing over the world-building. In this playthrough, I spent a lot more time thinking about each decision I took instead of just going Paragon on everything. Legion's loyalty mission was the toughest, but I chose to rewrite because if the heretics rejoin the geth and bring their experiences, all of them will benefit. Killing them... accomplishes nothing and deletes their experiences forever. I can totally understand someone choosing to kill them instead, as rewriting how someone thinks is fucked up, but that's a human standard, not a geth standard, and I think that's important to keep in mind.

I ended up hassling Mordin a lot less this time as well. He admitted the salarians fucked up in advancing the krogan and putting them in the position that lead to the Rebellions in the first place. The genophage sucked, but it was that or extinction. And this time, we kept Maelon's data for a cure. Maybe in the future, yanno?

And Garrus... killing Sidonis is a back thing in human and turian culture. To turians, Garrus fucked up because he put Sidonis in a position he wasn't ready for. Letting Garrus kill Sidonis would negate that. Sidonis is dead inside from guilt, but Garrus has some responsibility on his shoulders for what happened. He can't just pin it on Sidonis.


And I watched the DW ep. I have no idea if I liked it or not. I always love Rory, but the Big Reveal was such a "called it" moment.
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Angry gif of Dean from SPN nodding sadly, then abruptly throwing a lamp off its stand

NGL, I am so angry at this chapter of MoC, I want to print it out just so I can set it on fire.

It's fucking FILLER. It's interludey shit before the next arc. Why is it so hard?!

Gif of Sheldon from Big Bang Theory, his face full of complete and utter scorn. He throws a handful of papers into the air, still frowning as they flutter down.

Anyway. I'm randomly replaying Mass Effect 2. I forgot how much I fucking love this game. The writing is crisp and amazing. The VA work, even with such a wide and varied cast, is excellent (ESPECIALLY Jennifer Hale's female Shepard). The graphics are beautiful and some of the vistas are stunning. And the world-building is second to none.

No one world-builds like this game, holy crap. This is the only game where I'll voluntarily read all the background info from the in-game encyclopedia. I love the way the universe feels so lived in. You exist, yes, but history has already happened and it colors everything. The subtle tension between humans and turians that harkens back to the First Contact War, the way the asari control so much just by virtue of being so versatile and being the first race to find the Citadel, the entire Batarian-Human racism. You know the Skyllian Verge colonization is a hot-button issue, like a futuristic Israel.

I loooooove it. So excited for whatever BioWare has to show off at E3 this summer. ♥
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So not only is the Playstation Network still down, but it's been confirmed that data was stolen. Like... serious data. Like "name, address, e-mail, birthday, and PSN login information were obtained. It also said that it was possible that both purchase history and also credit card information may have been compromised".

If you've ever bought something via credit card with PSN, you need to watch that card.

God, this comes right after Portal 2, Mortal Kombat, and SOCOM 4 were released. Can you imagine how pissed gamers are? Fuck, imagine how pissed Valve and the other developers are! These are all games with heavy multiplayer elements, and they're useless!

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Okay, so I can almost guarantee that the next chapter of The Matter of Chicago is going to be late because

Portal 2

came out today and I have it baby YEAH. This is going to ROCK SO HARD.

Also, note to fellow gamers: If you pick up Portal 2, remember the PS3 version comes with an activation code for a Steam copy of the game for your PC. So you basically get two copies of it.

Aperture Science: We do what we must because we can!
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Point One: LittleBigPlanet 2 owns my soul. I dressed my sackperson up as the Spirit of Wikipedia! 8D 8D 8D

Point Two: omg Matter of Chicago fanart I can't even handle this warblegarble
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Dear today's Penny Arcade! comic,

Gosh. It must be so nice to shrug shit like that off.

Check your privilege.

-Aunt Lucy

I am starting to dislike this thread in PA! that when there is controversy, it's simply people wanking over things we can't change. Duke Nukem Forever allowing you to spank women is not equivalent to Call of Duty letting you "murder, like, a million people." The two points have little to do with each other. War games do not mock their subject matter and belittle soldiers. DNF? It was already juvenile and reinforcing bullshit stereotypes about gaming's maturity level. This is not helping the case.

Also, guys? It's still homophobic to use "that's gay"/"you're a fag" as insults. You were wrong there too.
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So remember when I whinged at Christmas because Grandmum got me a Nintendo Wii that I had no idea what to do with because I'm an actual core gamer, not a casual gamer?

I just rewired the entire entertainment shelf thingie (not worth calling a "unit") and on a whim I hooked the Wii up too.

It's... well... It's a Wii. It comes with Wii Sports and the New Super Mario Brothers Wii thing. I'm installing the Internet Channel so I can at least check mail and stuff on it. I'm surprised by the smoothness of the motion controls so far, but when you build your console on such a gimmick, you better do it well.

S-so um.... What now? Anyone have one of these things?

... The internet on this is Opera-derived? Really? :blink:
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I got Flower to install on my PS3.

It's so beautiful, I can't even

I cried at the end of the second level. Oh my god.
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Okay, so I spent most of today working on homework and mainlining Extra Credits, which is a series of analytical mini-lectures on various aspects of the video game industry and where the industry as a whole needs to go. I am totally in love with their handling of diversity in games and their explanation of the Microsoft Kinect and the Playstation Move, and why both of these projects need to succeed. Very intelligent, I highly recommend them. ♥

In other gaming news, Valve's Gabe Newell said remaking Half-Life 1 could be "fun". HEY GABE. YOU KNOW WHAT ELSE WOULD BE FUN? STARTS WITH F AND ENDS WITH INISH EPISODE THREE, YOU COCKBITES.

:ahem: Also, Peter Molyneux apologized for over-hyping games. Aaaaw, honey, don't apologize! You're Peter Molyneux! It's what you do! Like how Newell trolls HL fans and Activision CEO Kotick being the human avatar of all evil in the world.

Fuck you, Kotick.

Marcone's interlude is now clocking in at 10,230 words. Yeeeeeah. Got a bit of writer's block on how to wrap it up, sadly, but that should hypothetically be finished soon. Yay?

And speaking of the Dresden Fandom! I'm one of those weird people who doesn't get notification when someone friends me, so the fact I have so many people following me is crazypants. Hullo, new people! Nice to meet you!

How about a little meme... If you want to ask me anything, be it about writing or my fannish opinions or meta or myself, go ahead and do so! Or, yanno, just say hi so I know who's lurking? Anything ya'll want.

I'll just be over here, trying to get Flower to install on my PS3. :grumblerumble:


ETA: OH HEY I SHOULD MENTION THIS-- I'm seriously considering making a community just for posting the Matter of Chicago series. It's essentially just to get the fic off my LJ so my non-Dresden fen won't get spammed when I start updating multiple times a week again. Does anyone have any objections to this?

And no, I'm not sure how to handle it on the DW side of the journal. Hrm. Centralizing is hard when you are on two separate sites...


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