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What Happens If You Try To Cancel AOL

My god, that was funny. The guy decided to prove the evol of AOL and recorded his phonecall to cancel the service. They obviously train their people very well.

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[ profile] who_da_loop had the balls to send a question to the costume designer of Doctor Who to ask first about Rose's awesome outfit in The Idiots Lantern, then to.... well...

Ask about Tennant's pinstripe crotch.

From that letter (beside the definitive answer about how the pants zip) : 'I will inform David of your unusual interest in his trouser fastening, I'm sure he'll be intrigued!'

I take back all the bad things I've said about this fandom. I love it here.

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Luce and Kit Should Not Be Together Undersupervised

Luce: Omfg! Polythene Pam!BuffyBot! *turn up music and rocks out*
Kitanne: I will rock out to....the Storm Commentary?
Luce: Not bad, really.
Luce: That one had DH.
Kitanne: It does. They are making jokes about tables.
Luce: Don't they do that in S2 too?
Kitanne: I believe so.
Kitanne: There is table hate.
Luce: Like, point out the rather dangerous conference room table.
Kitanne: Yes. The table of DOOOOOM.
Luce: Someone is gonna get hurt on the fucking thing one day.
Kitanne: I seriously think so.
Kitanne: I want Ronon to use it as a weapon.
Kitanne: If Atlantis gets attacked.
Kitanne: And there's a fight.
Kitanne: Ronon gets the table.
Luce: Snap off the pole-y thing and throw them like harpoon.
Kitanne: YES
Kitanne: Swing one of the pieces around.
Kitanne: Spear some horses with it....oh, wait, that's Braveheart.
Luce: Rodney electrofies a staircase and just sits and the top taunting people to come and get him.
Kitanne: He would.
Luce: And John would sit next to him eating a pudding, saying "You're a suck fuck, McKay".
Kitanne: And then he'd start throwing food it on so he could eat french fries later.
Kitanne: ....."suck fuck"
Kitanne: *points and laughs*
Kitanne: "pudding"?
Luce: No! My perfect typo-less track record.
Luce: I like pudding.

Okay, I should explain. I Do Not Typo. Not in chat, anyway. My beta readers just went "you lie like a rug", and fic-writing is different. But... yeah. IMing, I've got pretty impeccable grammar. Kit does not, and I give her sooo much crap about it, so. Yes.

There. My pointless comedy post of the day.

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Reason Why [ profile] fan_this and I Need IM Supervision

Lucia: Billy Joel > me.
Lucia: And possible: Billy Joel > God. Jury's still out on that.
Kitanne: Billy Joel = God?
Kitanne: I mean, David Tennant = God
Lucia: No, Joss is. Duh.
Kitanne: Billy Joel > Joss!?
Lucia: David is the Patron Saint of Random Information and the personification of sex.
Lucia: omg, I TAKE IT BACK! Forgive me, Joss!
Kitanne: Joss forgives you. THIS TIME.
Lucia: So, Joss is God, Tennant is the PSoRI and PoS, and Billy Joel is the just under Joss for awesomeness. Nice to know.
Lucia: And Hewlett is the King of Canada and a crime fighting superhero.
Kitanne: The Church of Geek is founded.

I think I need a priest to marry my forehead to the desk.



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