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For [ profile] lullabee_lj: Gorgonzola Mashed Potatoes


Potatoes! We like red best, but any type will work really.
Half and half! Much better than just milk.
Gorgonzola! We just buy a tub of the kind you can toss onto salads and use that.

Make the potatoes! Easy as pie, just the usual peel, chop, boil, drain, et cetera.
Add the half and half and butter! Make sure you don't overdo it.
Gorgonzola goes in! Start off with a small amount and build up until it suits your tastes, then add a wee bit more. Use a masher to mix it all together.
Add more H&H and butter! The cheese will have dried the potatoes out. You want a creamy but not soggy consistency.
Mum says she also likes adding parsley, but I'm not a fan as I find it tasteless. She says it adds a little something to it, though. YMMV.

Eat it! Yaaaay!

Not hard, eh? I still like my rosemary roasted potatoes better, but these are awesome too.



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