May. 2nd, 2012

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The Move To Florida: OH GOD WE GOT THE HOUSE SOLD. I was not expecting this. I really thought we'd have to declare bankruptcy and abandon it, but goddamn, we've got it sold! We had fucking competition for it! Awesome. So awesome.

This weekend is the moving sale, and next week I'm on my way to Florida. Very exciting. 8D

Suits fic rec: needs must by thatotherperv

Okay. I have to gush about this fic for a bit. Because maaaan this fic. It's so good for me, and I wanna talk about why.

The facts were these: This is, according to the author, "the one where Mike is a paid sub." Which is an accurate but shallow summary. Mike is a professional sub when the money requires it. He takes one-night deals, but when the Grammy Nursing Home Ultimatum happens, he takes on a job he'd been putting off: a long-term submissive job. Obviously, Harvey is the client.

Mike goes into it expecting to hate the job, that his client will be a sadistic asshole. He's wrong on both counts.

What I fucking love about this fic: Where to even start... Stylistically, this fic is great. It's got some great vibrant sensory details but never edges into Ikea Erotica. The POV is very tightly in Mike's head, and it keeps me guessing. Because you have to rely on how Mike sees the world and on any clues that you catch yourself. Harvey in particular is a great unknown quality. Like, I think I know Harvey's feelings towards Mike, but I'm working with the same set of info Mike has, and that makes me feel, as a reader, very connected to Mike.

And the fact that often I see fic that's about Harvey discovering his feeeelings for Mike, but needs must is much more about Mike, who is a little more jaded (and IMO more realistic than canon Mike), slowly warming up to Harvey and coming to terms with his own kinks. 'Cause though Mike's a paid sub, he doesn't like subbing. Until Harvey-- and it's not like Harvey is some Super Perfect Dom or anything. He just treats Mike with respect. It's a really great narrative thread I've never seen in another fic before.

It also eventually intertwines with canon, but with Mike as a paralegal, and my god watching Mike and Harvey try to juggle both of their professional relationships and the times it blows up in their face and how they re-negotiate and make it work--

ugh ugh ugh. This fic. I love kink-driven fic that focuses on the characters, that treats sex workers with courtesy (even if Mike isn't sure he deserves it), that handles this Pretty Woman scenario with 100% more tact and cleverness--

Also, Louis is Mike's agent. Which is kind of amazing, let's be honest.

Fic updates every Tuesday. It is my favorite Suits fic. If this is your bag, check it out.


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