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I'm getting really excited about NaNoWriMo this year. I have three different ideas for what I'd want to try out. One is Maggiolino, another is tentatively titled sic semper tyrannis, and the last is Long Way Down.

short summaries here )

I'm stealing this from [ profile] slodwick, who is, like me, thinking a lot about her NaNoWriMo story for this year.


Comment with a prompt - two or three words, a mood or color, or even a song, if you want - and I'll try and write a short something to go with it. (Just to be clear: it probably won't be fannish.)

If you specifically want to see a scene from a certain story, lemme know.

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If you don't mind. And please, don't answer questions 2 and 3 if you haven't read it.

[Poll #867087]

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I saw someone doing this earlier on the FList. They said it made them feel better.

Dear Alexander Leaven,
You are supposed to be the epitome of a good little Christian girl. Stop eyeing up Paloma. It's really freaking me out. And you're ruining my ending.
No love, Lucy

Dear Paloma Esposito,
WTF, sudden personality change? In all my planning, you were percocious and charming and now you're all... deep and quiet and stoic and shit. Can you please not be? As it is messing up my cute plans for later.
Cheer the fuck up, Lucy

Dear Derrick McCallum,
YOU ARE NOT IN THE NOVEL YET. So why am I writing really AWESOME bits of the future in which you're all sensitive and poetic? And, omg, why do you have to be so phenomenally cool in my head? You haven't been introduced yet! Sit down and shut up!
I hate your face, Lucy

Dear Parts of Story I'm Writing When I Should Be Writing Chapter Two,
omg, you are so great, but this is not the time, but Alex, Paloma, and Derrick? In the laundromat? With Alex ticked at Paloma over the flannel shirt thing? And Derrick's "I'm only gay on Thursdays, really"? And Alex's endearing whinybitchness? I LOVE YOU! GO AWAY UNTIL LATER.
Smooches, Lucy

Dear Paloma,
On second thought, keep the personality shift. It totally works. You are so damn interesting to watch now, even I'm wondering what you're thinking.
Stay weird and quiet, Lucy

That's my last NaNo post for today, I swear.

I go sleep now.

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*looks passively at all the FList cursing and swearing at LJ for crashing*

I'm gonna get killed for this, but: THANK YOU, LJ, for crashing like that. Those few hours of broken servers got me to finally get my ass in gear for my NaNoWriMo novel. THANK YOU.

I started today with 456 words.

And I'm still on a roll.

So, no FList + Abbey Road = novel, apparently.

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I'm staying home from school today. The emotional rebound of talking to my 14-year-missing biodad (re: Erynn for the term, lulz) is really messing with my head. I know the school will be pissed, but... I can't even think straight right now.

So, yeah, I'm gonna be home today. I'll deal with the real world tomorrow.

Besides doing laundry and cleaning the kitchen, I have little to do. I'll type away at NaNo (which is off to a rocky start at 495 words) and start working on the new layout I want. [ profile] _wwsd_ sent me the code for a rolling header. I plan to make a banner for each of my major fandoms/interests and all shall be of the win.

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*looks at clock*

Well, folks in my time zone, it's time.

Get writing. 1600 a day. 50K for the month.

*panick attack* I am not ready, so not ready.

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My NaNoWriMo novel revolves around a road-trip up the east coast of the US. Anyone who lives there or has visited and doesn't mind helping me out, I need some research info.

Help Lucy not screw up her novel here. )

So. NaNo. *frets* I'll be spending the next three days on Wikipedia and Google, looking up things for NaNoWriMo, forgetting to takes notes over them, then having to re-research them while I'm fighting to get my 1600 per day wordcount.

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*throws papers in the air, a la Keith Olbermann* My report on McCarthyism is dooone! Whoo!

'Cause, dude, while the McCarthy trials are really interesting, that took forever. People in my notoriously airheaded CAIII class better pay attention to the awesomeness I have created. For McCarthyism is IMPORTANT! Mostly because Edward R. Murrow was a cool cat, man. *thumbs up*

Now to work on NaNo and the RPS I might have promised [ profile] lunarwolfik if she made me a cover. Wanna seeee?

The GORGEOUS Maggiolino cover )

Goodnight and good luck.


PS: I am jealous of [ profile] fan_this. I need a NaNo icon... *raids pictures folder*


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