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It takes special talent to make a shower scene totally boring. I. HAVE! That TALENT! [/Frank-N-Furter] :working on fic very slowly:


I'm actually done gaming until I get my hands on Persona 4. Played Brutal Legend and Mini-Ninjas which was cute but not amazing, mostly making me zen out more than actively enjoying the game.

Speaking of games, remember that idea for a game trading circle? I haven't had time to set up the comm yet, but its [ profile] arealstopnswap because I like my obscure gaming Vaporware references. Feel free to join. I'll try to get it squared away this week.

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I'm trying to get my Agent Washington RP account squared away. Got a pretty app complete with some shiny screencaps. Now I'm looking at the 30 icons of space I have.

See, I needed a PB for Washington, so when I first made the account, I picked Josh Duhamel because he kinda fit. But now, after Recreation, I'm not so confident in the choice. You can see the icons here. Something just doesn't fit.

I wish I could just get some fanart, but most is drawn with the helmets on. The closest I've seen to a really good look for Wash is this piece of fanart, but it's a one-off thing, sadly.

Can anyone think of an actor who kinda looks like the guy in that art? Or anyone that might fit a hyper-competent, half-crazy soldier type?

Then again, anything's better than the concept designs Luke McKay, RvB's art guy, came up with. Ugh.

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Last few days of work have sucked. Just. Ugh. I keep making little mistakes under pressure which, thankfully my managers never seem to blame me, but I blame me. And it's stressing me out.

Finally slowly working on fic. I only write a little bit a night, but it's better than nothing? Writer's Block is horrendous, but. I'm trying.

Forgot SPN tonight. [bahlettion here] Was too busy reading up on Black Lagoon. Came to the realization I'd die to play Revy in, ah, a certain MGS RP that'll probably not actually get made. But she'd love it in Outer Heaven. In my head, she'd just call it Heaven, only slightly sarcastic. That makes three characters I'd jump to play in said pipedream RP. That in mind, it's probably good said RP hasn't happened. I'm not sure I could juggle Otacon and Washington, let alone those two and Revy.

But it's nice to daydream. It'd be fun just to see a fic using that RP's concept. I find it kinda fascinating. Someone could write the core story to set it up, and others could write, what's the word... deuterocanonial fics with their own AU characters and the way they fit into the world.

That'd be fun. It'd never work, but it'd be fun.

Anyway. I'm off to try to find either some dubbed Black Lagoon or Vol. 2 of the manga. Or maybe just to sleep. Bah.


PS: Just caught some reaction from tonight's SPN. What the fuck, how does that ever make sense?!
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  • Dropped from [ profile] omphalotus_rp. I remain enamored by the premise, but it's impossible to enjoy with so few people. My castmates don't seem keen on it anyway either, so. I'll try again at a later date should it pick up some. For now, I'll stick to FM and museboxing.

  • ... Mum's sick again. Headaches and earaches today. She was still in pain when I put her to bed tonight.

    Yanno, it was only a few months ago that I started sleeping with my door open. Nights like this, I'm always afraid of her needing me and my not hearing it because of my door. I get nauseated with worry of what could happen. I won't sleep well tonight.

  • Yikes. Depressing, aren't I? Anyway, I'm writing a lot more lately. Fic with Fly that will hopefully turn out awesome (though I feel like I'm not writing as much as I should be for that one and feel incredibly guilty). Thene convinced me to write mindscrewy VR violence fic for [ profile] mgs_slash's Repeat to Fade challenge. If I pull it off, it should be nicely disturbing.

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Submitted app to [ profile] omphalotus_rp. You all should too. I can't pimp this place harder. I want a ton of fandoms there and a big orgy of exploration, almost-crack, sex, drugs, rock and roll, violence, and mushrooms. If you RP, take a looksee, please? :BIG HOPEFUL MOE EYES:

Also, I may app Castiel there after the first Activity Check. :B

So in my glam rock renaissance, I rediscovered what is a top contender for Lucy's Favorite Song Of All Time. I lost this song years ago and just now found it again. It's fabulous, and the second verse, ("so we stole and drank champagne, on the seventh seal you said you never feel pain...") is the greatest in the world.

It's an incredibly vivid, amazing song. It's Franz Ferdinand's "The Fallen".

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It's not going to work. School costs money that your family won't have, as does moving. Get used to Missouri.

I worked an extra hour today. 83 One of the relief shift had to go to the hospital so my manager begged me to stay an extra hour and a half. I pretended to be torn but of course I said yes. HOURS = MONEY = YAY. I can't wait until I can have more than five dollars of my paycheck.

Job interview tomorrow. As much as I hope I get it (I've done catering before, it's not bad), I hope I don't. Because I've done catering before. It's complicated. I am so setting my sights on a video store in Warrensburg because I think I'd be great in a place like that.

Why are RP app samples so haaaard? Also, what do you do when you're trying to write a fic but get writer's block for a solid day or two after writing each scene?

Oh, so, Mum bought me Gears of War for three dollars (that is not a typo, btw). It's... worth three dollars, so far? :B No, man, but... Considering it's pretty much the 360's second Killer App (right after Halo), it is... very disappointing. I'm waiting for it to wow me. So far, it's a decent third person shooter with an incredibly mediocre story. The entire game is completely "meh" to me.

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First off, everyone should go watch "I'm On A Boat", it will make you lol, even if you've seen it a lot. They are SO EARNEST ABOUT IT. You gotta respect that

OKAY SO I've been sorting myself out and I'm much less melancholic now and less likely to randomly emo at people hopefully. And in the mood to make lists.

To-Do Lists: RL and Fannish )

FOR FELLOW RPERS: Check out [ profile] omphalotus_rp. It opens on the 20th and is tres interesting. It revolves around a underground, beautiful network of tunnels populated by mushrooms and plants and the like. Which... sounds cracky, "lol, the shroom RP", which was my first thought too, but seriously, taken five minutes and read the FAQ, Locations, and Flora/Fauna Guide. It's extensively planned out while remaining expandable and very friendly to player-generated ideas. After reading through all the work and looking at all the pretty pictures, I'm so psyched about it. I think it's notable for its ability to grow, its detail (which is very good without being overwhelming), and how much a player can do. You can even have two non-canon multiples of the same character or play a canon version with a heaping dose of headcanon.

Just... I'm super highly recommending it. It's large, colorful, flirty-fun, and the atmosphere seems loose and permitting.

Also, the map and location guide makes me squee.

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I have been told to stop being a fucking emo-for-no-reason dramallama and just app somewhere.

I have a stealthily crazy snarky supersoldier, an angel of God with daddy issues, and a hacker-engineer desperate for love but too stupid to get it.

I need a place to play. 8| Anyone have suggestions? The Mushroom RP thing look cool, but for reasons experts are calling "fucking stupid, what's wrong with you", I am unsure about it. So, talk to me, RPing FList.

And don't suggest somarium, no way.

Also, Ella, get me those Ocelot caps so I can do that "Juri is a female AU version of Ocelot" picspam. 8|


Ella: you're working on apps?
Lucy: kinda...
Ella: ....:squeak: You wanna app Juri?
Lucy: what no
Lucy: though fuck me that'd be awesome
Ella: you should do iiiiiit
Ella: homg that would be cool
Ella: :D :D :D
Lucy: i hate you
Ella: no you don't. You think it's a marvelous idea

Yeah, I do.
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HAHAHAHA I just wrote the longest app I've ever done. It's over 2,000 words.

Oh, Washington. THE THINGS I DO FOR YOU. :loves him best:


ETA: Also, noticing something weird. I seem to attract Ben Folds and Billy Joel music. Like... if I am in a car listening to the actual car radio instead of my music, it will inevitably play a Billy Joel song. I've had this happen on country stations.

Pandora and my Zune are obsessed with getting me to listen to Ben Folds. If they play one of his songs and I skip it (a rare occurance), they will keep playing Folds until I listen. I am not kidding. I once had my Zune play four Folds songs in a row until I listened to all of "Where's Summer Been". CRAZY.
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Ganked from [ profile] karose:

Ask any of my characters as many questions as you want (but please try to keep it within a reasonable number of questions). This can be anything from their favorite food to their thoughts on yaoi, or anything you can think of. You can also ask me any questions related to them.

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Anyone have any advice on choosing a PB for a character? Where do you look for pics, any PBs to avoid, et cetera? I'm thinking of playing either Church or Agent Washington from Red vs. Blue: Reconstruction.

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Dropped from Amat. Feel a million times better. 83

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Hey, FList. Three things:

  1. I missed Amat's app deadline due to a sudden load of chores, so I have some extra time to get Castiel's voice down. If you see a [ profile] blessedtaxman around, that's him. I may actually post my app here under FLock to get some opinions. Humor me, ta?

  2. Starting work next week. Orientation was today. Cautiously optimistic about all this. Anything's better than Florida after all.

  3. Music help needed: What are your thoughts on yaoiRush and Muse? I have a handful of Muse's stuff and "Thoughts of a Dying Atheist" made me go hey, nice. Rush, I got "Manhattan Project" and it's become a very fast favorite. Should I check them out and which albums?

    Oh, and which of Rush's albums are the really heavily Objectivist ones? I can't go anywhere near those. Just... ugh.

That's all from me.


PS: This may be the one icon I will never, ever get rid of. I ♥ Church.
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So I made an ass of myself to my RP crew and think I really need to spread my RP focus wider. And I've been thinking of doing this for a while, so I'd like some advice from my Supernatural-inclined FList. See, myself, I watched S1, S2 up to the first hiatus, and the few handle of episode in S4. I need to know how much of the show to watch. Thus, a poll.

[Poll #1413145]

Also- anyone got a good Castiel fanmix lying around?

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The Character Expression Meme

Character: Hal "Otacon" Emmerich
Journal: [ profile] codecmoments
RPG: [ profile] amatomnes

RP Memes are fun~ )

Keep in mind I only have 30 icons. I always keep about four that I'm willing to swap out should the situation call for it. And 'confused' is my favorite just because the text on it is "it's all moonspeak to me" and I think it's clever, hurrhurr.

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So, playing the Elite Beat Agents ([ profile] wearethebgm) at [ profile] fissionmailed's panfandom event has been the most fun I've had in ages. I think I may have to hold onto these guys.

My only regret is no Raidens or Otacons have shown up. It makes me very sad.

Had a huge row with Mum today. Don't care. Or, do care, but am repressing. :hums "September":

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Yaaaaaay, new RP Advice Meme post!

:hates the anon meme, loves the advice meme:

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.... I think someone wrote a RP secret about me. But I'm unsure. And I want to find the person in question and explain why they've got the story wrong, buuuut if I'm wrong about the secret being about me, I'll just die.


lol, you'd think after all the emoangst secret comms have caused me, i'd stop reading them. I fail.

Also, "I Was Born to Love You" is a stupid song, EBA. :| :| :|

I may do another Lets Play pimp soon, just because Tasian is my goddamn hero. ♥ TAP FOR LOVE AND GOVERNMENT. CHEER OR DIE!



ETA2: Oh my god. I just A-ranked "YMCA" on my first try on Hard mode. On my first try, ya'll. Here, pictorial evidence (taken with my camera phone, but you get the idea).
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Ooooh, nice. Larxene finally murdered my Hal in [ profile] colors_rpg That was certainly fun.

Now, though, I should be cleaning, but I really feel sick at the moment. :| I doubt Mum will care at all and just throw a hissyfit when she gets back, but.... Ugh.

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No one should app for [ profile] colors_rpg. I think it's gonna cave in on itself.

:upset: Anyone wanna rec a cool RP that needs a Hal or GLaDOS?



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