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I had a really vivid dream about three nights ago about Otacon and Snake getting tossed into a VR machine (why am I so obsessed with those things) by someone who wanted them out of the way but not dead. And the simulation happened to be based on the shit on Otacon's computer. So it randomly loaded up Fallout for them to "play", with beating the game = getting out.

And the original dream ended around there but I'm still thinking about it.

And how it'd reverse the boys' power dynamics (why am I so obsessed with those things). When Snake fumbles around and eventually catches up to Otacon, he's halfway to max level, totting some serious weaponry, and riding around on a nuclear-powered motorcycle. Because he know the game so well, he's metagamed it to hell and back. He's dumped all his points in Small Arms and Science and Repair and Explosives, and he's a fucking terror of the Capitol Wasteland.

And when Snake catches up, he gives him a bottle of Rad-X and a stack of the Big Guns-increasing book items because he's used an exploit to get infinite copies and Snake can ride in the sidecar with the rocket launcher.

I just want that so baaaaad. Snake having to deal with very much not being the weapon of the two of them for once, and Otacon's blasé explanation of the Bethesda's Gamebyro engine and how easy it is to min-max once you understand how it works.

There. Aren't your lives so much better now that you know more about my terrible weaknesses?

Also, Snake would be all "unfortunate boner" over Otacon in Wasteland drag.

ETA: whoops I accidentally Wanderer!Otacon
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oh man, so my MGS fandom was, like, two fandoms ago, but I suddenly want to write some Philanthropy fluff fic about Snake being all 8| at Hal being a pushover, so he subtly builds Otacon's confidence, so by the time MGS2 happens, Otacon's got a decent amount of self-confidence. But then in MGS2, when Otacon's working on fixing the helicopter, Snake pushes him to hurry and Otacon just snaps, "I AM WORKING AND YOU ARE NOT HELPING. Have you ever tried to rebuild a helicopter before?! It's not a walk in the park, so just sit there, make sure Raiden's not screwing up, and hand me my tools when I ask, okay!?"

And Snake's all "whelp this is an awkward boner, hrm" and sits there consumed with lust for the rest of the mission, the end.

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Okay, that's it, I'm fucking done.

I've been trying to destroy REX for a solid day now and I'm about to cry in frustration. No walkthrough is helping. "Oh, alternate Chaffs and Stingers." HE FUCKING HITS ME ANYWAY. I cannot get through the Radome Phase without wasting a ration and I'm so fucking sick of dying while in the next phase. Chaffs don't do shit because Liquid's manually targeting and you cannot dodge the fucking missiles but if you wanna try, you can run under REX only to lose a ration instantly to the goddamn laser that I have no idea how to dodge.

MGS1's REX battle does feel more epic than the remake's. But the camera is killing me just as much as anything else and I'll take less epic for a boss that doesn't make me want to shoot a stinger missile in Gray Fox's stupid face because I am so SICK of hearing his unskippable YAY I CAN FINALLY DIE WHOOPTIDOO speech every time I die.

My rage knows no bounds. I've put the PSP to sleep because I honestly think if I lose this fight one more time I'm gonna throw the PSP across the fucking room.

Fuck. I had no idea I was such a failure as a gamer. It just feels like such a spike in difficulty. I have literally finished every single boss in less than five minutes before now. It's just... frustrating as hell.

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So, MGS1.

You're not supposed to be able to open lockers in the original, right?

'Cause I can't figure out how, s-so... This is gonna make the Storage Facility a pain...

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+ Assassins Creed 2 done. SO HOW ABOUT THAT ENDING? Also, Subject 16 is love. Best part of the game was Cam Clarke, I'm not gonna lie. I think he's one of my favorite VAs now. He was astounding in this, really tore at my heartstrings.

+ Oh hay, I guess I can play Persona 4 again now, lol.

+ Am I that bad of a person for wanting very badly to play Bayonetta? I mean, HELLO. It was done by Clover Studio alumni and the DMC designers. And, you know what, yes, I am shallow at times and Bayonetta is hot. Though the Hair Thing freaks me out.

+ Was Repeat to Fade 3 really awful or something? :k-kinda sad: I don't think I'm obligated to have reviews, but after so many expressed excitement... I dunno. I'm confused that I really misstepped somehow. :sighs:

+ Anyway. There is no VA work in Metal Gear Ac!d! That's... more jarring than I ever expected. Also, movement is so fucking tedious. I'm so glad I love the visual style to pieces.

That's all for now. :3

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The one thing I can say about Assassin's Creed II

it makes me want to hug Liquid Snake.

Yes, in my head Subject 16 and Liquid are the same person. You will never convince me otherwise.

Fun fact: When Mum and I find a new glyph from him, I call it "our happy funtimes with Cam Clarke". Because they are.

In fact, I take TVT's crack about AC being more batshit insane than MGS as a challenge, so have my Wild Mass Guessing to show AC and MGS are in the same universe. )

I love this game, you guize. It's really quite excellent.

QUESTION: Why do so many PSP games lack a pause button. In MGS:PW, okay, I kinda get that, it'll have a lot of online features and all. But WTF does Patapon lack a pause? Sometimes I have to stop and, IDK, answer the phone or do something real quick. Well, apparently I'm screwed if I do. 8|

Also, and excuse the bigtext but [ profile] moonlitsiren! If you see this, comment or email or sommat, please? D8

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My grandmother wins a life, the universe, and everything. I asked for Volume 1 of Sandman, she got me Volume 1 of Absolute Sandman, which is issues 1 to 20 in gorgeous, huge hardback with concept art and all this amazingness. I don't even know, man.

My aunt and uncle got me perfume. Um. Okay. I thought everyone knew about my adamant hatred of perfume because all of it smells like chemicals to me, but whatever.

In other news, Assassin's Creed 2 would be awesome if not for the fucking tiny text usage. I am so goddamn sick of game developers assuming I have an HD television and can read size fucking 6 font. I am not kidding when I say I've gotten totally lost at least four times in my five hours of playing just because I couldn't read the text. I mean, seriously, WHY YOU DO THIS?! WHY WHY WHY? I feel like making a list of games that use the tiny fucking text and sending all the developers vicious hate mail. PLAYING GAMES SHOULD NOT REQUIRE GETTING UP, WALKING WITHIN 5 FEET OF THE TV, AND SQUINTING.

Otherwise, the game is amazing things. I'm seriously loving it.

Also got FF7:CC, so yay? And Pratchett's Mort. And MGS:PO. Which I also played a bit of today.



My god, someone tell me I'll get used to it and/or MGS:PW's is better.

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Human Trajectory
A Snake-centric Metal Gear Solid Fanmix by [ profile] lucia_tanaka
13 tracks and mix art under cut

all I need is a certain trigger )

Download link and notes )
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It takes special talent to make a shower scene totally boring. I. HAVE! That TALENT! [/Frank-N-Furter] :working on fic very slowly:


I'm actually done gaming until I get my hands on Persona 4. Played Brutal Legend and Mini-Ninjas which was cute but not amazing, mostly making me zen out more than actively enjoying the game.

Speaking of games, remember that idea for a game trading circle? I haven't had time to set up the comm yet, but its [ profile] arealstopnswap because I like my obscure gaming Vaporware references. Feel free to join. I'll try to get it squared away this week.

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Last few days of work have sucked. Just. Ugh. I keep making little mistakes under pressure which, thankfully my managers never seem to blame me, but I blame me. And it's stressing me out.

Finally slowly working on fic. I only write a little bit a night, but it's better than nothing? Writer's Block is horrendous, but. I'm trying.

Forgot SPN tonight. [bahlettion here] Was too busy reading up on Black Lagoon. Came to the realization I'd die to play Revy in, ah, a certain MGS RP that'll probably not actually get made. But she'd love it in Outer Heaven. In my head, she'd just call it Heaven, only slightly sarcastic. That makes three characters I'd jump to play in said pipedream RP. That in mind, it's probably good said RP hasn't happened. I'm not sure I could juggle Otacon and Washington, let alone those two and Revy.

But it's nice to daydream. It'd be fun just to see a fic using that RP's concept. I find it kinda fascinating. Someone could write the core story to set it up, and others could write, what's the word... deuterocanonial fics with their own AU characters and the way they fit into the world.

That'd be fun. It'd never work, but it'd be fun.

Anyway. I'm off to try to find either some dubbed Black Lagoon or Vol. 2 of the manga. Or maybe just to sleep. Bah.


PS: Just caught some reaction from tonight's SPN. What the fuck, how does that ever make sense?!
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Oh hey, Repeat to Fade Part Two is up.

Also, why is it that when you get a headache and go to take a nap, often it helps, but sometimes it compound the headache by over nine thousand?

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You know what, I'm disappointed too, but it's not like Dayter held a gun to the localization crew's heads and said GIVE ME THE ROLE. Hey, remember that time Kojima said Dayter was his favorite VA for the series and the definitive Snake voice? Maybe that's why he was chosen?

Srsly, guys, enough bashing. It sucks it wasn't Doyle, but leave Dayter alone. It's not like he needs the work, having moved on from VA work to screenwriting pretty effectively. He's not the bad guy. This is the man who gave away half his fucking paycheck so MGS:TTS so they could get all the original VAs.

Take a breath, folks.

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Writing fic while on meds and in pain is, in fact, not a good idea and should be avoided.

:gets to rewriting those 2000 words of fic:

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So today I got my usual eXXXXtreme period cramps, doped myself on meds to ease the pain, and wrote over 2000 more words for Repeat to Fade's next part. It's clocking in around 4000 now and I still have one more long scene and another short one before posting. Hopefully it won't take forever. Then I can take a break from all the swordplay and get into some foreplay (see wut I did dare?).

But yeah. Yaaaaay fic. Now, I sleep.

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So I wrote some fic over here. MGS, as usual, but it kinda requires knowledge of Metal Gear Mobile, which was a very short game that no one really played. Here's a fast summary of the game:

spoilers ahoy )

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  • Dropped from [ profile] omphalotus_rp. I remain enamored by the premise, but it's impossible to enjoy with so few people. My castmates don't seem keen on it anyway either, so. I'll try again at a later date should it pick up some. For now, I'll stick to FM and museboxing.

  • ... Mum's sick again. Headaches and earaches today. She was still in pain when I put her to bed tonight.

    Yanno, it was only a few months ago that I started sleeping with my door open. Nights like this, I'm always afraid of her needing me and my not hearing it because of my door. I get nauseated with worry of what could happen. I won't sleep well tonight.

  • Yikes. Depressing, aren't I? Anyway, I'm writing a lot more lately. Fic with Fly that will hopefully turn out awesome (though I feel like I'm not writing as much as I should be for that one and feel incredibly guilty). Thene convinced me to write mindscrewy VR violence fic for [ profile] mgs_slash's Repeat to Fade challenge. If I pull it off, it should be nicely disturbing.

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So TVT has this page on the DarthWiki called Warp That Aesop. People examine their media of choice and find the really bad messages that could be pulled out of the source. Some fail spectacularly (see them trying to make a bad message out of Tengen Toppa Gurren Laggan). Some, like the MGS ones, are pretty interesting.

One, though, completely baffled me when I read it.
Metal Gear Solid 2: Terrorism is brilliant, as long as you're doing it for your ideals and morals (whatever they may be), and not for your benefit. If you're not a terrorist or support their right to murder countless people because of their beliefs, you're a mindless sheep or you're still being educated in the true meaning of life.

The italics are mine because that's the part that made me go, "what the hell are you talking about." Because Philanthropy as I know it doesn't kill people at all, unless they've exhausted all other options. Murder in the name of their cause is not justified and should be heavily avoided. God knows they've never killed someone who hadn't really, really deserved it--

And here is where I realize that My Canon Is Not Your Canon. Because here's the thing- all that I just said is, to me, totally true. My Philanthropy does not kill people. My perception of Philanthropy is broadly colored by how I personally as a player approach the game. And I use non-lethal weaponry and techniques almost exclusively. Even before I started pacifist running, I always kept my kills as low as possible. I always used the M9 and the PSG-T before their deadly equivalents. That's just my personal philosophy showing in my gaming style.

But... I'm guess that's not how most of you guys play, huh? So is your Philanthropy like the one mentioned in the WTA page? Do Snake and Otacon kill sometimes? More than sometimes?

I like my version better (OBVIOUSLY :pacifist:) and I think I have support for it. In MGS2's Tanker mission, there's no reason for Hal to not have given Snake a SOCOM instead of an M9. But he did. Doesn't that mean they'd much rather tranq than kill someone? Or perhaps was that the MO until Sergei's mercenaries took the ship?

Just food for thought. I'm off to take a nap now.

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So what does one do when suffering from food poisoning and boredom and pain?

Make icons! So here are a ton of icons from [ profile] hiimdaisy's MGS comics.

[21] hiimdaisy icons
[1] animated



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So I have my MGS fanvid done to "How Far We've Come" 99% planned out and ready to be edited, right?

And I spent the last two weeks DLing footage, right?

Windows Movie Maker won't accept the footage.

My rage knows no bounds, FList. It really doesn't. I'm so certain I can do this and make an amazing tribute, but getting the footage is fucking impossible.


Pretty much no one has the Twin Snakes Briefing footage ANYWAY. I need one single shot of Snake strutting around uncaringly and it'll fit in perfectly, but I'll never be able to get a hold of it because I don't have the money to get a gamebridge to record this shit anyway.

Just... goddammit. I've been working on this thing for months and now I can't even do it because footage grabbed from Veoh won't work.

fuck fuck fuck fuck.



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