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*watched Strangers With Candy*

The OT3 is delightfully batshit. That commentary reel has replaced the Serenity for best ever. God...

Stephen: I want a record of what she's asking for, what you're agreeing to, and what actually makes it on the DVD.

And how Paul keeps whining over little mistakes in the film and Stephen always reassures him? And Amy being... Amy.

Chuck on screen: Element number one!
Amy: So gay.

And all the childish bitching and the comradarie and just pure affection they have for each other. God, love love love LOVE!

Okay, meme time. That Letter meme, in fact. [ profile] effetely gave me the letter A!

A-things I love )

And, because it's going around again, the "Name and post pictures of ten people you so would" meme (which turned into Folk Luce Admires, really):

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For my own reference, 'cause I'm in love with this woman.

-Amy on Letterman, 6 September, 2001 (her first time on the show, Dave is quite taken by her.)

-Amy on Letterman (Amy's carrying Letterman's baby, apparently)

-Amy on Letterman, 27 April, 2005 (with the biggest poofy dress in the world)

-Amy on Letterman, October 2006, part two here (concerning Ricky, her imaginary boyfriend, and her book)

-Amy gives a tour of Greenwich Village (gay bars, porn shops, jewlery-drug stores, and ambien)

-Amy on Conan (Amy teaches Martha Stewart to make a prison-style grilled cheese sandwich with an iron.)

-Amy on Stephen's show, WITH TUMBLING, YAY! (Gotta love the OT3)

ETA:-Amy on Conan (with breakaway china fights and waitress jokes.)

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Because [ profile] world_president needed enlightenment.

So. Stephen Colbert. A bunch of my FList enjoys his work.

But you all don't know his show Strangers With Candy, and that? Is a crime.

So, tada! Some links! For the dual purpose of enlightening you to the love of SWC and showing you Jon/Stephen fen that Jon is not the only man in Stephen's life. Personally, I think Evie, Paul, and Jon have a timeshare on Stephen.

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Chuck/Geoffrey fic )

Okay, I have homework to do now. Enjoy the pimpage.



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