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Is it possible to have, like... a delayed teenage-year period?

'Cause when I was growing up, I was kind of ridiculously well-mannered. I didn't get mood swings or snap at people or get rebellious. I had really good control over stuff like that and I could compartmentalize well. I talked to my online fen about my problems and kept shit under control.

Now, though? I mood swing, I get... like, filled with emotion and can't keep a lid on it. I struggle more with my control and can't rein in my emotions without concentrated effort.

Just wondering if I'm going through the whole teenage angst thing at 21. It's weird and rather annoying...

In other news, Google? Comic Sans is never funny. Ever.

Yes, I am one of those people that freaks the fuck out when I see that font. It's my goddamn berserk button, IDEGI.


May. 12th, 2006 07:33 pm
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Okay, first, a thing I found while doing my WikiStomping. LOST fans will definately appreciate.

NOTE: Have your headphones on and DO NOT be at work for this.

Moment of the Day (be sure to watch above link first): )

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Why didn't someone tell me feminine clothes could make me look like a fuckin' badass? Shame on you all!

So a few days ago, Mom bought me a pair of black boots with cool belts wrapping around them. Really hot boots. Reminded Mom of something River Tam would wear, she said. The problem was that I had no jeans that I could wear and still see 'em. Cue me being depressed.

So we went out shopping for tapered leg jeans and Mom dashed up tp me carrying a skirt. "I never wear skirts," claims the unenlightened Lucia, "Skirt are for delicate flowery women. I'm a scifi geek." "Try on the goddamn skirt," says Mom. I sigh and jog off to te trying room to get the terror over with.

I look in the mirror and have an epiphany (I get 'em a lot): Lucia + black skirt + River boots = Scifi geek + (hardcore sexiness x a really fuckin' big number).

So, moral of the story, I've gone from black jeans and colorful tops to hot boots, hot skirts, and a few awesome tops that I never would have considered my style.

According to the parents, I've gone from "Bohemian chic geek" to "Kick-ass eclectic geek".

Tis' a good thing.

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My darling mei-mei was in a school play. "Laughter in the Dark", a very funny Brit comedy. *twirls and squees loudly*

In how many ways am I proud of her? How high can you count? I mean, my mei-mei is always such a dainty, mouse-voiced dear but she emoted and was brilliant and had an accent that sounded good and- and... *bweeee!*

I find it disturbing that i'm so happy about this. I wonder if her biological family was so crazy about her. I don't think so. *shifts guiltily*

But, omfg, she was brilliant! And the play was funny and clever and so fun! I didn't know high school plays could be so good.

Dancing about crazily,


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