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"It's a poor workman who blames his tools."

Elliot from Sports Night watches ESPN. Or, at least, Sorkin did, while writing the show.

I'm so head over heels in love with Sports Night, I don't know what I'll do in a few hours when I get through the last episode.

*♥s Sam Donovan*


PS: Yeah, I know, technically the workman line was not made by KO, but... seriously, one of the SC catchphrases in SN? Too coincidental.
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Dear fannish side of Luce's brain,

I know you are on a Sports Night-induced high right now, but this is very Not Good. Herein, I will explain to you why you cannot vid SN to the song "Bruised" by Ben Folds, Ben Kweller, and Ben Lee.

1. You have deleted many of the episodes Chris has uploaded and now have only a handful. A vid like this would require a TON of footage.

2. The opening seconds of the song have the musicians quietly talking. Ignore the fact that it would sound really lovely over the opening credits.

3. Windows Movie Maker is shit and you need to get Adobe since the trial of Song Vegas you DLed has left you completely stumped. Dumbass.

4. Here's the big one: YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE CANON. You cannot fake it after stumbling onto [ profile] scrunchy's ship manifesto! You have no idea what the hell went down between Dan and Casey in the second season except that there was a magazine article, Dan screwing Casey over on-air, and a hug. You have not seen it. You have not seen the entire first season. STOP IT.

5. Sports Night is a small fandom and you're a feedback whore.

6. You have three major projects to finish. Work on those first.

7. Sports Night is a Sorkin show. It is impossible to vid, especially to something like "Bruised". You know just as well as the next music geek that Ben Folds is a genius with his piano and you will ruin this stunningly beautiful, hopeful-yet-sad song with your shoddy editing.

8. You've inconveienced Chris enough for eps and no one else has them.

Sanity and love from,
-The sane side of Luce's brain


Dear sane side of Luce's brain,

I have only one response to that:

"I went because you said you'd be there- a box of candy and smoke in your hair. When I didn't know, I didn't care, but now I know: Love just leaves you bruised. The world won't turn until something breaks. Who will make the first last mistake?" With the overlapping instruments and that piano playing all staccato and Casey staring at Dan like he'll die if he loses this man he's loved for over a decade.

Love and apologies from,
-The batshitfannish side of Luce's brain

Seriously, I cannot do this vid.

It's a gorgeous song though.



Dec. 21st, 2006 11:03 pm
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Just watched Sports Night episode 1.08, Thespis. I have had Thoughts. Anyone who's seen it... Help?

Thoughts (and pretty screencaps) )

Also, Casey? I lurve to pieces. I really, really love him. Dan's awesome but... Casey. ♥



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