Jul. 6th, 2006

luciazephyr: Book of the Still, the time traveler's lifeline (Default)
I am torn.

I'm doing a Numb3rs vid for a challenge. I have two BIG ideas that could work.

The first, I outlined to "Hateful".

The other... Well, let's just say I finally sat down and listened to Jonathan Coulton's "Mandlebrot Set". And I am fairly certain I can do a Mathy!Charlie vid to it.

((Grab the song here: Mandlebrot Set.))

[Poll #763528]

*rocks out to MATH MUSIC, omg*

Jonathan Coulton wins everything. Seriously. I have "Better", "Code Monkey", "Ikea", "Mandlebrot Set", "Skullcrusher Mountain", "DNA", "I Feel Fantastic", and "A Laptop Like You". All are brilliant. Once I get another paycheck, I am SO donating to this cat. Geek songs, but with actual beats and awesomeness to them. WIN!



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