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  1. "The Man Who Sold the World" is another one of those songs that feels important.
    We passed upon the stair. We spoke of was and when. Although I wasn't there, he said I was his friend, which came as some surprise. I spoke into his eyes, "I thought you died alone a long, long time ago." "Oh no, not me. I never lost control. You're face to face with the man who sold the world."

    I like the reference to that one rhyme: "Yesterday, upon the stair / I met a man who wasn't there / He wasn't there again today / Oh, how I wish he'd go away." Weird, but cool...

  2. I want to do the usual Weekend Fic Meme, but for the life of me, I can't find any fic memes on the FList. WTF?

  3. My sink is broke. Again. This blows. We poured acid down it to break up whatever clogs were there. Now there is acid water sitting stagnant in the sink. And this isn't like Liquid Plumber. Oh no. We have the hardcore shit that you have to wear gloves to use because it's so potent. Sitting in the broken sink. NOW WOT?

  4. The Lust fic out of the GO-PRT fic I'm doing is getting really, really long. I have mixed feelings about this. For one, I think it's a good fic. On the other hand, I can't have one ficlet being five times the length of the others. Woe.

  5. I know that Matchbox Twenty is considered Very Uncool (and their new stuff is crap) but the song "Downfall" is pretty much the Anderson/Keith theme from GO-verse. I want you to trouble me. I wanted you to linger. I want you to agree with me. I want you on my side. / Be my savior and I will be your downfall.

  6. I seriously deleted/rewrote #5 about seven times. I am so embarrassed to like that song, but I really do.

  7. I want a fic with the boys going to a movie. They all bitch over whether to sit in the front row (Stephen), the middle (Jon and Keith) or the very back (Andy). Andy wins by pulling a depressed face and complaining about getting headaches. A loud little kid is there and Keith growls at the parents, all, "I get to see a movie once a year if I'm lucky; shut the kid up". 'Cause Keith only like kids if they know when to be quiet. And Anderson refuses to buy snacks because, holy crap, five dollars for a hot dog, are they kidding?! And Jon and Andy get into a thing about how Anderson just bought an uber-fancy new apartment and he won't pay five bucks for food? and Stephen tries to whisper about the cooler looking coming attractions but his voice carries like you wouldn't believe. And when the Oceans Thirteen trailer rolls on the screen, Jon yells, "I totally had George Clooney" and everyone in the theatre turns to look at them and Anderson hides under Stephen's jacket. And Stephen makes crazy predictions in the first fifteen minutes of the movie and ends up being completely right and everyone wants to kill him. And after the movie's over, the credits are going, and the people have filed out, Andy and Stephen make shadow puppets by standing on the back row seats.

    Yeah. I don't need to write that now.

  8. I need to consolidate my "the Daily Report" and "pundit boys" tags to "PRT". I've been meaning to. ETA: Have discovered I have +90 entries under just "pundit boys". I'm just gonna start using "PRT" and be done with it.

  9. I met another PRT fan today who'd friended [ profile] cosmic and I, but not [ profile] scrunchy and [ profile] notpoetry. This boggles my mind.

  10. I'm addicted to lists. And yes, I say this just because I can't think of a #10. *hums, lalala's, whistles*


ETA: OMG, ANDY. He's all bundled up and totally, "It's COLD. I wanna go HOME. Stephen, if you're watching, send me blankets!"

MITTENS. SKI CAP. HUGE JACKET. TENTS. He's so in a tent with Corwin. When Jeff's asleep, he scoots over to lay next to him for warmth. He can handle deserts and tropics and such. He hates the cold.
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[ profile] polaris_starz asked me what would happen if the PRT boys played Marry-Shag-Cliff* with each other.

My thoughts on it. )

Hey, only Stephen didn't get the cliff. *amused*


* Just realized that some poor sap might not know of this game. You name three people and the other person has to choose who'd they'd marry (no sexing in conventional rules), who'd they'd shag (one night stand), and who'd they'd throw off a cliff. For example, a real one:

Lucy: Mum, Marry-Shag-Cliff for Dick Cheney, George W, and Karl Rove.
Mum: *driving* Hm... Marry Bush. I'd torture him for the rest of his life for what he's done, drive him slowly but throughly mad. Cliff Rove- he'll enjoy Hell, run a campaign against Satan.
Lucy: *realizes who's left* Oh, ew, Mum!
Mum: No, see, if I 'shag' him- you are not British, stop it. If I sex him, his heart may give out and he'll die and then we'll be free to impeach the other dickhead!
Lucy: *fears Mum*

And so on.
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363 tons of cash. 12 billion dollars. In fucking bricks of thousand dollar bills.


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Mum just asked me if I'd heard of The Ambiguously Gay Duo. That was surreal...

She wants to pick up the DVD, but first she wants to see some of tAGD. So I headed to YouTube to find some and ALAS! NOTHING! Woe!

So, does anyone have an episode of tAGD sitting around and wouldn't mind helping me get it. 'Cause if she buys the DVDs? I get commentary reels. JOY! *happydance*

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So, those new photos that have been flying around the Colbert Nation were so absolutely stunning, I just had to icon them. And everyone here knows I'm a B&W whore, right? Right. Here we go.

001 006 012

16 icons, mostly bases, under the cut. )

Utterly beautiful. *shakes head* B&W photography owns my soul.

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So. Joe just blew Keith a kiss in their toss. I... don't know what to make of that.

Okay, that's a lie. It's totally a Pundit Roundtable thing. It's code for being a member of the PRT.

Anderson and Stephen started it by spending one meeting just acting like total fairies and Jon and Keith moaned about it for a while, so Andy and Stephen kept it up, just being silly and having a good time. When everyone left, Stephen blew Anderson a kiss and Anderson blew one back jokingly. Then, the next time around, Jon took up the gag and blew a kiss at Keith, who rolled his eyes and mumbled about missing having sane friends. Of course, Keith warmed up to it (he's a big softy on the inside, really) and blew one to the group when he walked in a few minutes late. Thus, it became a Thing.

And Joe has lunch with them every Friday (since the only ones on air on Fridays are Anderson and Keith, so he has the time), so he raised his eyebrows until someone explained it to him. So, now he does it as well and did so on the toss just to make Keith chuckle. Tonight, Anderson will making big eyes at Keith and ask if Keith likes Joe more than him. Keith will gruffly say he doesn't and buy Anderson an expensive cocktail to make up for his indiscretion because after Anderson bitched over the radio thing for days, he doesn't want an upset Vanderbilt on his hands again.

Okay, I'm done.

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Let me just say that I literally got there before he'd even signed off, typing in the exact address to the entry. I knew that Wiki's Admins would lock it down fast after what happened last time. And I happen to have the URL format of Wiki memorized so I got there before the commercials even came on. I'd say less than ten seconds from mention to me getting there. *speed demon, bitchez*

I got there just in time. According to Chris, it was changed back less than a moment later. And, if you look at the history, they've locked it specifically for "Colbert mention".

Fortunately, I have GIMP and a screencap button. Image under cut. )

I... have no other words. *smiles and shakes head*



ETA2: Nevermind. (Protected Real: massive and rampant Colbert-related vandalism [edit=autoconfirmed:move=autoconfirmed])
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I am angry at the telly.

I've been home the last few days due to sickness and bad weather days. Seriously, outside? There is no snow. There is ICE. It rained and it froze. It's like walking on a frozen lake. ICE, OMG. So, I am home.

And while I futz around in Movie Maker, I have on the telly (I can multitask liek whoa). Discovery Channel is SO OVERRATED. I want there to be NEWS ON, PLZ. God knows I'm turning into a news junkie. I even watched Tucker yesterday. he was very good, but his tie was HIDEOUS, OMG. I'm so used to Keith and his snazzy pretty striped tie-striped shirt-pinstriped suit trifecta (ooh, baby, take me now), that Tucker was just... ugh. Dark suit, PINK shirt, and a green tie that Chris referred to as "drapery". Oh, I love my wife.

Alas, tonight, there will be no Keith. WOE!* I have to watch Bill O'Reilly. SRSLY. I can see it now... Keith looks at his Thursday night ratings and wonders who he pissed off while O'Reilly looks at his and immediately tries to book Colbert again. Then Keith refuses to talk to Stephen at the Round Table because Stephen's a traitor and is angry at him for giving Bill-O his rating push. Stephen smiles and says he'll have Keith back on if it'll make Keith feel better and Keith pouts but nods. "I'm still putting you as the Worst Person in the World tomorrow," Keith mumbles. Stephen pats his hand and says that's okay, he probably deserves it.

*coughs* *sips tea* *looks at clock* Six hours until Keith o'clock.


* Bullshit. I'll catch the re-airing after Stephen, I love my Olbermann.
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Stephen! Wanting to show 'Papa' his accomplishments! And trying hard not to be gay! OMG. Repression!

*pets Stephen*



Jan. 15th, 2007 08:07 pm
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Chris's initial voice-post over her trip to the Colbert Report with Jenn over in her LJ.

Click here for her report and the follow-up here.



PS: Um, they are FLocked.... Fuck. I'll make sure her written report is NOT FLocked. She has unlocked them! Go listen!
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*flaily dancing* *twirls* *shimmies*

*collaspes, coughing*


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Keith/Stephen is canon now, yes?


PS: Stephen? I love you. Like, a lot. Thank you for that. I will never shut off your show before the final tag ever again.
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A gift from [ profile] scrunchy in return for making two fanmixes (one for the punditboys, one for Anderson).

*squeaky noise* I HAVE ICONS.

This calls for a picspam


Yes, I'm posting them just to encourage more icons of the boys. I want moooore! *rawr*


PS: Also, I'm just finishing the coding for my new rolling header LJ layout. Alas, I don't know how to edit colors. Anyone talented in LJ messin' about and doesn't mind giving me a hand? I just need color help, I think. Gonna be a grey-black-white scheme. *grin* You'll see why soon.
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Time for another installment of:

Why Chi and Luce Should Not Be Left Alone Unsupervised!

Chi: *snerk*

Luce: *falls over*

Chi: PLS
Chi: Jared would be running thru a field playing with his dogs and jenny on a horse
Chi: meanwhile Stephen has the colbert nation running smear campaigns and brainwashing people

Luce: *dies* *Deep Announcer Voice* Candidate Padalecki wants you to think he's ready for the White House, but has he mentioned his record? Like the three credit card frauds, the ten parking tickets, and the falsified gun permit? What about his dealings... IN THE OCCULT?
Vote for men with values. Vote for Stewart-Colbert this election.
Do it for the kittens.

Chi: they'd get keith to be the announcer voice
Chi: meanwhile Kripke is doing an ad for Jared and Jensen about how they're just what is needed

Luce: Kripke: What does America REALLY want? Two jokesters who can't do anything of critize the media? Well, have you heard Mr. Ackles new plan for the media?
Ackles on video: Dude, they fugly. Fire 'em all, get swimsuit models on there.
Kripke: Ackles and Padalecki- they're running for the common American.
Padalecki: Even Cooper?
Ackles: Hell no, make him president! He's sexy.

Luce: *goes to die now*


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The best WORD Stephen's done thus far: Sigh.

Feel free to snag. It's really quite brilliant.

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The prettiest studio ever - tDS )

Mano on Manilow - tCR )

I am so full of love for Stephen, my heart may burst. If it does, someone call the tCR studio and tell Stephen I want a spot on his mantlepiece. Death by Colbert, baby.



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