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Hi. /waves

Still alive. Still dealing. Haven't moved yet, but it really is just a matter of time. Mum's looking into getting a lawyer and doing the whole surrender house in lieu of deed thing. So. There's that. Thanks much to everyone for the kind words and especially for the advice. It's been a huge help.

I've sadly not been writing. I'm still hovering right below critical mass for my stress level and am just trying to keep calm and carry on. I do feel rather guilty about not having written anything, especially since I promised the end of the MoC hiatus. I can only say that I'll get to it as soon as I can.

Mass Effect 3 is dropping in two days. I'm going to be at the midnight release. So. Pumped. You have no idea, guys. The ME series is among the most important media I've ever seen. I know ME3 is going to disappoint in some areas (what they're doing with EDI has me furious) but the sheer scale, the level of execution, the ambition, and the way they've crafted a story that spans the universe but still feels so personal? BioWare, I am impressed. Don't fuck this up.

I haven't been writing, but I have been thinking. I've been chewing over my origific in my head a lot lately, fleshing out the characters. I mentioned before that I was leaning on the tarot imagery for some inspiration in the story. Still true, but in a much broader sense. I've been reading Rachel Pollack's 78 Degrees of Wisdom and it's been invaluable food for thought.

So, for the curious, here's a basic rundown of my main cast, as I see them so far.shit only about three people including me care about under cut )

jfc, that was a lot of writing. hope it was somewhat interesting. bedtime now.
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I need a side character named Jonquil. She's an exorcist who happens to be haunted by a ghost. Except not really-- the ghost is her friend and de facto secretary, keeping track of all the appointments and letting her know when she needs to buy more milk. Normally ghosts can screw around with the living and be a nuisance, but Jonquil could exorcise her ghost at any time, so it evens out any power imbalance. So they hang out, work together, and squabble over the morning sudoku.

also, for the curious, the next chapter of the bakery AU is coming along fast. Only been writing two days and it's nearly 7,000 words already. I hope you are prepared for fluff.
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Thinking about my weird urban fantasy again today while I'm waiting for the bakery AU beta job.

Just how assholish would it be to include a minor recurring character who is an actual media studies professor to every so often point out the subtext of the story, tapping on the Fourth Wall?

And how much shit would I get for naming her Prudence so she goes by Pru? Or a similar fannish in-joke?

Right, yeah. Terrible idea.
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Okay, so this is going to be a post entirely about my original fiction concept from way back in this post, about the modern fantasy thing with the Scholars and Alistair and his friends? Yeah. I have a fuck ton more of this figured out now and I need to write this all down where I won't lose it.

For the three of you interested and for my own reference )

Going to see Captain America now, mmkay.
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okay okay fine, I'm starting to finish up the megachapter of MoC. But in the meantime, I've been compiling the surprisingly numerous fills I've down for the kinkmeme over here. It's only two so far, but I'll be adding whenever I have a half hour to kill. And I finished that mute!Harry fill mentioned in my last entry if anyone's interested.

So does anyone else get stuck doing dishes and start staging TV shows in their minds? Or is that just me?

I'm going to babble about this idea, post relevant pics, and drop a lot of tropes under this cut, ya'll. )

So I have a whole show starting to form in my head. Basically a spin-off of TDF. I love Harry, but you know there's gotta be other interesting people in that 'verse. I could never write it because Butcher could likely sue my ass.

But it's fun to think about.

I have no idea why I decided to share all this. I'm never going to write it. It's just daydreaming to fill empty time doing chores and such.

Excuse me I gotta get back to MoC now.


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