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Sep. 15th, 2012 05:32 pm
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My muse is fighting me tooth and claw over this fic I'm supposed to work on for Kink Bingo, so I'm hoping to jumpstart my writing with this.

Ask me anything about my writing or fannishness. Ask me about what happens in a month's time after X fic, or what my strongest headcanon is for Y fandom. Give me a title of something I've never written and I'll tell you the story behind it. Ask me for a Top Five list or an impromptu fanmix or what tea I associate Z with.

Semi-relatedly, I may share the MoC plot outline soon, it's an idea I am toying with to definitively kill that story and move on from it.

Hit me.

/goes to play Skyrim, will answer comments tonight
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ffff want to work on Bakery AU, but I am actually too cheerful to do so. Boo hiss.

Instead, let's do this: Ask me about a character I write and I will give you my headcanon for them. (If you want to specify which ficverse, that's cool too.
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Oh, why not.

Name me a character! I will tell you:

* How I FEEEEEL about this character
* All the people I ship romantically with this character
* My non-romantic OTP for this character
* My unpopular opinion about this character
* One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon.
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Okay, so I spent most of today working on homework and mainlining Extra Credits, which is a series of analytical mini-lectures on various aspects of the video game industry and where the industry as a whole needs to go. I am totally in love with their handling of diversity in games and their explanation of the Microsoft Kinect and the Playstation Move, and why both of these projects need to succeed. Very intelligent, I highly recommend them. ♥

In other gaming news, Valve's Gabe Newell said remaking Half-Life 1 could be "fun". HEY GABE. YOU KNOW WHAT ELSE WOULD BE FUN? STARTS WITH F AND ENDS WITH INISH EPISODE THREE, YOU COCKBITES.

:ahem: Also, Peter Molyneux apologized for over-hyping games. Aaaaw, honey, don't apologize! You're Peter Molyneux! It's what you do! Like how Newell trolls HL fans and Activision CEO Kotick being the human avatar of all evil in the world.

Fuck you, Kotick.

Marcone's interlude is now clocking in at 10,230 words. Yeeeeeah. Got a bit of writer's block on how to wrap it up, sadly, but that should hypothetically be finished soon. Yay?

And speaking of the Dresden Fandom! I'm one of those weird people who doesn't get notification when someone friends me, so the fact I have so many people following me is crazypants. Hullo, new people! Nice to meet you!

How about a little meme... If you want to ask me anything, be it about writing or my fannish opinions or meta or myself, go ahead and do so! Or, yanno, just say hi so I know who's lurking? Anything ya'll want.

I'll just be over here, trying to get Flower to install on my PS3. :grumblerumble:


ETA: OH HEY I SHOULD MENTION THIS-- I'm seriously considering making a community just for posting the Matter of Chicago series. It's essentially just to get the fic off my LJ so my non-Dresden fen won't get spammed when I start updating multiple times a week again. Does anyone have any objections to this?

And no, I'm not sure how to handle it on the DW side of the journal. Hrm. Centralizing is hard when you are on two separate sites...
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So apparently delicious might be sold instead of shut down. RELIEF LIKE WHOA.

I'm kind of taking a night off from writing fic for the first time in about 35 days. Ya rly, guize. LET'S DO SOME MEMES!

The Fannish End Of the Year Meme! )

Also, I think I had, uh, a LOT of new people watching this LJ now. Hi, new people! Lemme find some relevant "who the hell is this lucy person" memes...

Ask me one fandom-related question in the comments. This can be fandom specific, general, or about fandom/lj stuff/fic writing/etc. in general.

Feel free to ask more than one if you fancy. Hell, don't feel obligated to keep it fannish if you want to ask me something about me.

To save a few of the obvious: Lucy, American, lesbian but currently celibate, Missouri by way of Florida and New York, Aquarius-Saggitarius, Year of the Snake, and yes I do curse a lot, sorry about that.

Also I may possibly make another post about my mental casting for the Dresden Files. Might. Probably. Yeah.
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This actually looked pretty interesting and I've been thinking of my Author Appeals and Signature Style a lot lately.

six ways you can tell you're reading a fic by [personal profile] luciazephyr

  1. The title is from a song and is often in lowercase. I like the look of it and actively dislike the rules of what words are capitalized in titles, so I lowercase everything partly to avoid that altogether.

  2. Reference Overdosed. I will flanderize Fitz Kreiner's reading habits so he will casually drop references to Vonnegut while reading Danielewski. If the character I'm writing is even hinted at being pop cultured, I will exploit that mercilessly.

  3. I reference Greek Mythology in everything. Everything. To date, off the top of my head, I know I've written things that mention Aeolus, Astraeus, Artemis, Athena, Icarus, Hestia, Hades, Persephone, Ganymede, Aoide, Orpheus, and probably even more. My penname is Zephyrus for a reason.

  4. I overuse a particular sentence structure. "[character speaking]," [they said as they did this], [then more description]. Comma, comma, period.

  5. I write in chunks, in "scenes." This goes back to the fact I've grown up in fandom and because of that I write a certain way. I started by writing short fics and Five Ways format. Now that I'm getting into longer (MUCH LONGER, christ, do not ask me how long the Dresdenfic is going to be, I don't even want to think about it) works, I still carry that format a little.

  6. I cannot write in omniscient third person. I need to keep my writing close to the inside of the POV character's mind. How they observe and think about the world is even more important than the world itself to me.
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• Reply to this post with the words "TEA. EARL GREY. HOT" "WINDOWS STILL SUCKS GUIZE" and I will pick six of your icons.
• Make a post (including this info) and talk about the icons I chose.
• Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
• This will create a never ending cycle of icon glee.

6 Canis_takahari picked for me. )
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I have Arcade Fire's The Suburbs.

So that is three consecutive albums by this band that must go on my list of greatest albums I have ever heard.

How does AF even exist? I keep thinking they are some deranged product of my imagination sprung from the rage and disappointment I feel whenever I accidentally listen to modern music on the radio. They are... poignant and obscenely beautiful and, oh, ARE A INDIE ROCK BAND WITH A STRINGS SECTION HELLO

And you all must have all their albums.

Their first, Funeral, which I posted here before:

Their second, Neon Bible:

AND THE LATEST AND GREATEST, The Suburbs: (Note, when I was RARing this one, I got an error but I think it worked. If the file is borked, LEMME KNOW. I will provide a fixed one!)

Aaaaaand I have been writing a lot of fic, but without finishing any. Here's a taste of some! I'll try to get, uh, one of them done and posted soon!

When you see this, post a snippet from your works-in-progress.

The (Abridged) Eight Doctor Adventures - written by myself and the incomparable Lullabee )

'a nice day to start again', sequel to 'come to me with remedies' )

the one where Fitz accidentally becomes a sex slave and is quite good at it (also with Lullabee!) )

I'm also working on a bastard combination of Zagreus, a dash of Amy's Choice, a treatise on why Anji is awesome, Paul McGann's sexy evil voice, and this fan-made map of the TARDIS that can be summarized as IN THE GRIMDARK OF THE GRIMDARK, THERE IS ONLY GRIMDARK. It'll have a happy ending tho.



PS: Okay so I am so sick of not having a paid account, so I need to get one. But apparently I have zero credit history so I can't get a card to use for online purchases. Any ideas on how to get a card?
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If you were writing RPF about me, what characteristics (either physical or personality) would you harp on, and what purple prose would you use to describe them? (Note: The more superficial and cliched, the better. We all like to think of ourselves as intelligent, but it's not what sells the muffins, if you know what I mean.)

DO YOUR WORST, then post this in your LJ so I can try and figure out what you'd be like in my fic, too.

Also, the wasps have been launching an invasion against the house. So far we have persevered, but we are running out of bug spray due to the maternal unit's shoddy aim. Must restock before the next wave comes.

Aaaaand now I'm off to write ridiculous porn about Fitz accidentally selling himself into sex slavery. It goes better than you'd expect.

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When you see this, post a snippet from your works-in-progress.

in which Fitz Kreiner doesn't read a self-help book for torrid interspecies romance, but that's the basic plot of this fic actually )

in which the Obverse!Doctor breaks the laws of physics with arts and crafts )

Golly, I have a headache. Why does medicine take so long to kick in?

OH HEY WHILE I'M HERE: Would a British person refer to the mix of lemonade and iced tea as an Arnold Palmer, or is that just an Americanism?

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Because I asked for Death+Snake from [ profile] canis_takahari:

The first TEN people to comment in this post get to request that I write a drabble of any pairing/character of their choosing. (If I don't know the fandom, I'll give you chance to change, or I can make something up.) In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level.

I'm bad at request/challenge fic, but I'll try.

:sighs: Tonight is a night for looking at FAFSA stuff and working on Repeat to Fade. Ella says I need to completely rewrite Snake in it, so this'll be fun.

... "can I pet your wolverine" what does that lyric even mean. RHCP like their Word Salad Lyrics, don't they?


The Tenth Doctor/Otacon
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I'm doing this solely because I hope other people on my FList do it as well. I really like reading about how other people write. And I'm having trouble making Snake kill Otacon in my fic, so I need to take a break.

A writer's questionnaire )

In other news, writing action scenes is hard. I default to Resonant's sex writing guide when I need help there. Is there a similar fic-aimed guide to action scenes or fighting anywhere?

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I just got an invite to the closed beta for Hello Kitty Online. I am kinda vaguely tempted. I like cute things. But it'd require a Windows OS, so.... anyone want?

STILL not done with Saint's 2 Row. Kiiiiinda upset at the game because in the Sons of Samedi (drug lord crazies) arc, an early mission had me killing the radio DJ for the modern rock station because he hurt one of my people. AND THEN THE RADIO WAS BOUGHT BY THE LOCAL MEGACORP. IT SUCKED. D8 If the Brotherhood arc wants me to hurt the guy from the Underground, I'm not finishing the game. I love that ambivalent, bitchy motherfucker so much.

I HAVE A QUESTION. So say I do get that second job. How do I work out my schedule? Anyone know how that sort of thing works?

Meme: My Life According to The West Wing

Choose your genre show, answer the questions using episode titles from that show--if possible, don't repeat any.

Josiah Bartlett was my first president. )

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Post it on your own journal and encourage others to copy, paste and complete their own answers to the following questions to let others know a little more about yourself. Re-post this as your name followed by "-ology".

Reminds me of Regina Spektor's "Love-ology". Beautiful song.

Luciaology )


01. Anyone who looks at this entry has to post this meme and their current wallpaper at their LiveJournal.
02. Explain in five sentences why you're using that wallpaper!
03. Don't change your wallpaper before doing this! The point is to see what you had on!

Warning: I have a fucking outrageous resolution.
Why? It's pretty enough that even my anti-theist, religious-cootie phobic ass goes "oooh, nice". More importantly, it's dark A lot of white or light-colored light from my laptop hurts my eyes. This is why my wallpaper, Gmail, and many of my layouts utilize light-text/dark-background combos. My eyes are sensitive.

Bedtime now.

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Ganked from [ profile] karose:

Ask any of my characters as many questions as you want (but please try to keep it within a reasonable number of questions). This can be anything from their favorite food to their thoughts on yaoi, or anything you can think of. You can also ask me any questions related to them.

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The Character Expression Meme

Character: Hal "Otacon" Emmerich
Journal: [ profile] codecmoments
RPG: [ profile] amatomnes

RP Memes are fun~ )

Keep in mind I only have 30 icons. I always keep about four that I'm willing to swap out should the situation call for it. And 'confused' is my favorite just because the text on it is "it's all moonspeak to me" and I think it's clever, hurrhurr.

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Should the urge strike you, find the most desperately beautiful song you can think of, locate a stream of it, and share it here.

For example, I offer up for consideration Iron and Wine's "Pagan Angel and a Borrowed Car".

Alternately, if you want something a little less twisty in the lyrical department, have Simon and Garfunkel's "The Sound of Silence".

Now I'm going to sleep.

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So I was out grabbing ice cream because I royally fucked up dinner tonight and wanted to make it up to Mum. As I was making my way back, my headlights caught something shiny on the side of the road and it sparkled-

And I instantly had the urge to pull out my handgun and shoot it, in case it was a gem I could sell.

Someone take RE5 away from me now please.

Too often, we're scared of what we really want to say. Here's your chance to let out ten of your most controversial opinions. Tag ten people to do the same. No flaming, no wank! You're entitled to your own opinion.

I'm not sure how unpopular any of these are, but oh well. Both fannish and RL opinions here. )

Not tagging anyone because it's an uncomfortable sort of meme to have to do.



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