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Current Minecraft To-Do List

1. Renovate the entrance to the mine.
2. Build large marker on top of nearest mountain to make locating home easier. (Is there a way to set spawn point there? Investigate.)
3. Finish staircase leading up to house.
4. Expand river so it flows into the ocean, then build a harbor.
5. Go mining, try to find diamond.
6. Build a skylight made of lava in the house.

We've owned the game less than 24 hours.

Oh god send help.
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So I am doing much better since my last entry. I had a minor epiphany about myself that will help me in the long run. Thank you, everyone, for the encouragement. So many tears were shed because of ya'll. ALL THE TEARS.

I'm plugging away at the Bakery AU, because it's a fun, relaxing fic to work on. Here's a small sample of the next chapter: Pyromania runs in the family )

It gets sillier from then on out. 8D Sooooo many shenanigans in store.

Student loans are coming in next month! I am tres excited. It'll help our financial situation a lot. And there should be about $200 left over after bills are paid. Whoo. I have, like, a list of shit I want to do.

  1. Put aside a little money for Mass Effect 3, Saints Row 3, and Journey. Literally the only games I give a shit about this year. I haven't bought a game since Little Big Planet 2. Not a good year for gaming. But I am getting the Special Edition of ME3. Going to sell back a bunch of books and such to pay for part of it. FUN FACT: I don't buy new games. Everything I get is used. Except ME3. I am getting that fucker opening night.

  2. Oddly enough, I'm thinking about getting Minecraft. Maybe. It's only $20(?), but I still wish there was a demo. It seems fun but I'm unsure if I'd actually like it. But I wanna try. Maybe. I dunno. I REALLY LIKED MINECRAFT CLASSIC? But. $20.

  3. Buy some cloth and learn to sew! It may help me. I don't buy clothes because nothing fits my bust, but if I can sew, I can make shit that'll hold my massive boobs, thus solving the problem. And it's more indie cred to make your own clothes anyway, amirite?

So yeah. But for now: PoliSci homework and Bakery AU.

Also: Brew some tea. Silver sent me some AMAZING SAMPLES. I found a great blend: vanilla rooibos + Himalayan Splendor. Sweet with a bite. ♥

Just realized-- I should just take March 6 though 8 off work to play through Mass Effect 3. You think I'm kidding, but I'm really not. ME is important to me on a level I can't really explain.
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Oh gaaaaawd.

I've been playing Battlefield: Bad Company pretty much all damn day. It's completely amazing and just pure, unbridled fun. Someone was playing a character from it in the Oregon Trail RP and I just... rented it on a whim.

I'm only about halfway/third of the way through it and so far it's fantastic. Oh god, the squad is awesome, the plot is just funny and cool (after what they went through, I'd desert the Army too, man), the controls are really comfortable (though the sprinting control kills my left thumb), and the WEAPONS. God. I want to marry the remote airstrike remote. Oh, the little green button brings me so much joy...

I'd probably still be playing, buuuut Mum and I have to watch Hung. Second episode, whoop. Just as well, I should give the console a breather.


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Not to be an elitist gamer bitch, but I second this so hard.

"We didn't spend years as a social outcast to watch you assholes fuck this up. We memorized the ultra combos. We wrote down pages of passwords. We defeated the Robot Masters, knocked out Tyson, and saved the fucking princess."

Yes. Just a world of yes.

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Okay, so I'm so bored, I figured out how to jerryrig1 Wine to run Tales of Pirates and am downloading it again.

I also found out Wine can run another FMMORPG called Silkroad but the website won't let you on if you're not using Windows IE. Not that it's optimized for IE and you should use it, no, you have to use it.

Look, seriously. Go here if you're on Firefox. I even tried to bypass the splash page using google! This is fucking ridiculous! I wanna try the damn game!

:fumes and fumes and fumes:


1 - Is that how you spell it? I've always heard it that way...
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So, as a graduation gift (ha), Mum got me a Nintendo DS. We've yet to pick up any games for it though and now she is trying to sway me to get a PSP instead, mostly because she likes the graphics better. Wotev. Pixels > Polygons.

But to humor her, I made two lists of NDS and PSP games I know I'd play. My conclusions:

  1. Professor Layton

  2. LoZ: Phantom Hourglass

  3. The Ace Attorney series (four games)

  4. Final Fantasy III

  5. Elite Beat Agents

  6. Lego Star Wars - The Complete Saga

  7. The World Ends With You

  8. Sprung (only because I already know it from an LP and it is hilariously bad)

Games: 11

  1. Patapon

  2. Daxter

  3. Kingdom of Paradise

  4. Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness

  5. Loco Roco or Lumines (cute casual games, kinda interchangable to me)

Games: 5

Am I missing anything? Also, Mum keeps trying to get me to add FFVII: Crisis Core to the PSP list. Fuck no. I have FFVII. Ugh.

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So, there's this really funny, fast-talking guy named Yahtzee who does video game reviews for The Escapist. Very slick animations and very lolarious. I'm not half as big into games as I used to be and I definately haven't played any of the games he's done (sans five minutes of Psychonauts), but I gotta say, he is really worth checking out. In my opinion, this video review is his best.

Anyway. I made icons of the videos.

001 002 003

Then, mindful of the fact that the duty of a beta-tester was to try to break the game, I decided to test out Tabula Rasa's obscenity filter by naming my character Gareth Gobulcoque. )

Fun fun.

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So, I'm considering doing a SomethingAwful-style Let's Play.

A LP is when someone plays a video game on a computer emulator and does commentary on it. Usually, two or three people are commenting on everything from gameplay to story to turning all the text into innuendo. It's supposed to be a fun video walkthrough for the game and maybe even spare people from actually playing it. I'm thinking of doing an old SNES game called Illusion of Gaia (or Super Mario RPG?), but since it's an extremely long game, maybe not.

So, the purpose of this post...

[Poll #1016168]
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I just finished Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker and I call bullshit on that ending.

They destroyed Hyrule. What the shit?! They finally let me walk around it a bit, then drown the damn thing.

Screw you, Link. For once, I was rooting for Ganondorf.

Also? The puppet-boss thing? Hilarious. I love that my FAQ was freaking out, "oh, this is a tough battle, make sure you have stocked up arrows, you're gonna miss a lot". Ya know what? Take off your L-targetting and shoot the thing yourself, you lazy gamer. I missed once in that battle. Pathetically easy.

Though I'm a very good shot with the bow and arrow, but whatever. Practice, folks. Practice.

So, yeah. Gaming renaissance is still in motion. Listen, I know I'm not online lately, but I'm pretty much always home, so you can text me and tell me to get my ass online if you need me. Especially since Mum now wants me to replay Ratchet and Clank for her viewing enjoyment and I just got Black and White 2. It's a phase- it'll pass and then I'll be online all the time like before. I still check my mail every hour if you need me.

Another thing. All you people who have played Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past- that's the SNES one- I just found a hack of the game called Parallel Worlds. It is an extensive hack, reworking the entire game from plotine to dungeon layout to overworld. It's about five times more difficult than the original game. Anyone interested? I can give you good directions to setting it up. I've been poking at the game for a while and it's interesting in a "omg, why do I hurt myself like this" kind of way.

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Eh. Despite [ profile] miriam_heddy's protests, I liked "Dark Matter". It was entirely too cute. My highlight was of Charlie dragging Amita out of the room and the priceless look on Larry's face. I think he was contemplating the top twenty ways of quietly killing one's best friend. It was sweet. And his shy asking Megan out (and her smile at it, after the initial surprise) was beautiful. I can block out the things I should hate for it...

Except, TPTB? Fuck you. Video gamers are not as psychotic as you portray. You certainly aren't helping our case against parents trying to shut down higher rated games. Listen folks: If you cannot at least watch the ratings on the games your kids play, you have no right to complain. Hell, I'm 16 bleedin' years old, and Mom's seen all my games' content, even if only for a few minutes. She won't let me play 80% of the higher-rated games, even though I want to try GTA to see what the hype's about. She's responsible, for the love of god. Take her damn example.

If you cannot watch the games your kid plays, don't let them play. I don't see how you can't, especially if your buying the games. If they're playing a game about shooting policemen or sleeping with hookers and you blame the game- where did you get the idea your 14 year old should have been playing it in the first place? Know your child's maturity level, please. Treat them accordingly.



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