Jul. 19th, 2006

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The Mandelbrot Set vid is done. I have worked for the last four days on it straight through. My chat fen will be very aware of this.

The vid? Looks amazing. I mean, seriously brill.

And, by god, with all the work I put into the bitch, it'd better be made of awesome.

It's 4:19, uses 30 episodes, is full of timing gags, humor, and a bit of character reflection, and is the most work I've ever put into a fannish project. And the most I've ever bitched at my beta, Chi, who made the vid better by telling me what I shouldn't do and what I should and irritating me by pointing out loose frames.

So, it's done. Actually, I'm going back to fix two stubborn loose frames, THEN it shall be formatted to high-quality (if I can figure it out), and posted.

Three days after the challenge deadline.


Deliriously happy,

PS: I swore I'd never do another fast-paced vid again about halfway through this project. HA. I am drafting the C/L "Hateful" vid and will jump into it while the N3 canon is still fresh in my mind. I lose at life but win at fandom.


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