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  1. "The Man Who Sold the World" is another one of those songs that feels important.
    We passed upon the stair. We spoke of was and when. Although I wasn't there, he said I was his friend, which came as some surprise. I spoke into his eyes, "I thought you died alone a long, long time ago." "Oh no, not me. I never lost control. You're face to face with the man who sold the world."

    I like the reference to that one rhyme: "Yesterday, upon the stair / I met a man who wasn't there / He wasn't there again today / Oh, how I wish he'd go away." Weird, but cool...

  2. I want to do the usual Weekend Fic Meme, but for the life of me, I can't find any fic memes on the FList. WTF?

  3. My sink is broke. Again. This blows. We poured acid down it to break up whatever clogs were there. Now there is acid water sitting stagnant in the sink. And this isn't like Liquid Plumber. Oh no. We have the hardcore shit that you have to wear gloves to use because it's so potent. Sitting in the broken sink. NOW WOT?

  4. The Lust fic out of the GO-PRT fic I'm doing is getting really, really long. I have mixed feelings about this. For one, I think it's a good fic. On the other hand, I can't have one ficlet being five times the length of the others. Woe.

  5. I know that Matchbox Twenty is considered Very Uncool (and their new stuff is crap) but the song "Downfall" is pretty much the Anderson/Keith theme from GO-verse. I want you to trouble me. I wanted you to linger. I want you to agree with me. I want you on my side. / Be my savior and I will be your downfall.

  6. I seriously deleted/rewrote #5 about seven times. I am so embarrassed to like that song, but I really do.

  7. I want a fic with the boys going to a movie. They all bitch over whether to sit in the front row (Stephen), the middle (Jon and Keith) or the very back (Andy). Andy wins by pulling a depressed face and complaining about getting headaches. A loud little kid is there and Keith growls at the parents, all, "I get to see a movie once a year if I'm lucky; shut the kid up". 'Cause Keith only like kids if they know when to be quiet. And Anderson refuses to buy snacks because, holy crap, five dollars for a hot dog, are they kidding?! And Jon and Andy get into a thing about how Anderson just bought an uber-fancy new apartment and he won't pay five bucks for food? and Stephen tries to whisper about the cooler looking coming attractions but his voice carries like you wouldn't believe. And when the Oceans Thirteen trailer rolls on the screen, Jon yells, "I totally had George Clooney" and everyone in the theatre turns to look at them and Anderson hides under Stephen's jacket. And Stephen makes crazy predictions in the first fifteen minutes of the movie and ends up being completely right and everyone wants to kill him. And after the movie's over, the credits are going, and the people have filed out, Andy and Stephen make shadow puppets by standing on the back row seats.

    Yeah. I don't need to write that now.

  8. I need to consolidate my "the Daily Report" and "pundit boys" tags to "PRT". I've been meaning to. ETA: Have discovered I have +90 entries under just "pundit boys". I'm just gonna start using "PRT" and be done with it.

  9. I met another PRT fan today who'd friended [ profile] cosmic and I, but not [ profile] scrunchy and [ profile] notpoetry. This boggles my mind.

  10. I'm addicted to lists. And yes, I say this just because I can't think of a #10. *hums, lalala's, whistles*


ETA: OMG, ANDY. He's all bundled up and totally, "It's COLD. I wanna go HOME. Stephen, if you're watching, send me blankets!"

MITTENS. SKI CAP. HUGE JACKET. TENTS. He's so in a tent with Corwin. When Jeff's asleep, he scoots over to lay next to him for warmth. He can handle deserts and tropics and such. He hates the cold.
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According to the Countdown blog, tonight is an SC night concerning the Dems folding like a deck of cards over the troop funding bill.

If I am correct, about five months ago, KO said in an interview that he'd give the Dems six months to get their shit together and make some changes before he started to open fire on them too.

He's very punctual, Keith is.

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Whoa, wait. Keith and Joey are AWOL?

That kind of destroys the instafic I was writing... I thought Keith was out because he screwed up his foot more (since he's been out and about a lot, I hear) and I was doing a wee PRT bit with everyone giving Keith crap about it... *sadface*

Also, Joey's out all week?! Dan Abrams, you're a cutie, but... but... I love mah Joey. *grabby hands*

Oh, and this Monica chick that filled in for Keith? I hate her! She has no comedic timing and no snark which, I'm sorry folks, but if you're gonna fill in on Countdown you must have timing and snark on your side. Seriously, where the hell was Allison? We love Allison in my household. Allison is funny, snarky, sexy, and awesome. I miss her! She should be the official substitute for Keith.


Mum: *shuts off Dan Abrams* I can't watch him! He's such a woman! Did you hear him giggle? He's annoying!
Luce: You can't watch Abrams, but you'll watch Andy?
Mum: No, see, David or Dan or whatever the fuck his name is- he's feminine. Anderson is more... asexual.
Luce: Anderson Hays Cooper is not asexual, Mum!
Mum: Well, he's not masculine, but he's not a girl...
Luce: That's not asexual, that's androgynous!
Mum: Eh, tomato, tomahto.
Luce: I love it. Keith gets filled in by a conservative-esque reporter and Joey gets a liberal Jew.
Mum: Whose almost flaming.
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Haha, happy birthday, Tucker! Learn to dress!

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God, I'm a little in love with Dan Patrick again today.

*relistens to the first three minutes of the Big Show again*

Dan: I didn't ask for much on my birthday. Well, the usual. Some twinkies, some snickers, beef jerky... and Keith Olbermann showing up with just a bow on. And I'm not talking about a bowtie. Thank you for showing up on my birthday.
Keith: Uh, I'm in fact wearing a full suit right now.
Dan: Oh, 'cause you're a newsman, I see. Wink wink. I understand that.
Keith: No, I just had a meeting this morning, I had to be dressed up... But happy birthday!

Dan's upset no one mentioned his birthday, Keith gives him shit about being a total woman about it, that he's all "I so want/don't want a birthday party!", switching from year to year, and discussion of Dan cancelling his daughter's birthday. And Keith laughing at his own jokes and Dan doing some radio sound efects.

*crying* I get the feeling that if I ever get the chance to see them do this live and in the same room, it'd be an awesome show to watch.


PS: Also? Keith's shout-out to Dan during Oddball was horrendously romantic. ♥ BFFs!
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  1. I got groped today in school. Twice. The first was fairly normal (Lizzie was feeling gay and I have big boobs, so... *shrugs*). The second wasn't at all. These two gals, Meg and Michelle, have been best friends since they were little kids and they were arm in arm, walking down the hall. I was getting my books out of my locker and Megan reached out and grabbed my ass.

    Yeah. 'Kay. *shakes head, puzzles*

  2. Tonight, Keith was talking to the Constitutional expert, Jonathan Turley, and Mum says, out of nowhere, says that she thinks he's a crossdresser.
    Luce: What?
    Mum: A crossdresser. Something about him. I bet he's wearing ladies underwear.
    Luce: *shakes head, says nothing*
    Mum: I'm not saying he's gay. Just a little kinky. He's got something about him. It's either crossdressing or getting spanked with a baby bottle in his mouth.
    Luce: Oh my god, Mum! I don't know you!

  3. Okay, while flipping through chat transcripts, I saw that the first occassion Chris and I referred to each other as wives was August 31st. Just... putting that on the record. *shakes head again*

  4. David Bowie > You. Seriously, this stuff rocks! "The Jean Genie", "Suffragette City", and "Life on Mars?" are phenomenal. And I can't not sing the "WHAM BAM, THANK YOU, MA'AM!" in "Suffragette". And I've tried. Oh, and the first chorus of "Life on Mars?" is totally says Oh man, look at those gay men go. The second verse is cavemen, but not the first. I will fight anyone who disagrees unless Bowie himself walks up and says otherwise. IT SAYS GAY MEN.

  5. Since all the songs the Scissor Sisters cover rock like a big ol' rocking thing, I'm thinking of making a mix of all the original songs and the Sisters' covers. Y/N?

  6. Joey is extremely tan today. And Keith was very cute. More so than usual.

  7. But the film is a saddening boooore, 'cause I wrote it ten times or moooore! It's about to writ again! As I ask her to focus on SAAAAAILORS! Fighting in the dance hall!

  8. I'm writing completely plotless porn. Seriously, no plot. It's GO-PRT verse, but... there's just sex. I have no idea what to do with it. *pokes the boys*

  9. The only people I regularly discuss fic with are Chris and Ashley. This makes me sad. Which does not mean I don't love my wife (see: #3). I just... I dunno? I think my muse is suffering. And that makes me depressed.

  10. Wonder if he'll ever know he's in the bestselling show.... Is there life on MAAAAAAAARS!

I'm done now.



That's it. Joey = Keith, on cool levels.
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Three birthday cards for Stephen. )

Saddest part: I actually looked around for everyone's handwriting so I could try and match it with one of my 50 handwriting fonts. Couldn't find Jon's. And with Andy's signature, I tried, but I do not possess a sloppy enough font.

There's my horrible contribution. Go read [ profile] scrunchy and [ profile] cosmic's fics. They are phenomenal.

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Wallpaper under the cut )

Text is from a speech Stephen gave a while ago. To you poor folks who've never had the fortune of taking a drama class, "say yes" is the golden rule of improv. You never say no, because it stops the story. All improv students are taught early on to reply to everything with, "yes, and...", to work with what they're given and go with it, no matter how strange or impossible it may seem.

More posts to come, maybe with fic?

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ETA: To all you folk who are saying, "Lucy, what about Christina?", I say, "That marriage isn't binding."

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Stephen = Eleven.


PS: He is so downloading eps from England.

ETA: Also? If Andy's the Silver Fox, Stephen's the Black Swan. We need color-animal codenames for the others now...
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Sorry Keith. Sorry Andy. I love Joey best.

Joe's doing a panel and in the middle of a sentence, they lose satellite feed on a guy who was rebuttling Arianna Huffington. Joe, without missing a beat, says, "I know you're a powerful woman, Arianna, but I didn't know you had the power to take out satellites."



PS: My muse is dead. Go ask me more questions.
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Questions from [ profile] flakygoddess:

1. What's your favorite PRT scenario? (No, this isn't a shameless fic request. Why would I do that?)
Anytime Anderson and Keith are fighting. I like the tension and the "I love you, but you drive me fucking nuts" vibe they constantly put out. It makes the times when they don't fight, the quieter, happier times, that much sweeter.

2. Favorite Firefly character and why.
Wash. Because the first day I watched, I was wearing a Hawaiian shirt and I bonded with him. I love River too, 'cause crazy is fascinating.

3. Pick the song that most reminds you of K/A and why.
... "Bruised", by The Bens. Which is really, really weird for PRTverse because that song is also my Dan/Casey song. Anyone who read this fic should get why that is really, really weird.
Also, I think the chorus of "Bruised" is the most beautiful chorus out of the +3700 songs I have on my computer. That imagery, "I went because you said you'd be there with a box of candy and smoke in your hair".

4. What's the silliest fangirly thing you've ever done?
Let's see... I write porn about gay newsmen.

5. Remember that old game Cliff/Marry/Fuck? You have Joe, Keith, and Anderson. Choose accordingly.
Marry Anderson (I'll be his purse and partake in the fabulous NYC lifestyle)... Fuck Keith, Cliff Joe. I have to admit, though, I was extremely close to marrying Joe and cliffing Keith. No, wait... Fucking Keith. Cliffing Andy. 'Cause maybe Andy would prefer dying to touching girlparts?

Last night, I lost power for five hours, missed Andy, Jon, and Stephen, and had a nightmare about wasps inside my house. Not. Fucking. Cool.

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omg, Andy's doing news.

*leans in, watches intently*


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Best moment of the night of the whole night:

Chris hits up Obama's strategy guy, Axelrod, and spends three minutes trying desperately to get Obama on his show.

Keith joins in, "now that Chris is done trying to get candidates booked on his show". Keith asks a few questions to Axelrod, then finishes, very coy, with, "you know, occassionally, we dedicate a whole Countdown to one topic. Hate to steal Chris's thunder, but we'd be happy to have Senator Obama on our show as well."

Much laughter is have and Axelrod brilliantly says they should give Joe a chance at the action. Joe immediately jumps in, crossing his legs and eyeing up Axelrod (not kidding), and saying, "Yeah, you know you wanna talk to Middle America, baby."


Joe and Keith win the universe. Completely.


ETA: This is interesting. There is a five-person panel going on and Joe won't talk to Tweety. Really, it's always "So, to answer your question, Keith," or "Keith, if I may". I think Matthews has noticed too- he looked very sour the last time it happened.

Oooh, no one likes Matthews. Intriguing.
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I didn't quite get the rage behind Keith's SC tonight. Mum did though. She says its a New Yorker thing.


I'm so glad he's back, though!

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No, wait. Joe, you can't come on yet! Keith wasn't done...

Keith didn't throw his paper ball and break the fourth wall...

I have no idea why this bugs me, but it does. I've been watching almost every newscast since, like, September and this is the first time he didn't throw his copy page.

*tilts head to side, wibbles at Keith*

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A small break from my smut writing...

[Poll #966713]


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Cosmic's Secrets of the Pundit Round Table - the Anderson Edition is made of awesome. Go read it.

And, who wants the Grindhouse OST? Well, have it: Here.

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1. Hi. It's sleeting outside. Harder than we had most of the proper wintertime. WOT THE HELL?

2. I am still working on my challenge response. I kinda love it.

3. Keith's suit is awesome, but the tie doesn't go. But he seems jovial today and I'm getting that thing where I wanna kiss him on the cheek again.

4. Chris wanted a PWP with K/A, angry and kinda violent. And, yet again, the PWP is growing a plot. Woe.

5. KEITH IS ADORABLE. LIKE, REALLY ADORABLE. Talking to that radio show host? Shearer? SO ADORABLE. "Don't get me in trouble"! God, I just spent five minutes telling Mum that, yes, Keith is actually a funny, amiable guy. Just on the radio show. Mum thinks the whole girls-signed-up-to-beat-him-up-when-he-was-seven thing is the best thing she's ever heard about him.

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I forgot how much I love listening to The Big Show.

Seriously. Love it. They are awesome and such a bickering married couple.

*goes to bed now, kthxbai*



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