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Oh man. College is starting up in two weeks. Aaaaaah. Panic mode activate! I'm taking Intro to Biology and American Diversity on campus, and a remedial math and Intro to PoliSci online. So that'll happen.

I am writing at a good clip on the Bakery AU! Next chapter is already 5,300 words and about half done-ish. So expect some of that soon. I'm very, very happy with it and hope ya'll will be too. After that goes up, I'll get to the next chapter of MoC. I'm trying to juggle a bit so I don't burn out again.

It's been awhile since I've shared some Twitter Shenanigans, and today was a fun one. Of whether Harry would be a good boyfriend and Murphy and I place bets. )
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Okay, I am taking a break from MoC.

:ducks thrown vegetables:

To explain: ask my betas and they will tell you how just... angry I've been at the fic for the last few weeks. I expected to get 75% of the new arc done while in Florida, but to be honest I am not enjoying my "vacation" (hah yeah right), I've been sick 5 or 6 days a week since I got here (Cyprinella thinks that may be stress, I think something in Florida is not agreeing with me), and I frankly don't think MoC has been of a very high quality lately. The whole thing has been reading very flat to me and there is a good chance that once Book Two is done, I will take a full month just fixing up problematic bits before unleashing the final draft onto the AO3 archive.

But basically right now I need a breather, especially since we've reached the part I've been wanting to write since I outlined the book months ago. I don't want to fuck it up.

Instead, I'm working on the bakery AU I set aside when I picked up MoC again. There is a sad lack of honestly happy AU fic in this fandom as compared to most others. Off the top of my head, the only one that comes to mind is the academia AU and the Iliad AU... We need some fluffy fun AUs. I will hopefully supply one of these. I'm trying to figure out if I should wait until I finish the whole thing or post it in parts, a la MoC...

I'm going to be so glad to get out of this state and back to Missouri. I always say I don't like living there and that's still true, but Florida is still worse on every level.

.... oh and randomly, alexwhitewell made fucking fanart of my weird twitter conversations with Harry and John. IDK either but it is adorable and Harry is hilariously shouty in it. see? )
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Because Harry is driving me extra crazy today.

Wherein Harry accuses me of having a Thing for Marcone and then John hits on me for the lulz and JFC what )

they are fucking with me, the two of them. 8|

I am going to go to the pool, work on MoC, and ignore the two of them.


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