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I would be writing a lot more if I blocked Adagio Teas and Teavana on my browser. I'm just saying. I'm extremely sad I'm almost out of my honeybush vanilla herbal tea and I'm trolling around the sites trying to pick out something to splurge on when I have twenty bucks to spare. You know that Servant lyrics, when you make a cup of tea, you act like it's alchemy? That line finally makes sense to me. Because YES, I DO. Because it feels like it.

SPEAKING OF TEA THINGS AND FIC. Alex is really just entirely too good to me.

Sketch of Harry from the Bakery AU, leaning on the counter. He's wearing an apron, his pentacle, a funky bracelet, short sleeves, and a very grumpy expression. He's saying 'STFU' sourly to John, who is on the other side of the counter, a coffee cup in his hand and an amused smile on his lips. There is a tiny heart over his head.

iduhgkdfngkoiwehfo aaaaaaah look how angry he looks, isn't he precious? Though at the moment in the fic, Harry is driving me bonkers. This was supposed to be my fluffy plotless happy AU, right? But the more I write, the more it becomes a portrait of Harry, his traumas as a teenager, and how he copes and remains functional. I think to ya'll it'll still read as that happy AU thing, but me, I'm not writing this solely to examine how Harry would have dealt with the Justin Thing without magic as an outlet.

Which is worryingly therapeutic to write. :coughs:

And, randomly, I'm kind of having a Renaissance. I wasn't into anime for a long time, but I did watch all of Revolutionary Girl Utena once upon a time. It seems they're (FUCKING FINALLY) rereleasing the series on DVD ad Tumblr's been mentioning RGU a few times. Someone posted this, regarding it:
[Utena] leaves me feeling as though someone peered into my dreams and heart and created something that, not to sound ridiculous I hope, resonates with me on a level so deep that it actually kind of scares me.

And I cannot express how much I agree with that sentiment. I often tell people I wouldn't be the person I am today if I didn't read the Hitchhiker's books when I did, and I think the same is true of Utena. I can't explain why exactly it resonates with me on such a core level. I used to joke that I just love the lesbians and the mindfuckery and the overdone symbolism but... It's not a jokey thing. Utena is crazy important to me, both the series itself, the movie, and Utena Tenjou herself. Especially Utena herself.


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