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Mum: Grandma selling her assets... You know it's because of us, right?

Yeah, I did. Thanks for the reminder.

Okay, life sucks, I'm poor, and I did something stupid so one of my friends has total license to hate me.

Let's review stuff!

GAME: Battlefield: Bad Company )

FILM: Coraline )

LP: Metal Gear Solid 3 )

I think I'll review Utena sometime. Too tense to do so at the moment though.

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.... I think someone wrote a RP secret about me. But I'm unsure. And I want to find the person in question and explain why they've got the story wrong, buuuut if I'm wrong about the secret being about me, I'll just die.


lol, you'd think after all the emoangst secret comms have caused me, i'd stop reading them. I fail.

Also, "I Was Born to Love You" is a stupid song, EBA. :| :| :|

I may do another Lets Play pimp soon, just because Tasian is my goddamn hero. ♥ TAP FOR LOVE AND GOVERNMENT. CHEER OR DIE!



ETA2: Oh my god. I just A-ranked "YMCA" on my first try on Hard mode. On my first try, ya'll. Here, pictorial evidence (taken with my camera phone, but you get the idea).
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Hey, in case I got anyone into LPs, there's a new fascinating one that just started over here.

The OP hasn't told what the game is or even who he is (they are posting under the name of a game designer) and there is no intro post, just a few strange images with connecting prose, and then options for the SA goons to choose. It's very disjointed and strange, but it's turned the usually crass, childish SA folks into overly metaphorical, philosophical participants. Very interesting to watch them all psychoanalyse each update and then decide the next course of action.

I just wish the OP would reveal the game title. Probably best he doesn't tho- I'd look up spoilers in a heartbeat. I'm lame like that.

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Hour and hours and hours of work, deliberation, link-hunting, and HTML later, I present to you:

Lucy's Big 'Lets Play' Pimp Post
Or: Let Lucy convince all of you, even the non-gamers, what awesomeness you are missing out on.

What is a 'Lets Play'?
A Lets Play is a sort of funny, creative video/screencap-driven walkthrough of a video game. They originated on the Something Awful forums. The denizens, often called "goons," pick their favorite games and play through them, documenting their process.

What's the appeal of this?
Okay, to call an LP a "walkthrough" is a huge disservice to what LPers do. There are many types of LPs. The majority attempt to be hilarious, some are informative about rare games you've probably never played, and a rare few are absolute art (see: The Story LP section below).

An LP provides a new perspective on favorites old and new. They can take that classic you played the hell out of as a kid and twist it on its head. They can show you an obscure Japanese port five people in the whole US have played.

Why are you so obsessed with these, Lucy?
It's free content, for one. It's an interesting, close-knit community. The LPers come from literally all over the world (though there are a oddly high amount of French Canadians...). The forums have a history and a odd group of people and a really strange amount on in-jokes. I've been watching LPs for about a year and a half now (maybe longer) and they've been an absolute joy. I have possibly replaced television viewing with them, but since today's TV sucks, it's understandable.

What should I know about this LP community?
The forums are the epicenter of LP activity, though a whopping 337 have been helpfully archived here.

There are three types of LPs: Video LPs (VLPs), screenshot LPs (SSLPs), and hybrids. Each format has it's strengths and weaknesses.

Games are generally played on emulators (emus). The games themselves are ROMs. Some SNES games have been remade into ROM hacks by some overzealous fans. Some hacks are good. Some are... not.

Okay, I get the picture. Where are the damn recs?
Right under this cut! )

That's my pimp post. I hope you've enjoyed it. I've been meaning to do this for ages and have just been putting it off.

For the record, these are the LPs I'm currently following, in case you're curious: The Spyro the Dragon Trilogy, System Shock 2, the Banjo Kazooie series, Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee, the 3D Castlevanias (as Evil Tim is just starting the PS2 game), and the fabulous Video Game Jeopardy thread (during which I yell at the screen a lot).




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