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:still slogging through Proven Guilty:

Anyone else really skeeved by the entire Molly thing in this book? Like, side-eying Jim Butcher every time she shows up?

Magnificent rack notwithstanding, Molly was still, in every important way, a child. (page 237)


Or, in this case, considering the entire book thus far: OH JIM BUTCHER, NO.

See, big age gaps don't really bother me in fiction unless one of the parties is underage. Molly is seventeen. Harry is, IIRC, 29 or 30 by this book. Also, STOP EYING HER UP, HARRY. I was okay when you did it and then felt guilty about it because, fuck, everyone does that sometimes, but you stopped feeling bad about it and I am not amused.

Also, like, three pages earlier, it's established Harry won't bang Murphy because he's only interested in serious relationships.


On the other hand, when I am not shaking my head at Jimmy B, I do find it extremely interesting how Manly Man Harry Dresden always seems to be flustered and taken aback by the many, many sexual advances he receives in the books. For such a character, he seems to be accidentally coded in a stereotypically feminine way-- as far as I've seen, it's women who get this kind of situation in fiction, not men. It's almost like an Unwanted Harem, which is a trope I don't recall seeing outside Anime/Manga. There is some kind of meta message here, having all this sex-positive subtext around a character how isn't comfortable with sex, really. I could go further and link this to Harry's whole Have I Mentioned I'm Heterosexual Today thing, but I have a tummyache, so I won't. But it's there.


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