Mar. 28th, 2012

luciazephyr: a black porcelain cup with a tea bag waiting inside. ([Misc] my greatest addiction-- tea)
oh my god guys

oh my god

I played Journey just now.

holy crap.

that was amazing. It was such an experience. I definitely teared up and cried from EMOTIONAL OVERLOAD. And I played with four different people. And my first one, I lost track of them and chirped around, trying to find them, and I couldn't and it was so sad 'cause I was alone

and this other guy raced me through the sand

and this other person.... didn't care, TBH and ran ahead. 8(

BUT THE LAST GUY, we did the final two stages together, and s/he helped me not get blown over by the wind or eaten by the flying things. And they were amazing and THANK YOU, MYSTERIOUS PERSON! ♥

oh man. PLAY JOURNEY IF YOU CAN, GUYS! It is amazing.


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