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Hey guys hey. One of my fics got podficced! Oh my god, it's glorious. 8D [ profile] lily_wordsmith podficced Civisking (or, the one where Harry accidentally becomes a Wyldfae lord).

It's like. Really good. Not just saying that because it's a podfic of something of mine (!!!!!), it's excellent. Go check it out! 8D 8D 8D

just just aaaaaah

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I'm probably going to podfic come to me with remedies. Mostly something to keep the creative juices flowing, and for [ profile] thought_goddess. ♥ And it'll be good practice. I have 50K words of fic to get good at the whole podficcing thing, which I've always wanted to do.

So, just to summarize my current list of fannish projects.

Wot Aunt Lucy is Working On, in order of importance:
  1. a nice day to start again, the sequel to ctmwr. Or, as I call it, "WHY AM I WRITING ABOUT [spoiler], I HATE [spoiler]S!"

  2. the GRIMDARK fic, wherein I make up for treating Fitz like gold in everything I've written so far by utterly demolishing him and taking his character apart piece by piece. I have no happy medium between romantic fluff and GRIMDARK ANGST. I have no overall title, but it's a three-parter: The Nameless Planet, Morpheus, and The Lighthouse.

  3. some unabashed kinkmeme Eight/Fitz. Prompt: Time Lord purr when interested, relaxed, and aroused. I'm a weird one, I know.

  4. The Abridged EDAs. We have many done, but we're missing major ones like "Shadows of Avalon", mostly because I cannot make it through the book. I think maybe Lullabee and I should just post the one's we've done. It's just for fun anyway and we can always add (or open it up for others to add, perhaps?). I'll mention that to her when I see her next online.

  5. The Podfic is obviously going to take quite some time, so I'm not sure when it'll be done. Also, I have a lot of silly little things. I think Lullabee wanted me to draft my idea for a EDA telly show (two series with specials in mind), I have to bug her about her fucking fabulous AU fic, and things like the Harem fic.

So yeah. And, yanno, school. Obviously. :laughs: And Mass Effect 2! My schedule basically works like during the week, I do fic and assignments due before Sunday, then Fri-Sat-Sun I do homework and if I finish on time, I play ME2. MY LIFE, MAN.


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