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Okay guys. We're going to sit down and talk about why the ending to Mass Effect 3 is terrible and why if you write off the fanbase as entitled brats, you don't understand the situation.

So here is the non-Mass Effect Fans' Guide To Why The ME3 Ending Was Objectively Terrible.

Spoilers abound under the cut. )

That got long-winded to say the least. I hope it was illuminating and I hope I've shed some light on why fans are so angry. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.

The worst of this is, outside the endgame, ME3 was almost flawless. It was the most emotive, powerful piece of fiction I have ever seen. If made me think, gave me real cause for personal reflection and made me think about ethical dilemmas I'd never considered before. It was a fucking masterwork.

And it was all throw out the window by that endings.

Bioware can fix this, and I hope they do. Their fans deserved better, and the story deserved better. As I told Holly, this is like Lord of the Rings having the same ending as 2001: A Space Odyssey.

It is Actually That Terrible.
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Okay, so a long time ago I wrote a short post about Harry and his Issues. I was thinking about posting an extended version of that to the official forums to gauge fan reaction and see how others interpret the series.

So here is the revised version of that post. I want to make it as... friendly as I can, while still being critical. If anyone can think of improvements I could slip in, I'd be open to them.

A Critical Look at Harry Dresden's Capital I-Issues )
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Well that was a bit of a game-changer, wasn't it?

Spoilers )

Overall, I loved it but I have NO IDEA how Cold Days is going to go and I want it NOW.

Not as much as I want Mirror, Mirror though.
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Okay, the last post gave me a lot of food for thought and I now have a working theory about Harry Dresden and his hang-ups.

Just to establish what I'm talking about: his chivalry, his heteronormativity, commitment issues, et al. It doesn't explain everything but it does explain a lot.

spoilers and triggery discussion within )

Now, it's 3 AM and I think my stomach has settled enough that I can sleep. I hope this post was even halfway coherent. Sorry if it's not-- blame the late hour.
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So I was talking to Lullabee about how in my world, all characters are pretty much bisexual because I have some strict ideas about how canon works.

As I understand it, popular consciousness believes a character is Straight Until Proven Gay/Bi. In GBLT-oriented media, I assume it's the opposite. Me, I have always believed a character is Bisexual Until Proven Otherwise (be that straight, gay, or asexual).

I'm also a big believer in Death of the Author-- basically, that if it's not in the text, it is not canon. As in I don't even accept Dumbledore as gay because it wasn't in the canon. As I mentioned in... Fly's LJ? I think? As I mentioned somewhere, I actually am far more likely to give weight to well-reasoned fanon than to Word of God.

That's not even including media with multiple authors (such as the EDAs) where I will flat-out call Discontinuity on the canon if I think it's particularly nonsensical. In my head, Fitz and the Doctor did meet back up in St. Louis, Missouri, because Colin Brake's take on that was fucking idiotic Wallbangery Creator Provincialism.

When it comes to character sexuality, I think I have three criteria that must be met before I will consider them not theoretically bisexual. Like, if I'm going to consider a character 100% straight...

1. The character must be shown in a relationship or pursuing the opposite gender.
2. They must not show interest or attraction to anyone of the same sex.
3. They must be stated to be straight in the text. If there is an omniscient narrator, they have to proclaim the character as straight. If the text is within the character's point of view, they must confidently claim to be straight.
3.5. If the character in question isn't in a story with an omniscient narrator and they are not the POV character, you cannot prove them to be straight.

FOR EXAMPLE, lets look at the Dresden Files since that's what I'm getting into now. Harry Dresden passes on 1 and 3 (IIRC), but fails on 2. So while in canon, he pegs as leaning towards heterosexual, to me he will always be theoretically bisexual.

Is this a common view? Do you have your own criteria for this stuff? Am I overthinking this? Do you just use your gaydar? Bueller?

ETA: Now that I go through the list of characters I have Thoughts about, the above is my guideline on sexuality but not the rule. John Sheppard from SGA, for example, pinged as gay SO HARD for me that I cannot think of him as even bisexual, even given evidence on the show that he's interested in women. I chalk it up to his military background and repression and other tl;dr meta that I won't go into here. But outside characters like that, yeah.

ETA2: Not that I have sexy Thoughts about Sheppard. I have sexual Thoughts about-- no, that doesn't sound better or offer more clarity. I think about Sheppard sexually, but only on an academic level? I mean :continues ad nauseum:
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I'm trying to figure something out about my OTPs. Starting from as far back as I can remember.

Love Hina
OTP of Choice:
Why it would never happen: Naru/Keitaro were the Official Couple.

Rurouni Kenshin
OTP of Choice:
Why it would never happen: ACTUALLY DID IN THE OAVS, IIRC.

Stargate: Atlantis
OTP of Choice:
McKay/Sheppard, Zelenka/Weir
Why it would never happen: Gay, and I have no idea.

more )

Sensing a pattern here. I'm genuinely trying to wrack my brain for one of my pairings that was canon. Even my handful of het pairings have some sort of issues-- which is what draws me to them, I think. I need some strangeness to the power dynamics.


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So TVT has this page on the DarthWiki called Warp That Aesop. People examine their media of choice and find the really bad messages that could be pulled out of the source. Some fail spectacularly (see them trying to make a bad message out of Tengen Toppa Gurren Laggan). Some, like the MGS ones, are pretty interesting.

One, though, completely baffled me when I read it.
Metal Gear Solid 2: Terrorism is brilliant, as long as you're doing it for your ideals and morals (whatever they may be), and not for your benefit. If you're not a terrorist or support their right to murder countless people because of their beliefs, you're a mindless sheep or you're still being educated in the true meaning of life.

The italics are mine because that's the part that made me go, "what the hell are you talking about." Because Philanthropy as I know it doesn't kill people at all, unless they've exhausted all other options. Murder in the name of their cause is not justified and should be heavily avoided. God knows they've never killed someone who hadn't really, really deserved it--

And here is where I realize that My Canon Is Not Your Canon. Because here's the thing- all that I just said is, to me, totally true. My Philanthropy does not kill people. My perception of Philanthropy is broadly colored by how I personally as a player approach the game. And I use non-lethal weaponry and techniques almost exclusively. Even before I started pacifist running, I always kept my kills as low as possible. I always used the M9 and the PSG-T before their deadly equivalents. That's just my personal philosophy showing in my gaming style.

But... I'm guess that's not how most of you guys play, huh? So is your Philanthropy like the one mentioned in the WTA page? Do Snake and Otacon kill sometimes? More than sometimes?

I like my version better (OBVIOUSLY :pacifist:) and I think I have support for it. In MGS2's Tanker mission, there's no reason for Hal to not have given Snake a SOCOM instead of an M9. But he did. Doesn't that mean they'd much rather tranq than kill someone? Or perhaps was that the MO until Sergei's mercenaries took the ship?

Just food for thought. I'm off to take a nap now.

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So Mum doesn't like Dark Side of the Moon.

... What?

This is the woman who I got my taste in music from, who painstakingly drilled some decent taste into me ever since I was a kid. I may have strayed a bit, but she's the architect behind my ears even though she doesn't listen to lyrics and I focus on them almost entirely.

How can anyone in good taste dislike DSotM? I mean, she doesn't even acknowledge how timeless and deep the album is. Me, I love Pink Floyd, but I cannot listen to The Wall, mostly because it scares the shit out of me. But I know it's one of the greatest concept albums of all time. SHE DOESN'T APPRECIATE OR LIKE DSOTM, GUYS.

Lucy goes lyric crazy under the cut. )

That said.

Now, I'm conflicted on the final message of Dark Side of the Moon. At the very end, there's the immortal line. I want to ask ya'll about it.

[Poll #1387079]

I'm done babbling about Pink Floyd now. Oh, and I'm probably going to change my layout tonight. I'm done with the rolling header. I just want something new.


PS: You know the funny part? Dark Side isn't even my favorite. I greatly prefer Wish You Were Here.
PPS: The Snake mix probably won't happen. Why? Because I can't fit music to him. What the hell, man. D: ETA: This sucks. Yanno why? I was gonna name the mix "human trajectory". HOW AWESOME A TITLE IS THAT?
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Was working on a fanmix (yay for my Zune) and I started to break my cardinal rules of mixing. Then I realize that I've never written down the rules.

So I grabbed my composition book and started writing them down! Obviously!

Aunt Lucy's Ten Cardinal Laws of Fanmixing

Click and enjoy me making fanmixes into srs bsns. )

Now, me, I say you can break up to two rules and have a decent mix (except Rule Ten). I have a habit of breaking Rule One a little but goddamnit, can you blame me, I listen to Rice, Folds, and Bird!

Thoughts? Contest? Any more dumb personal rules?

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So, ya'll remember the fuckwit who said Joss was anti-woman and obviously raped his wife?

Someone has a response. When they watched the pilot, they were bombarded with hateful anti-male propaganda.

:lols mightily: Oh, Jossfen. You are the bestfen.

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So, I got my all-time favorite movie as an early Christmas gift. Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang. I watched it with Grandmum tonight and finally realized why I love Gay Perry so much.

do I have to cut for a movie no one saw anyway? )

Also, the movie is funny and weird and clever and, visually, very pretty to watch. It has this whole theme of the dangers of mixing fiction and reality that's really nice. I highly recommend it. It's in my top five favorite movies, along with Stranger Than Fiction, Tarantino films, and other weird stuff.

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Initial reactions to the latest Psych episode are very positive, I notice. I have to say, FList, I'm wondering if we were all watching the same show. I'll take this time to emulate [ profile] miriam_heddy, the woman who made me hate Numb3rs, and tell you what I thought of this episode.

Miriam, if you read this, I am totally kidding. I love your reviews and would still read them if I hadn't totally given up on N3.

This Meta brought to you Christina's precarious sanity, bad cell phone reception, and the obliviousness of the TPTB. )

*steps off soapbox, has a cup of tea*

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So, I'm re-watching some of SGA in prep for the new season, and The McKay Thing in The Long Goodbye has got me wondering.

SGA Meta considering BadGuy!Rodney )

So, tell me: how would you do a badguy!Rodney episode? Are there any other episode ideas you'd like to see/write?

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