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Okay, so occasionally, Mum is awesome.

She bought me, as a present for finishing Summer Math, Politcal Machine 2008, a PC game in which you play bobblehead candidates and run a general election to become president. It may look dumb, but it is addictive and ridiculously fun.

I made my Democrat candidate, Lucy Zephyr, and my first battle was against Ulysses S. Grant. It took an hour to get the hang of it, but after I did, I eeked out a victory thanks to offsetting his getting Florida but turning the upper Midwest blue with my stance on Iraq and gas prices. Oh, and maybe I used some smear merchants (they look like Al Franken! It's so cute!) to take him down.

Then I went against Nixon, earned the love of America with numerous appearances on the Coldcut Repetoire and the O'Maley Sector after having Tim Gunn make me up all pretty. I took the election with a fucking landslide, more than 350 electoral votes. It really pays to, first thing, go into Texas and set up a team, use Obama as running mate rather than Gore, and give up on getting North Carolina.

So, in short: Political Machine 2008 rocks. I am so in love with.


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Mum was going to be on her own in the receiving department at work due to the holiday (happy holiday, btw, folks), so she asked me to come along with her. I've done it several times over the years. This time, though, Mum pulled a rental copy of Bioshock for me to try out because I'd been curious about it for a while now.

That's my FPS cherry popped. (Portal lacks the S in FPS, so it doesn't count.)

I've never played a "scary" game or a real FPS game before. It was a very strange experience. I've been gaming since I was a kid, but the amount of delicate control that goes into FPS gaming surprised me. And it is genuinely terrifying to be seeing it from a first person perspective.

Bioshock does this thing where you'll being idly making your way down a hall and suddenly all the lights go out. You hear the hostile chatter of some splicers (evil mutants) and start taking a few steps back. The lights come on. The splicers spot you and charge. You start to attack- but shit! It's just your wrench, you were using it to break things! You taps the shoulder button to pull up something decent but you're out of ammo on eveything but the machine gun but you clicked past it in your rush so you tap the other shoulder button and let fly with your shock bolt attack. Congrats, you bought yourself about one second to find your damn machine gun, load it, and waste the splicers.

To summarize: I think I understand why people like FPS games. The adrenaline rush is awesome.


PS: Yahtzee was totally right about the game, except one thing: You do not trip over ammo, money, and med kits. You trip over money and med kits. I keep running out of bullets!
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The Zero Punctuation guy is kind of cute. (See 2:18 in the video.)

:starry eyes: My crush, it grooooows.


ETA: Yahtzee was interviewed by Australian Gamer:

7. If you had an unlimited budget, and an office full of minions, what game would you most like to create? And what would you have the minions do after they’d finished making your game?

If you asked me this question once a year I'd probably have a different answer for you each time, I get a lot of ideas for big games that I sometimes like to script out knowing I probably won't get the chance to make them for real. Right now I have an idea for a steampunk FPSRPG incorporating real-time space travel, set in an alternative 19th century when a British navy spaceship flies around the solar system encountering alien races from various works of Victorian pulp sci-fi. I have a design document for it. So if I do acquire a professional team within the next few months I'll probably get started on that before something new distracts me.

Since I am really desperate for any steampunk video games, I must say, "HELL YES" to this.
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"Now these points of data make a beautiful line
And we're out of beta
We're releasing on time!"

I really want to play Portal.

Like.... really want to play it. Really. A lot. Seriously.

Just saying.

Mum won't let me buy it off of Steam because I mentioned it was $20 and only about six hours long. I tried to explain it would be the greatest six hours of gaming since we played Ratchet and Clank, but since she's positively phobic of FPS games, she is resolute. :woe:

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  1. Been playing the PS2's Shadow of the Colossus. Weird and awesome game. I hate horseback riding forever and ever though. Makes me look like a bad gamer in front of Mum...

  2. Microsoft is moronic. When the uninstall wizard wouldn't run, we manually deleted Viva Pinata (program files, application files, and registry files) so we could reinstall it. Now the install wizard won't work and Add/Remove Programs insists the game still exists. I'm very upset over this, having spent at least three hours trying to fix it.

  3. Extreme leg pain. Throbbing started in my ankle about midday, then spread through my foot and knee. Now, the pain is creeping up toward my hip and there's not a damn thing I can do.

  4. Have been dying to write. Nothing to write though. Slowly being driven crazy. Admittedly, it's a short drive.


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I've come to the conclusion, after spending and hour and a half in the City in the Sky searching for a way to his a single fucking switch, that I absolutely hate Twilight Princess.

Not even the awesome that is Midna redeems this utter bullshit.

*finally caves a looks for an FAQ*

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I took a single nighttime headach pill and had to take a two-hour nap. Now instead of just falling over, I'm apparently acting a tad drunk (says the Mum). *hiccups for the fiftieth time*

In other news, I have the newest Zelda game on Gamcube. But as I can't see straight, I'm stilling here playing Pokemon Emerald on my emulator. At first, I tried to rent it (the Zelda, not the Pokemon), but we took it home and got a Disk Read Error. It sucked. We had to take it back to the store and ended up just buying a used copy of the game. So far, I miss Wind Waker. It was cartoony, but I could see things. I think I may be going blind...

*hiccup* Also, Chris, Mum wants you to know that so far she doesn't like LoZ:TP because I spent twenty minutes of the game trying to get a catch a cat or kill a monkey. Fucking monkey. Taking cradles is mean. Also, the Ordon village kids are morons and Link looks like a girl. No, like, I though he was Zelda at first look.


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First thought after starting the game:

"Holy crap, the English version of 'Passion' is complete shite!"

Other thoughts (only about an hour and a half into the game) )

The game makes NO SENSE. AT ALL. DAMN YOU.


PS: Squenix? The have the balls to make me work twenty minutes to earn money to forward the plot and get a smidgen of exposition again? I will cut you, bitch. That is all.


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