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The Move To Florida: OH GOD WE GOT THE HOUSE SOLD. I was not expecting this. I really thought we'd have to declare bankruptcy and abandon it, but goddamn, we've got it sold! We had fucking competition for it! Awesome. So awesome.

This weekend is the moving sale, and next week I'm on my way to Florida. Very exciting. 8D

Suits fic rec: needs must by thatotherperv

Okay. I have to gush about this fic for a bit. Because maaaan this fic. It's so good for me, and I wanna talk about why.

The facts were these: This is, according to the author, "the one where Mike is a paid sub." Which is an accurate but shallow summary. Mike is a professional sub when the money requires it. He takes one-night deals, but when the Grammy Nursing Home Ultimatum happens, he takes on a job he'd been putting off: a long-term submissive job. Obviously, Harvey is the client.

Mike goes into it expecting to hate the job, that his client will be a sadistic asshole. He's wrong on both counts.

What I fucking love about this fic: Where to even start... Stylistically, this fic is great. It's got some great vibrant sensory details but never edges into Ikea Erotica. The POV is very tightly in Mike's head, and it keeps me guessing. Because you have to rely on how Mike sees the world and on any clues that you catch yourself. Harvey in particular is a great unknown quality. Like, I think I know Harvey's feelings towards Mike, but I'm working with the same set of info Mike has, and that makes me feel, as a reader, very connected to Mike.

And the fact that often I see fic that's about Harvey discovering his feeeelings for Mike, but needs must is much more about Mike, who is a little more jaded (and IMO more realistic than canon Mike), slowly warming up to Harvey and coming to terms with his own kinks. 'Cause though Mike's a paid sub, he doesn't like subbing. Until Harvey-- and it's not like Harvey is some Super Perfect Dom or anything. He just treats Mike with respect. It's a really great narrative thread I've never seen in another fic before.

It also eventually intertwines with canon, but with Mike as a paralegal, and my god watching Mike and Harvey try to juggle both of their professional relationships and the times it blows up in their face and how they re-negotiate and make it work--

ugh ugh ugh. This fic. I love kink-driven fic that focuses on the characters, that treats sex workers with courtesy (even if Mike isn't sure he deserves it), that handles this Pretty Woman scenario with 100% more tact and cleverness--

Also, Louis is Mike's agent. Which is kind of amazing, let's be honest.

Fic updates every Tuesday. It is my favorite Suits fic. If this is your bag, check it out.
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If you are not reading the Changes AU being written over here and continuing here, you are seriously missing out. This is easily one of my favorite fills for the entire meme and it's totally amazing and achey and well thought-out and the latest part was genius and warblegarble I can't even you guys just go read it aaaaah.

This is me, reading this fic:
man sitting on sofa hugging a pillow, starry eyed and smiling dreamily

Oh, and I made a Dresden Files macro. Under the cut. )
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Okay so the Dresden Files kinkmeme has broken 3700 comments, and it has some real gems in there, so while I'm sitting here waiting for my Excedrin to kick in, I'm going to rec stuff and list what I've done and prompts that should be filled.

The Dresden Files Fandom: Surprisingly filthy, given the protagonist. )

Okay, that's all my links. Trust me, there is a lot more at the kinkmeme. I left out a lot of good stuff here. Go, read, prompt, and fill!
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So two people in as many days have never heard of There She Is! and this must be remedied.

There She Is! is a cute, deceptively deep series of five animations, each about three to five minutes long. It revolves around Nabi, a male cat, and Doki, a female bunny and their whirlwind romance and the prejudices, fuzzy bunny gangs, and animal stampedes that get in the way. It has a killer, amazing case of Mood Whiplash in Part 4: Paradise, and I think it works very well.

I really, really love this series and hugely recommend taking the 20 to 25 minutes it takes to watch them. TVT has a page linking to all of them here. Give it a shot. ♥ For something that's all about Cute Animals and K-Rock Earworms, it's inspired.


ETA: The Ctrl key just popped off my keyboard. I put it back in. Weird, though.
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Hour and hours and hours of work, deliberation, link-hunting, and HTML later, I present to you:

Lucy's Big 'Lets Play' Pimp Post
Or: Let Lucy convince all of you, even the non-gamers, what awesomeness you are missing out on.

What is a 'Lets Play'?
A Lets Play is a sort of funny, creative video/screencap-driven walkthrough of a video game. They originated on the Something Awful forums. The denizens, often called "goons," pick their favorite games and play through them, documenting their process.

What's the appeal of this?
Okay, to call an LP a "walkthrough" is a huge disservice to what LPers do. There are many types of LPs. The majority attempt to be hilarious, some are informative about rare games you've probably never played, and a rare few are absolute art (see: The Story LP section below).

An LP provides a new perspective on favorites old and new. They can take that classic you played the hell out of as a kid and twist it on its head. They can show you an obscure Japanese port five people in the whole US have played.

Why are you so obsessed with these, Lucy?
It's free content, for one. It's an interesting, close-knit community. The LPers come from literally all over the world (though there are a oddly high amount of French Canadians...). The forums have a history and a odd group of people and a really strange amount on in-jokes. I've been watching LPs for about a year and a half now (maybe longer) and they've been an absolute joy. I have possibly replaced television viewing with them, but since today's TV sucks, it's understandable.

What should I know about this LP community?
The forums are the epicenter of LP activity, though a whopping 337 have been helpfully archived here.

There are three types of LPs: Video LPs (VLPs), screenshot LPs (SSLPs), and hybrids. Each format has it's strengths and weaknesses.

Games are generally played on emulators (emus). The games themselves are ROMs. Some SNES games have been remade into ROM hacks by some overzealous fans. Some hacks are good. Some are... not.

Okay, I get the picture. Where are the damn recs?
Right under this cut! )

That's my pimp post. I hope you've enjoyed it. I've been meaning to do this for ages and have just been putting it off.

For the record, these are the LPs I'm currently following, in case you're curious: The Spyro the Dragon Trilogy, System Shock 2, the Banjo Kazooie series, Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee, the 3D Castlevanias (as Evil Tim is just starting the PS2 game), and the fabulous Video Game Jeopardy thread (during which I yell at the screen a lot).


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Fic rec! The First Time Rachel Maddow Slept With the PRT by [ profile] bessemerprocess is absolutely adorable and I highly rec it. Good fic to wake up to. :D

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There is something ridiculously great about the Oceans movies. The third was no exception. Funny and sharp and tongue-in-cheek. Boatloads of sexual tension (goddamn, Rusty, Danny, just go have sex please), a dash of EDDIE FUCKING IZZARD, and the controlled chaos that's inherent with so many characters in one twisty, lovely story. Also, I want to have sex with the cinematographer and the set designer. God, it was a beautiful casino.

Go see it, folks. If for nothing else than Izzard in a sexy pinstripe suit, saving the day.

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[ profile] slodwick has made a fanfic podcast over here at [ profile] onlysensible. As with all things she's done, it's quite awesome.

And I'm part of the first podcast! The theme was Other People's Mail and I wrote my Anderson birthday fic for it. Please, go listen to it and all the other awesome fics.

Thank you, [ profile] slodwick, for letting me participate. And to Chris for using her lovely voice for my fic. I am not worthy. I love you, sweetie.

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[ profile] sailorptah made a Stephen Colbert video to Roy Zimmerman's "Defenders of Marriage".

God, best vid ever.
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So. I just finished watching The Lost Room miniseries, the SciFi one starring Peter Krause.

Go rent it, Krause fans. He is amazing and wonderful. The show is very insightful and a total "god, why didn't I think of this" kind of 'verse. And all the characters, even the ones who only show up in one part of the three-parter, are just... vibrant. Wallie, oh, how you make me laugh. You and Krause got mad comic chemistry.

It's long, three two-hour episodes but it's like... on par with The 10th Kingdom as my all-time fave miniseries. It's two disks long and I finished it in two nights.

The Mum Speaks! Mum: Very good and twisty and for the first time I can remember, all questions were answered, which is amazing, considering how many questions I started off with.

See? Mum gives her thumbs up and she's the biggest scifi snob in the world.


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Short Version: Go see this movie.

Long Version: Go see this movie now.

Oh, you wanted reasons and details? Well, okay. (No major spoilers under the cut) )

That should be all. And, for the record? I liked Machete the best. Mum liked Thanksgiving. (You'll get it once you see it.)

WHOO HOO! *pumps air* I can't wait to see that again!

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Okay, wot teh eff? Why is Microsoft Word 4095 MB? It is by a huge margin the biggest program on my laptop. The runner up is Microsoft .NET Framework at 88.5 MB. That's insane!

I think I need to uninstall it. Anybody out there use a MS Word-esque freeware program or could suggest one for me? 'Cause my lappy's frozen about five times in the last week and I don't like it.

In other news: Life on Mars has the coolest fanvids I've ever seen. And AbsoluteDestiny scares me with his fucked-up-ed-ness. He has to be the Patron Saint of the Mindfuck Fanvids. Everyone should watch this video, and keep in mind these other vids are from the same fandom.

Watch the vids. I don't want to be the only person who's lusting over this quirky British show.

Hey, would anyone be interested if I did a "My Top Ten Fanvids" post? I'd try to link to each one so ya'll could see them. Anyone, anyone?

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Okay, everyone: Go here and download the first on the list: Fast Cars, a fanvid done to Life on Mars. I KNOW MOST OF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN IT. I HAVEN'T EITHER. GO WATCH IT.


You done? Okay! Click here! )

I am SERIOUSLY addicted to this vid. I've seen many, many, many vids and keep about thirty on my Zune at all times, but this one? God.

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All DW fans:

Go here and download the three vids there, especially "Touched" and the fantabulously awesome and skillfully-made "Suddenly I See".


PS: Anyone know the ages of Stephen's kids (Madeline, Peter, and John)? It's for a fic.
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I think people should go read this original fiction of [ profile] scrunchy's. It's short and will only take you a sec.

*quiet thoughts*

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SPN Vidlet: Protege Moi

I now want Supernatural to be filmed like this vid. And if I ever go into film/telly, I will make one of my projects shot like this. I mean, oh my god.

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Huge fricken fic reccomendation: Okay, I am so behind on pimping this bitch.

E Pluribus Unum is a Daily Show/Colbert Report RPF.

No, wait, stop, come back here!

Okay, seriously, I avoid RPS/RPF like a plague. It leaves me feeling squeamish. But this, this is an epic. This, I feel, will be one of the fics people will cite years from now when asked "is RPF even on the same level as normal fic?", and this will prove RPF can be above and beyond normal fic.

The story, according to the summary is: 'Fall 2016. The reformed Patriot Act pressures all forms of the media to comply with the new policies. Stephen dares to defy the FCC and censors, ready to face the consequences. He finds salvation in an anonymous e-mail, signed with the nickname of a man he believed died years ago.'

The genre is correctly listed as a dystopian suspense thriller. It's a scarily accurate image of Orwell's worst nightmares come true. The story starts off, in the Prologue, with Jon Stewart's disappearance, then continues in Part One with a world gone to hell. The story is extremely well researched without giving you the sensation of reading a textbook, which is a big plus for me. It's smart, has humor, has introspection, and a load of tension and awesomeness. The writing itself is very good, better than usual seen in fannish work.

It is a WiP. If you know me at all, you know that I hiss and hide at the mention of a WiP, but this is so good, I refuse to miss out.

So, I'm reccing this as a fangirl with an RPS-squick, but a huge amount of respect for a project as colossal as this one. I'm helping my girl Chi make a trailer vid of this, and I have some spoiler info of future events. So, if this fic doesn't end up blowing your mind, you can take it out on me Chi me.

Go read it!

In other news.

Fic: Working on it. Listen, folks, I have three major fic projects going on. One is a long, slash H/C that revolves around Lassiter being heavily injured ont he job with Shawn and the aftermath. It is tricky to write due to a (hopefully) cool thing I'm doing with the pace the story's told at. Two is "Seven Things No One Knew About Shawn Spencer", which is, I'm gonna admit it truthfully, is a long, character study that is meant solely to appease my metabrain and, to a larger degree, to smack some sense into people writing Shawn in fic. STOP FUCKING HIS CHARACTERIZATION.


Then is the meme responses, which are coming not as fast as I hope. I have two major projects in school this week as well, so... this will be interesting. I apologize to all my more impatient readers. RL before fannish pursuits, mates.

Muzaks: Anyone have any songs from an artist called The Servant? I have "Orchesta" and "Body", love those some desperately, and want more. Can anyone help?

That's all for now, fen. Stay shiny.

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[ profile] rustys_head drew fanart for my Five Things meme. Its accompanying ficlet is the fifth one here.

Zee art iz here.


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New DH interview

Seriously, this is insane. This man is perfect. He's just... *gestures wildly* I can't get over how Made of Awesome he is.

Can someone name me a flaw of his? Anything? 'Cause, goddamn.




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