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Okay. Countdown.
  1. Keith's new glasses are sexy. So is Keith's quiet contempt for Gonzales: "You wanna try that again, Mr. Secretary?"

  2. Keith totally calling DeLay on Godwin's Law. YES.

  3. SPECIAL COMMENT! "Stop right there", oh fuck me, *fans self* GO BABY! "Okay. Where do we start here?" Citing Huffington Post! Bitchingslapping via "The Google"! God, I LOVE YOU, KEITH. LIEK, A LOT!

  4. That was the coolest Oddball story yet. OH AND KEITH IS BLACKMAILING, HA HA! 666 days until Bush is gone!

  5. Woe, dead soldier guy Tillman makes me very sad. T.T

  6. "The final nominees in those blasted 'Keithie' awards." EYE ROLLING! HEART! "The first... the last annual 'Keithies'."

  7. I despise celeb news. So, Keith's Keeping Tabs makes me gleeful.

  8. Rush Limbaugh! HOMOPHOBIC ARMY RECRUITER, SONOVABITCH. And Rudy Guliani. Keith finally heard about the 9/11 human remains in NYC potholes thing. Some of you may recall his most famous Special Comment was from the WTC site, tearing the President a new one. So, yes, he's got his quiet rage on.

  9. CATCHY AND SUCCINCT! PORN! BIG SMILE! OH GOD, HE'S CHEERFUL. And was that... AN OBSCURE 1984 REFERENCE! And Bill-O reading the "Jack Mehoffer" letter!


Okay, so. Yes. I am in love all over again.

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The prettiest studio ever - tDS )

Mano on Manilow - tCR )

I am so full of love for Stephen, my heart may burst. If it does, someone call the tCR studio and tell Stephen I want a spot on his mantlepiece. Death by Colbert, baby.

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Okay, one snippy note about SG-1 from me. And... um... hate to rain on the "LULZ, THAT WAS FUNNY" parade for SGA, but... I noticed something rather creepy.

thoughts on SG tonight )

Gah, that's just creeping me out. Good eps, but... *shrugs*

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'Someone do something to help somebody!' )

I think this is my favorite commentary. I think.

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First thing's first: I made a banner for the forum I'm joining. It's about the huge ARG that LOST is running- the Hanzo Conspiracies.

How proud am I? Extremely. I has all the little goodies from the secret areas of The Hanzo Foundation. It has the "subverting authority" and "who is this clown" messages, the map of Hanzo's last known locations, the HF logo, the creepy lady (Persephone?), the blastdoor map, and the big passwords used to access everything. I'm very proud. *happy dance*

Now. Onto Numb3rs. )

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Eh. Despite [ profile] miriam_heddy's protests, I liked "Dark Matter". It was entirely too cute. My highlight was of Charlie dragging Amita out of the room and the priceless look on Larry's face. I think he was contemplating the top twenty ways of quietly killing one's best friend. It was sweet. And his shy asking Megan out (and her smile at it, after the initial surprise) was beautiful. I can block out the things I should hate for it...

Except, TPTB? Fuck you. Video gamers are not as psychotic as you portray. You certainly aren't helping our case against parents trying to shut down higher rated games. Listen folks: If you cannot at least watch the ratings on the games your kids play, you have no right to complain. Hell, I'm 16 bleedin' years old, and Mom's seen all my games' content, even if only for a few minutes. She won't let me play 80% of the higher-rated games, even though I want to try GTA to see what the hype's about. She's responsible, for the love of god. Take her damn example.

If you cannot watch the games your kid plays, don't let them play. I don't see how you can't, especially if your buying the games. If they're playing a game about shooting policemen or sleeping with hookers and you blame the game- where did you get the idea your 14 year old should have been playing it in the first place? Know your child's maturity level, please. Treat them accordingly.

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In which the game redeems itself in two and a half hours.

Atlantica (kinda) )

Halloween Town )

Twilight Town-Hollow Bastion )

TRON!1!! )

Hollow Bastion )

Sparse recaps-review, but I don't want to spoil.

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A Gamer's Thoughts on Kindom Hearts II
Both squeeful and annoyed.

Prolouge: Twilight Town and Roxas )

Mysterious Tower )

Hollow Bastion )

Land of Dragons )

Beast's Castle )

Return to Hollow Bastion )

Olympus Coliseum )

Disney Castle )

Timeless River )

[I skipped Atlantica for now because in the last game, that place was the definition of hell.]

Port Royal )

General thoughts so far )

That's all so far. Expect more when I get another three or four worlds done.



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