Jan. 18th, 2012

luciazephyr: Yahtzee hipthrusting with a CENSORED bar flapping, "That is what we call a DICK MOVE." ([ZP] what is this fuckery)
Well, my birthday is in four days, it seems. I tend to forget, since I don't really celebrate it in any way. Takes me a moment of mental math to even remember what my age is.

But I feel the urge to make a weird, assholish request.

No way this isn't gonna be awkward, um.

OKAY SO every year, even though I'm like "meh, birthday", there's always a few extremely generous people who give me gifts! Weird, I know! I tend to get a lot of LJ time out of the kindness of their hearts. I am super flattered, you have no idea.

Buuut um.

Guys: don't buy me LJ time.

Given how LJ has treated their users and how they've changed their interface to the point they've made it literally unusable to some people, and given their plans to force more changes to make shit even worse, I genuinely don't think they deserve the money.

I don't use LJ but for crossposting. I'm almost exclusively on DW. Hell, I only check my FList on LJ once a week at the most. Because LJ sucks and gives zero fucks about what its userbase wants.

So if you want to get me paid time: I am deeply grateful and appreciative, but keep your monies.

And maybe consider migrating to Dreamwidth? It's awesome over here.


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