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I have to run out on errands, FList, but I thought I should tell you that if you're not reading this phenomenal kinkmeme fill, you are missing out.
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re: that RL thing with mum: they haven't fired her yet. Either she's fine or she'll be abruptly sacked after her business trip. No way of knowing. I'm still barely sleeping at night from fretting, but I've laughed and smiled today, which is a step up. I'm irrationally mad at this for killing my fic writing mojo. I wanna work on RtF (aka: that fic I don't suck horribly at) very very much.

re: distractions are awesome- I have belatedly discovered That Guy With the, home of the Nostalgia Critic, affiliate of the KINDA AWESOME Spoony Experiment, and creator of the Nostalgia Chick. Who I love. To death. The "Ferngully", "Labyrinth", and 10 part "Final Fantasy 8" reviews are totally amazing. ♥ The Chick's Big Lipped Alligator Moment graphic and her slowly eating a banana as "Space Oddity" plays in the bg- she's a genius. I love her.

re: I have money to spend, but am too frugal to impulse buy anything- I found "Disgaea" for the DS for $26.99. I am very, very tempted. It'd be the first new game I'd bough in.... at least five years. Am on the fence on whether to buy it of not. Hrm.

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Mum: Grandma selling her assets... You know it's because of us, right?

Yeah, I did. Thanks for the reminder.

Okay, life sucks, I'm poor, and I did something stupid so one of my friends has total license to hate me.

Let's review stuff!

GAME: Battlefield: Bad Company )

FILM: Coraline )

LP: Metal Gear Solid 3 )

I think I'll review Utena sometime. Too tense to do so at the moment though.

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I told my girl Chris I'd do a big "Vividcon is a Fannish Christmas" post after I'd gone through the vids.

The Vid Everyone Has Seen: Handlebars (DW)
There's a reason everyone is talking about this video. It is probably this year's VVC best. The theme for the year was "fuck you" and this is, to me, a fuck you to the Doctor. This vid may start all happy and cheerful, but you'll notice something seems ever so slightly off.... Hold onto that. It gets better/worse. If this doesn't flip the way you look at the Doctor, you obviously need to watch it again. I know it shook me up.

For the record, I see everyone pointing out they're favorite parts. Mine in "my cause is noble, my power is pure". Because even as you're being told how horrible the Doctor can be.... him holding out his hand like that, drowned in light? Makes me want to be okay with him, even if it's just for a second.

The Vid That Reminded Me How Totally Awesome Sgt. Nick Angel Is: Welcome to the Jungle (Hot Fuzz)
Who else could make stopping a shoplifter seem totally fucking sweet? If you liked the movie, you're gonna love the vid. If you didn't see the movie, you'll want to after this, because it is actually even cooler than this makes it seem. Warning tho, the vidder left in the most graituitous death in the movie, the Spire Death as I call it. I flinched at that bit, but everything else was 110% and the song choice was rockin'.

Hey, a Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Vid!: Use It (KKBB)
I don't get the narrative of the vid... I think it's just an overview vid. It's nice and well cut.... Nothing ambitious, but, hey, KKBB! I'm not picky!

Even more awesome under the cut )
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[ profile] rageprufrock wrote a short Project Runway/Stargate Atlantis fusion.

No, seriously. Could I make this up?

Go. Encourage her. Please.

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Because [ profile] world_president needed enlightenment.

So. Stephen Colbert. A bunch of my FList enjoys his work.

But you all don't know his show Strangers With Candy, and that? Is a crime.

So, tada! Some links! For the dual purpose of enlightening you to the love of SWC and showing you Jon/Stephen fen that Jon is not the only man in Stephen's life. Personally, I think Evie, Paul, and Jon have a timeshare on Stephen.

Video Pimpage )

Chuck/Geoffrey fic )

Okay, I have homework to do now. Enjoy the pimpage.

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I seem to keep finding vids that make me feel like a joke. Or get them pimped to me.

All SPN fans must download the Dean vid "What It Feels Like to Be a Ghost". It is... my god, I didn't know you could DO THAT with vids. It's like watching four vids at once.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to re-watch it because I know I've only caught half the stuff she put in it.

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I'm absolutely certain this vid has the ability to stop war, makes everyone love each, and shatter the dreams and willpower of vidders all across the fandom.

This vid makes me feel like a fucking joke.

SGA Vid by [ profile] newkidfan: Dreams.
No real spoilers, so you have no excuse not to watch.

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Go see it, muthafuckah.

That is all.

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For females only: [ profile] littera_abactor would like a Word with the makers of Kotex.

I don't think I've laughed so hard since I saw Month Python for the first time...

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House Vids:

'Cause, goddamnit, all vids done to Aqua rock the cashbah, though no one likes to admit it. And oh my god, beautiful sync with cane-twirling and candy eating and vicodin popping and all the little things House does. Seriously brilliant timing and so addictive.

"I Am Not Yet Dead/I'm All Alone"
Yes, it's done to Spamalot. You will hurt yourself laughing at least twice in this vid. Even The Parent thought it was good, and The Parent is a bit elitist.

Brokeback Hospital
Finally something canon, eh? It works. It works very well. I'd say it's the best BM parody, mostly because it's not funny- it's actually making a case for H/W. It's really quite good and has very good dialouge choices.

And from my main fandom: The Infamous "I'm Too Sexy" Tennant Vid
Warning: Not even remotely safe for work. I'm not joking.

Raiding YouTube is fun.


Media meta

May. 15th, 2006 04:37 pm
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Miriam raises an interesting Meta session here. My RL people, you know I'm rather obsessive about media and it's power. Miriam raises the amazing point that most telly thinks it has to choose between teaching something and being entertaining. Worth the read.

Also: I didn't cry at Dead Poets Society, but it was a damn close thing.

Finally: New icon! *happy*

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Miriam just rocked my world with her Dancing Fic. Go read it and shower her with lovely reviews.


PS: Layout is still shite. Kitanne is remedying this in exchange for my eternal soulFandom Pimp Powers. Have patience.
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More Vid Recs

Ordinary by [ profile] martoufmarty

Score: 5/5

Oh, this is good. This is very good. For some reason, I think of this vid and think "sexy". It's a well-edited, well-selected vid with a great song choice.
This vid excels at effects, something I'm not seeing too much of. It uses slides, overlays, fades, and all very well.
I think this is just under "Clocks" for brilliance in DW vidding with some really great moments, surrounded by really good moments.
(Also, bonus for cool "MM" logo in corner.)

Worth the DL: God, yeah.

Altered States by [ profile] nym_updates

Score: pending

Okay, dude, what? Maybe I'm really missing a HUGE inside joke, but I'm completely lost with this vid.
Um. It's a showcasing of the Weird Things that happen in DW, but the song is so weird and distracting, I couldn't focus on it at all.
Seriously, someone explain this to me. I'm so confused.

Worth DLing? Go. DL. Explain this to me.

Assassin by [ profile] nostalgia_lj

Score: 3/5

Wow. The Lady Nos' made a vid. If the fandom had a fanon newsletter, that would be the headliner. Anyway. Vid.
Okay, so, good song for the Doctor and a few good scenes. What I cannot figure out is if Nos' is making a canon vid, or is this a constructed reality. If it's the latter, add a number to the score, 'cause that's awesome. But, nevertheless, an okay vid. My main problem is the editing, which seems somewhat... lazy. I dunno why. Might be a personal thing.

Worth DLing? If you want to form your own opinions on it.

No Sleep Tonight by [ profile] golwenadaneth

Score: 3/5

Hee. Amusing. The whole premise is Rose seducing the Doctor, and it's very cute, but suffers from the limited amount of source we have. This would have been better if the vidder had just waited another week or so to make it, but I know how hard it is to sit on a vidding muse.
It has a few repetitive bits, and one shot that should have really been cut sooner, but still a fairly good vid.

Worth the DL? If you aren't looking for vidding brilliance, why not?

Wonderboy by [ profile] kataclysmic

Score: 100/5

It's Captain Jack and the Ninth Doctor to Tenacious D. Go and DL this now.

Worth the DL? If you don't DL this, you obviously hate Doctor Who.

That's the round-up! Enjoy!

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Luce's Vid Review

A few more vids came out. Let's take a look, eh?

Alright by [ profile] chicketieboo

Score: 4/5

I really like this vid. It starts out odd, mixing a bit of Ten and Nine, but it's a really brilliant idea. And the song choice is just phenomenal. This vid has plenty of very nice, clever edits, especially because the chorus. It have a very bittersweet feeling. The good things happen and the bad things happen, and at good intervals.
Bonus for the cresendo and the overlapping clips there. And the ending is a bit overdone, but nice best it throws back to the beginning.
I will poke at her a bit here; the credit page at the end has a typo.

Should I Download: Yeah, I think so.
Also: This vidder made the best fanmix in this fandom I've seen so far, and I should know; I DL every single mix I find. This one fits the best and is the prettiest. It's called Nos De Caraid. If you like mixes, go grab it.

Steady As We Go by [ profile] ellie79

Score: 3.5/5 (5/5 if you're a DMB fan)

This is a hard one to be objective for. I'm a HUGE Dave Matthews band fan. So. Very good vid, but very leisurely. Unlike the last one, this one has longer clips and slower pacing, but that works because DMB has those kinds of songs. I know a few people who don't like that sort of vid pacing. Keep that in mind. Outside that, it's a good vid, but very... conventional? I think that's the word I'm looking for. It doesn't try to be more than it is, and what it is a pretty nice shippy vid.

Should I DL: Yes.

Last Night on Earth by [ profile] ellie79 and [ profile] satine79

Score: 4/5

Um. Hm. This vid has only one problem, but it irks me. It's inconsistent. Some clips are very wonderfully placed, others just seem really out of place. That's because this is a retelling of "Parting of the Ways", so every clip had to be done in fairly chronological order. That hinders the vid a bit at first, but it shapens up nicely.
But... meh. I'm kinda of sick of PotW, myself. It's the most overused ep in vidding, which makes it lose most emotional value you might get from it. I perfer vids that use eps all across the spectrum, not just the 'omgtwuluv' side. But that's just me.

Should I DL: If you're not sick of PotW like me.

Everybody by [ profile] rabid1st

Score: 3.5/5

As opposed to Ten/Rose vids, which still have that shiny newness.
So, I like. Not a brilliant vid, but very fun to watch. In about three instances, the clips seemed out of place, but otherwise... *thumbs up* Very catchy tune too.

Should I DL: Yep.

Is it just me, or is almost any vid with Ten a bit of instant win?

Oh, and new DW today! Which means I can finish my Ten vid. It's non-shippy and a sum up of Ten so far. Kitanne seemed to like the prototype of it, so hopefully the final will rock as hard as I hope.

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This is [ profile] fan_this's fault.

Lucy's Vid Reviews

Because sometimes, you wanna know if it's worth it.

Hangin' By a Moment by [ profile] gweneth_syeira

Score: 2/5

This vid started off very nicely. It fit lyrics well, but not overly so. Used what little Ten material there was well.
This vidder does not follow the Six Second Rule. Several shots go one quite a bit without a cut. Even if the vidder intended to not cut, it looks lazy and this otherwise good vid suffers. Also, too many colorizations.
So... vidder has potential, but still needs more work. *shall be watching the vidder*

Should I Download: No.

Doctor Jones by [ profile] doctor_who_fan

Score: 4/5

Hee. Maybe this vid should be given a 3/5 instead, but it's just so fun. Not the best vid by technical standpoint with a handful of rough cuts, but so endearing with clip choice. Made me laugh quite a few times.

Should I Download: Yes, and the YSI link there is dead, so I'll upload it soon. thank me for uploading.

Slowdown by [ profile] chicafrom3

Score: 4/5

A Mickey vid. A good Mickey vid to a perfect song with a vidder who wants you to understand him more. Even if you don't like Mickey, watch it. It's good.

Should I DL: If you like, but the vidder put if on youtube too.

Clocks by [ profile] fieryhands

Score: 6/5

*cough* Anyway, it's got it all. Makes a some unpopular song rock. Best editing I've seen in any fandom. Excellent handling of multiple Doctors and companions.
ETA: The point of this vid is to show that all the Doctors, no matter what their appearances of personalities are, are the same insane time-traveling alien. That? Is brilliant.

Should I DL: If you don't, I'll bap you with a pillow.

End of the first vid review.


Vid Rec

Apr. 7th, 2006 05:21 pm
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Someone did an astoundingly well-edited vid of DW with Doctors 8 through 10. Yeah, so I haven't see 8, but in this vid, it doesn't matter. It's to Coldplay's "Clocks" but despite that, it's good.

[ profile] fieryhands's "Clocks" is here.

DL and leave nice comments.

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Folks have been putting together a virtual season two of Firefly. I was skeptical about it at first, but damn! This stuff could very well be canon, it's so good. Especially the episode 'Flying Blind', but I'm biased because of my love from a not dead Mr. Universe. I dunno, I just think he's THE cutest thing ever. Maybe it's the curls. Krumholtz really works his hair well. I actually think I like the 'verse man more than Charlie. *shurgs* Unsurprising, since Universe is Jossian.

Anyway, go read the episodes. Their forth one just went up a few days ago and it's so good. This thing's got all the coolness: Jayne on a date with a pretty Core boy, Inara's eeeeevil mother, River has a crush, and SHOES! *bounces* So funny, dramtic, and spot on for Firefly-Serenity fans.

Go read the first episode at least. Try it! The plot twist will kill you.

Firefly: The Virtual Seasons

Move it!



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