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I told my girl Chris I'd do a big "Vividcon is a Fannish Christmas" post after I'd gone through the vids.

The Vid Everyone Has Seen: Handlebars (DW)
There's a reason everyone is talking about this video. It is probably this year's VVC best. The theme for the year was "fuck you" and this is, to me, a fuck you to the Doctor. This vid may start all happy and cheerful, but you'll notice something seems ever so slightly off.... Hold onto that. It gets better/worse. If this doesn't flip the way you look at the Doctor, you obviously need to watch it again. I know it shook me up.

For the record, I see everyone pointing out they're favorite parts. Mine in "my cause is noble, my power is pure". Because even as you're being told how horrible the Doctor can be.... him holding out his hand like that, drowned in light? Makes me want to be okay with him, even if it's just for a second.

The Vid That Reminded Me How Totally Awesome Sgt. Nick Angel Is: Welcome to the Jungle (Hot Fuzz)
Who else could make stopping a shoplifter seem totally fucking sweet? If you liked the movie, you're gonna love the vid. If you didn't see the movie, you'll want to after this, because it is actually even cooler than this makes it seem. Warning tho, the vidder left in the most graituitous death in the movie, the Spire Death as I call it. I flinched at that bit, but everything else was 110% and the song choice was rockin'.

Hey, a Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Vid!: Use It (KKBB)
I don't get the narrative of the vid... I think it's just an overview vid. It's nice and well cut.... Nothing ambitious, but, hey, KKBB! I'm not picky!

Even more awesome under the cut )
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Anyone know a site with a good episode guide of The West Wing? I just realized I could really expand on this vid, but I need to know when major events in the MS saga happened in S1 and S2.

I also need eps with Toby bouncing his red balls against the wall, but I doubt an ep guide will have specifics on that, so I'm off to peruse my DVDs. :D

:giddy excitement: If I pull this vid off, it may be awesome. Possibly. But when people call tWW the "unviddable fandom," they ain't just whistling Dixie.

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Actually, three kinds of news!

The Great: I found a video editor for Ubuntu that looks like a fancier copy of WMM, so I can make that vid.

The Good: I have ripped all the episodes I need using a totally awesome program called Acidrip. Nice, pretty, .avi files without any torrenting. Ubuntu rocks.

The Bad: Microsoft does not rock. In fact, Microsoft sucks. See, I need to get "Vittorio E" on my laptop to start vidding. The song is on my Zune. When I try to copy it from my Zune, I get a corrupt file that won't play. I don't have another copy of "Vittorio E" anywhere.

So... Um... Anyone have Spoon's "Vittorio E" lying around?


ETA: Got it!
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Quick note to self before bed:

It might be possible to vid SN to "Rebel Prince". All about the motion.

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[ profile] sailorptah made a Stephen Colbert video to Roy Zimmerman's "Defenders of Marriage".

God, best vid ever.
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Okay, wot teh eff? Why is Microsoft Word 4095 MB? It is by a huge margin the biggest program on my laptop. The runner up is Microsoft .NET Framework at 88.5 MB. That's insane!

I think I need to uninstall it. Anybody out there use a MS Word-esque freeware program or could suggest one for me? 'Cause my lappy's frozen about five times in the last week and I don't like it.

In other news: Life on Mars has the coolest fanvids I've ever seen. And AbsoluteDestiny scares me with his fucked-up-ed-ness. He has to be the Patron Saint of the Mindfuck Fanvids. Everyone should watch this video, and keep in mind these other vids are from the same fandom.

Watch the vids. I don't want to be the only person who's lusting over this quirky British show.

Hey, would anyone be interested if I did a "My Top Ten Fanvids" post? I'd try to link to each one so ya'll could see them. Anyone, anyone?

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All DW fans:

Go here and download the three vids there, especially "Touched" and the fantabulously awesome and skillfully-made "Suddenly I See".


PS: Anyone know the ages of Stephen's kids (Madeline, Peter, and John)? It's for a fic.
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I guess it's okay for me to self-promote now...

I MADE A VID. It's a multifandom vid I made for Stef's birthday. It's here.

If you like Sports Night, Studio 60, Doctor Who, Stargate Atlantis, the Colbert Report, or Psych, you should watch.

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Okay, Operation: Rip The 10th Kingdom By Myself is a huge failure. Sorry, folks- I am not willing to waste 15.6 GB of my C drive on just the first of the three DVDs.

So, if I can't get it some other way, the vid ain't happening. Which sucks cause I have two days of nothing to do (I'm off on Monday) and I could have knocked a vid out in that amount of time.


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Anyone out there remember that awesome miniseries The 10th Kingdom? About the father and daughter who get stuck in fairy-tale land and have to save the day and all that good stuff?

*hums* For some reason I wanna vid it to Scissor Sisters' "Return to Oz". Ya know, He said, is this the return to Oz? The grass is dead, the gold is brown, and the sky has claws. There's a wind-up man walking 'round and 'round what once was Emerald City is now a crystal town. It really captures the tone of the show, that whole... yes, life was once beautiful and grand and Happily Ever After, but under the legends is the dark side of the magic. (Do return to Oz! We thank the world with smiles and clenching jaws.)

Just a thought. Hell, I have the DVDs but not the actual footage to rip it (though I think I could find some intructions on how to).

Basically, my point is to ask my FList: If I made a fanvid of The 10th Kingdom, would anyone watch it?

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I'm absolutely certain this vid has the ability to stop war, makes everyone love each, and shatter the dreams and willpower of vidders all across the fandom.

This vid makes me feel like a fucking joke.

SGA Vid by [ profile] newkidfan: Dreams.
No real spoilers, so you have no excuse not to watch.

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Just in time for the new episode on Friday.

Title: Accidentally In Love
Vidder: Lucia Zephyr ([ profile] lucia_tanaka)
Song: the overdone "Accidentally In Love" by the Counting Crows. But with a twist.
Fandom: Psych
Warnings: Slash, slash, slash. And a lot more plotty than you'd expect from this song.
Format: WMV, high quality, 640x480, 46.6 mb file, 3:17.

Summary: The short version- Constructed universe that assumes (like the rest of the fandom) that Shawn and Gus are together. Alas, things go pear-shaped when Shawn meets Detective Lassiter.

Download Link: Permanent MegaUpload Link
ETA: YouTube Link
(If the link dies, lemme know and I'll get it up for you again in no time.)

Vidder Notes: So, this vid happened entirely by accident. I started out just tossing together a cute, fun, OTP-friendly vid that would pander to both the major pairings. Then, I got halfway through and looked over the WiP and discovered that there was a serious subtext in the vid. Chi told me to run with it, and I did.

After you've seen the vid, click here for an explanation of. )

HUGE kudos to Chi and Voni. Chi's the one who made me do the vidfic thing and the both of them forced me to agonize over some timing gags that didn't work. Thank you, girls. You guys rock the cashbah.

Enjoy the video! If you enjoy it, lemme know.

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Title: Mandelbrot Set (or the MathGod!Charlie vid)
Vidder: Lucia Zephyr ([ profile] lucia_tanaka)
Song: the fabulous "Mandelbrot Set" by Jonathan Coulton.
Fandom: Numb3rs
Warnings: Vid uses 30 episodes, so spoilers for both seasons. Song drops the f-bomb twice (see lyrics, it's funny).
Format: WMV, high-res, small vid, 320x240, 16 mb file, 4:19.

Summary: A humorous look at Professor Charles Edward Eppes- who he is, what he does, and the people around him. Co-starring Don, Alan, Larry, and a bunch of mathovision.

Download Link: YSI linky (if it ever dies, lemme know and I'll have you hooked up in fifteen minutes)
YSI Linky Take Two
Take Three
YSI Linky Take Three
YSI Take Four, zomg
YSI the Fifth
YSI the SIXTH, zomg

Sendspace Linky
SendSpace linky this time
SendSpace AGAIN

Son of the SendSpace

NEW: YouTube linky

Vidder Notes: The most work I put into any fannish project before. Very upbeat, quick vid, with something about 400 cuts and transitions...? Colossal thanks goes to Chi, my wonderful beta who watched about five versions of this vid, praised it, then pointed out my screw ups. And, yes Chi, I got all the loose frames out except that one in the beginning that isn't but looks like a frame and the one in the second chorus. Sorry! I tried. Outside that flaw, I'm fairly convinced that the vid has no technical problems whatsoever. *win* And huge kudos to Jonathan Coulton's "Mandelbrot Set", the only song that made me like math and, quite frankly, rock out to it. It is made of awesome.

Also, someone told me after watching the vid that you really need the lyrics to get it. So, just to appease her, here are the song lyrics: )

I DID IT! *dances* And to you, the person who told me this would be impossible to vid: HA HA!

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Oh crap, crap, CRAP!

Working on Numb3rs fanvid that is due on Monday and I need the tag scene of 'Prime Suspect' for it. The one were Charlie and Alan are discussing Charlie buying the house. I need that entire scene and the DL comm doesn't have it uploaded and...

*screams and tears at her hair*

Can somebody help? Either a quick upload of the ep or of that scene.

*silent panicking*


ETA: Help recieved, back to panicking over the vid now (which, minus the 10 second bit I'm missing from 'Prime Suspect', is now at around two minutes. YAY!).
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I am torn.

I'm doing a Numb3rs vid for a challenge. I have two BIG ideas that could work.

The first, I outlined to "Hateful".

The other... Well, let's just say I finally sat down and listened to Jonathan Coulton's "Mandlebrot Set". And I am fairly certain I can do a Mathy!Charlie vid to it.

((Grab the song here: Mandlebrot Set.))

[Poll #763528]

*rocks out to MATH MUSIC, omg*

Jonathan Coulton wins everything. Seriously. I have "Better", "Code Monkey", "Ikea", "Mandlebrot Set", "Skullcrusher Mountain", "DNA", "I Feel Fantastic", and "A Laptop Like You". All are brilliant. Once I get another paycheck, I am SO donating to this cat. Geek songs, but with actual beats and awesomeness to them. WIN!


vid thought

Jul. 4th, 2006 01:04 pm
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So, even though I have a bunch of Other fannish things, I am again drawn to Numb3rs. Particularly, Larry and Charlie. And I can blame it on [ profile] miriam_heddy.

See, I was cruising her fics and listening to music (la lala la la) when "Hateful" by The Clash comes on. (snag it here) My Vid Bunny bites me on the ass.

Oh, anything I want, he gives it to me
Anythign I want, he gives it, but not for free
It's hateful and it's paid for
And I'm so grateful to be nowhere

'Cause that is the slightly abusive relationship they have. In my head, anyway. The idea that anything Charlie gives isn't free appeals to me and my screwed-up view of the boys. Poor Larry.

So, I seriously need to finish my SGA vid so I can do this Numb3rs vid. Yes.


PS: NOTE TO SELF- Self, see "The Talented Mr. Ripley" or [ profile] rainyd may murder you.
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DW is today and I can't watch it. Fuck.

My SGA "Atlantification" vid is going to single-handedly kill me and my computer. I think I'm using every episode but, like, five. Seriously- a LOT of footage. But I'm done with 1:20-ish and it looke good.

Hey, speaking of vidding, that one Ben Folds Five song, "Best Imitation of Myself"? Do you think that's John or Rodney? (And does anyone have it? My version has a jump in it around 1:20 and I can't vid it. T.T)

Now, meme-time!
Movie meme (and my thoughts on some of them) )

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The New SexGA Promo!

In which there is pool, slapstick, and John trying to act straight and failing.

Mirrored from that one comm we aren't allowed to mention.

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Well, the new PotC movie looks at bit fab, doesn't it?

Now, the question: who's the better Cap'n Jack: Sparrow or Harkness?



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