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-David's always sick, it seems. Man needs to take his vitamins.

-"I needed to do a cheap episode-" "And nothing says cheap like McKay."

-Amanda apologizing to Martin for having to watch a ton of SGA- so cute.

-So, this was the Script That Would Not Die.

-Running joke on the commentaries with Gero: Those people who watch the show with commentary first. Martin, you dork.

-Doors closing in his face = SO GREAT.

-Editing talk was very interesting. This must have been a pain in the ass to edit. You just can't take too much of DH away- destroys the point of the episode, which is to see what happens to Rodney when all is lost. 'Cause, omg, six minutes over. That is a lot.

-THe story of how Other People saved this episode. "Here's where Martin almost killed this episode!" "'Ooh, what if we do this?' '*whisper* That's a terrible idea.'"

-omg, David does that slow, deep laugh? Whoo, baby. Do that again.

-I'm sure I speak for everyone here when I say: MARTIN WOOD, YOU IDIOT! You cut out Rodney losing his mind?! You dolt, you got an opportunity like that and chopped it for time reasons?! Sacrifice some commercial time and give it to us. Something like that is why we watch this show. And? It's Rodney. We want to see him break. We want to see him fall and watch him try to get back up- and maybe not really succeed. That is the point.

-I'd have killed to have watched DH do this. Pacing, going mad.

Martin: "This turned out a gajillion times cooler than I thought it would be."
Amanda: "A gajillion?"
David: "Is that the British gajillion, or-"
Martin: "Oh, I use a slide ruler."

-The whale was a gimmick. "The whale saves the day? It's a story!" omg, cute. Martin is just so adorable.

-I love that the show is slightly camp. David moving the jumper, the whale, the A-Team thing, etc.

-Martin just... not talking to Amanda and David? Hee. And the emergence of McKay's Carter.

-The pressure release of Martin being stuck with McKay? Eh... a truly amazing script would have left it McKay longer and pulled it off. Oh, come on, you were thinking it too.

-Finding Nemo rip-off: Martin LOVES his riffing.

-David: "You also had a baby with you, that still around?" *falls over* Also, "I have 'Shout' and 'Not-Shout'".

-Amanda's blue bra. My god, Martin. "So, Amanda looked at me a said 'I have this really great blue bra' and I then I went 'lemme see it', and then I realized what I was saying. And she said 'I mean for this scene.' [...] The funny thing is? It's her husband's."

-I love it, the running jokes for the commentaries: "Man, you know what is good? This show." I love it.

-Martin holds his breath when David and Amanda go under water.

-Overall, a one of my favorite commentaries. Interesting, very funny, and the wacky, self-depreciating duo: Martin and David. Martin and David should do all the commentaries. Wood, DeLuise, and Flanigan should visit. Hey, just realized that Joe didn't show up for this. Hee. He just... wanders around the sound studio, really.

-OMG I JUST REALIZED! Gero's thing with referencing what he rips-off? He ripped of SG-1's "Grace" and put it under water, so? "Grace" under pressure! I get the joke now! *loses at life*

I think this is my favorite commentary. I think.

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