Jun. 26th, 2012

luciazephyr: "I hate when you reduce my insecurities to game mechanics." ([DF] trouble: perpetually broke)
Working on getting a job. Whoop whoop.

Also working on MoC. Whoop whoop.

It will likely have a pre-post to discuss some of the issues of the series. Totally skippable, but figured I'd mention.

I am also contemplating importing the MoC story to Dreamwidth. Because I still legitimately hate LJ and the direction it's continuing down. I could cross post, but TBH I don't want to do that. And I guess most DW users also have LJ accounts. But JFC LJ is awful. Crappy design, much shorter comment and post limits (ask me about the Bakery AU's final post sometimes), and continued Facebook-integration/imitation. IDK, I'm at the point that I think fandom's migrated enough to DW that using it alone is feasible. Especially since DW allows us to import journals and communities now.

But. Obviously don't want to alienate the LJ-only users.



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