Feb. 9th, 2012

luciazephyr: Janelle Monae, "I saved you so you'd save the world" ([♪] I saved you so you'd save the world)
Whoo. What a week.

I had one of the biggest scares of my life earlier this week. Caused me to have a total break down. Lots of crying, laying in bed and wishing for a reprieve. Messy thing. I'm apparently at my threshold of amount of stress I can deal with. If it wasn't for my Twitter pals talking me down, it could've been worse. I'm very, very grateful to them.

So, yeah. MoC is still coming, but the odd thing is I can't write tense dramatic things when I myself and handling a lot of tense dramatic things. So as soon as I calm down, I'll get to that next chapter.

More often than not, I'm mentally in Bakeryverse, what with Grenegome writing the so-far-phenomenal Marcone PoV for it. It's so good for me.

If not that, I'm pondering my original fic, the weird urban fantasy thing. At Thene's rec, I picked up 78 Degrees of Wisdom, a really fascinating book on the Tarot. It's really helping me hash out a lot of ideas about the original fic universe.

One of my core characters is still lacking a name, though. Donovan is still his placeholder. Binz suggested Herne, which is very appropos but isn't exactly easy on the tongue.

So. That's what's up, folks. Still here. Just having a bit of a rough spot.


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