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Okay, one snippy note about SG-1 from me. And... um... hate to rain on the "LULZ, THAT WAS FUNNY" parade for SGA, but... I noticed something rather creepy.

SG-1 complaint: Okay, Mitchell, stop being such a bitch. Rodney was on his best behavior on the Odysessy and Mitchell was just so rude. WTF was with that? Was he jealous because Sam totally wanted to sex Rodney. Come on, it was OBVIOUS.? It was really annoying me and this was, for all intents and purposed, a good episode.

SGA dark thought: Okay. So. As I understand it, Rodney was forced under Luscy's spell by Ronon who was being controlled by Luscy himself. Does that seem a bit... um... I don't even know what I'm trying to say, but my mind keeps jumping to Koyla's torturing Rodney for info back in S1. It's really bugging me. I loved the episode, it was brill, but... that's just eating at me for how wrong it is. Not that everything Luscy did wasn't wrong, but this was especially bad for me.

Also.... did Lizzie shag Luscy? o.o

Gah, that's just creeping me out. Good eps, but... *shrugs*

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