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Eh. Despite [ profile] miriam_heddy's protests, I liked "Dark Matter". It was entirely too cute. My highlight was of Charlie dragging Amita out of the room and the priceless look on Larry's face. I think he was contemplating the top twenty ways of quietly killing one's best friend. It was sweet. And his shy asking Megan out (and her smile at it, after the initial surprise) was beautiful. I can block out the things I should hate for it...

Except, TPTB? Fuck you. Video gamers are not as psychotic as you portray. You certainly aren't helping our case against parents trying to shut down higher rated games. Listen folks: If you cannot at least watch the ratings on the games your kids play, you have no right to complain. Hell, I'm 16 bleedin' years old, and Mom's seen all my games' content, even if only for a few minutes. She won't let me play 80% of the higher-rated games, even though I want to try GTA to see what the hype's about. She's responsible, for the love of god. Take her damn example.

If you cannot watch the games your kid plays, don't let them play. I don't see how you can't, especially if your buying the games. If they're playing a game about shooting policemen or sleeping with hookers and you blame the game- where did you get the idea your 14 year old should have been playing it in the first place? Know your child's maturity level, please. Treat them accordingly.

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I want it on the record that I did attempt to watch Numb3rs. I downloaded "All's Fair" and loaded it up. Shut it off before the 10:00 mark. Wow. That's really bad.

Can anyone give me a decent reason I should try to sit through it?

In other news... all my icons are of not only Doctor Who, but of the Tenth Doctor. When the hell did that happen? *blinks*

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So, I'm doing the full thing. Anyone wanna be my beta?

Title: R3NT
Author: Lucia Zephyr
Rating: PG
Genre: Musical crackfic, romance, drama.
Warnings: It's a fusion of RENT and Numb3rs. Hello! Also a WIP.
Summary: It's time now to sing out, though the story never ends. Let's celebrate, remember a year in the life of friends. (The Ultimate Crack: Musical Fusion)

Seasons of Love )
Rent )
You'll See )
One Song Glory )
Light My Candle )

More to come. I'll keep the fic itself here and post new LJ entries, annoucing new additions and link to them.


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Mar. 13th, 2006 12:20 am
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I think my R3NT snippets will continue. I'll certain take any requests.

But, to make requests, you kinda need the music, right? So here's a file with the big numbers:

spoilers within, but no plot twists revealed )

Okay, now I'm going to bed, waking up, and working on the damn ghostfic! *stomps off*

Enjoy the music and fic meanderings.

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Yep, more R3NT. Wrote a new snippet because [ profile] cat_willow wanted to see 'Light My Candle' (YSI link here), a number that involves Mimi knocking on Roger's door to flirt with him, pretending she needs a light for her candle.

I hope I get to draw a pic of this, especially the ending.

Would you light my candle? )

If anyone wants to see another song translated to this, let me know. This is very therapeutic and a lovely break from my tension-filled ghostfic.


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The Fusion that Needs to Leave Me Alone-



Avenue A Apartments:
On the third floor:
Roommates Megan Reeves and Lawrence Fleinhardt. Megan is an actor looking for her big break. Lawrence is a brilliant philosopher writing a book.

On the second floor:
Roommates and brothers Donald and Charles Eppes. Donald is a struggling musician trying to write his one great song. Charlie is a fun-loving performer with hidden depths.

Amita Ramanujan, a lawyer who's drawn into the Bohemian lifestyle after dating Charlie. Now, after their break-up, is still involved in the residents of Alphabet City.
David Sinclaire, an aspiring filmmaker who used to live with Megan and Lawrence before selling one of his mini-doctumentaries to an anthology and buying an apartment not far from 11th Street. Still crashes at Megan and Larry's on the weekends.

Snippet )

And the first COMPLETE fanart of R3NT: Charlie, the Feline of Avenue B.

Upcoming: Larry sketch and the hand-colored version of the Charlie sketch (colored by my mei-mei, Hoshi).

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Rough color of Charlie sketch is done and the portrait of Larry is finally coming together. If you're interested, it'll be him on the rooftop either with his laptop, working on his book, or just stargazing. Also, started the R3NT!Don portrait. *grin* He has a guitar. It wasn't my intent to give him one, but it happened anyway. It looks good.

Anyway, the updated Charlie sketch is here and, for reference, the dry sketch is here.

Now, I have to add effects (lighting from the street and fire, shadows, textures, etc).

So, any critique, folks?


R3NT fanart

Mar. 8th, 2006 10:03 pm
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My first art in about three months, and of course it's fanart. *sigh* Completed one RENT-Numb3rs sketch. Am currently experimenting with my image manip program for coloring.

This pic if of Charlie from the first real scene of RENT, which has the citizens of Avenues A and B standing on their fire escape balconies, lighting their eviction notices of fire and dropping them to the street below. You gotta see it. It's fuckin' awesome, with the night, the city lights, and the fire! *squeals in musical delight*

See the very rough sketch here. Completely uncleaned and done in pencil -> ballpoint.

Give me another hour or two and I'll have a much better version up, hopefully in color, and accompanied by a RENT-Numb3rs R3NT snippet.

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I so am not sketching Numb3rs fanart.

I am not listening to RENT whilst I sketch.

I am NOT drawing concept sketches of Bohemian!Numb3rs people.

And I am not giving Charlie a ridiculously cute scarf like Mark's.

*looks down at paper*


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So, I'm taking a nap after school 'cause, goddamn, I need to sleep more often. I very often have fannish dreams, especially when my muse is awake and working.

I need to stop leaving the RENT SDTK on when I sleep. I had a really weird Numb3rs crackfic dream that Charlie was the equivalent of Mimi, the very attractive fun-lover. He was singing bits of "Out Tonight" (Mimi's cry for someone to come along when she goes out to have some fun). "I've had a knack from way back at breaking the rules once I learned the game." And the whole Peter Pan coming-in-through-the-window thing happened, with Larry in Roger's place, looking really shocked. No guitar though. I think he had a laptop on his lap... Anyway, now I can't stop thinking of Charlie acting all flirty and charming and totally saying "You're sweet- wanna hit the street?" and bodily dragging Larry out of the flat.

That, and "Light My Candle". Charlie acting like he needs a match so he can introduce himself to Larry, who's completely awkward, not upset at the very attractive visitor, but not sure if he wants to get into something with someone so clearly insane.

And Don is totally Charlie's roommate wondering WTF his brother sees in some Bohemian philosopher guy on the second floor. Megan is Larry's roommate and ex-girlfriend, obviously. She wants to be an actress.

GAH! *sporks brain* STOP IT!

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Revisting a classic: The Movie Line Meme
Everyone has movies they love and everyone has a handful of line from the said movies that they always remember. List a few and see if your FList can guess the film.

1-"That's not fair! They've got rocks! All we've got are machine guns!" Dudley Do-Right (shut up, mei-mei)

2-"Hey, little one. You know your part in this?"
"Do you?"
"This is what I do, darling. This is what I do."

3-"It's in that place I put that thing that time." Hackers

4-"I'm a plant."
"A plant? Aren't men like you usually called a fruit?"
"Very funny."

5-"A man with his priorities so out of whack doesn't deserve such a fine automobile." Ferris Bueller's Day Off

6-"Why are you talking like that?"
"Well, I thought you wanted to."
"No, I don't want to."
"Suit yourself, I'm easy."

7-"All these worlds are yours, except for Europa. Attempt no landing there. use them together. Use them in peace." 2010: The Year We Make Contact

8-"You are in more dire need of a blowjob than any white man in history."

9-"Why do they always paint hallways that color?"
"They say taupe is very soothing."
Ocean's Eleven

10-"Chewing gum helps me think."
"Sweetie, you're wasting your gum."
The Birdcage


Okay, so... I'm making a Numb3rs vid to the song 'Enid' by the Barenaked Ladies. It's a humourous look at how Charlie messes up his relationships. It's meant to be a friendship vid of Charlie towards Amita, Don, and Larry, though I'm pretty sure it could be easily taken a romance vid for one or all of the above...

And the sequel to "Law of Conservation" has been titled "Pockets of Warmth" and is.... it is. *sighs* Thank god for Miriam's hand holding. It'd be so screwed if not for her. But I think it'll be good. Oh, and it's soooo not platonic. So, L/C slashers rejoice.

Things I'd Pay to See on Numb3rs
-Charlie dancing in his office to "Come Together" by the Beatles. Seriously, just in his own little world. Preferably in a hat of some sort, though a fedora would own me.
-Larry pissed off. The man's got depths, use them!
-'Once More, With Feeling', Numb3rs style.
-An episode without a case, just a character relationship ep. More humor and more character analysis.
-Fuck, let's just say a Joss-written episode and get it over with. Anyone who's listened to the commentary of Serenity knows the Bossman has an affection for DK and writing lines for him to say- it's not impossible!
-Let's put someone in mortal danger. That doesn't happen often enough.
-Exposition on how Charlie and Larry met, please?
-New writers.

That's all for now. *waves*

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DVD Commentary of 'Law of Conservation . )

Thanks for reading and feel free to tell me what you thought in the comments. I'm very keen on it, trust me.

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Title: Law of Conservation
Author: Lucia Zephyr
Rating: PG
Summary: Energy cannot be created or destroyed, only changed from one form to another.
Warning: It's a deathfic... only not. Also, a ghostfic... but not.
Thanks to: [ profile] miriam_heddy, who enjoyed it despite hating deathfic. She beta'ed this, and contributed the two best lines in the piece. She also gave me the closing poetry. She practically co-wrote it, though I doubt she'd admit it.

Author's Note: To those who hate deathfic- I understand the hate and why you might want to skip over this, but I promise you, this is not your conventional deathfic. Please, try it, if you could stand it.


The most surprising thing was how Don showed up sometimes, face drawn and pale, trying to apologize. )


Feel free to review with your thoughts on what it all meant and how you think people would deal with The Thing.

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Title: Midnight Stroll
Author: Lucia Zephyr
Rating/Pairing: G/Gen
Summary: Post-ep tag for 'Running Man'. In which hiking is done, a tree is scaled, and Charlie does the non-sequitur quoting.
Author Notes: For [ profile] miriam_heddy, who beta'd it. A quiet moment.

Midnight Stroll )

Fic rec

Jan. 28th, 2006 11:32 pm
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My apologies to my dear Miriam, but this is the best fic in the Numb3rs fandoms:

Reciprocity by raucousraven.

I have a kink for Charlie being fucked-up even more than we see on the show, and this nails it. I'm not saying he's psychotic, though, damn, you can't say he's completely sane after this. The fic goes into Charlie's past with the NSA in a way you might not have expected.
The author says her mission was to make Charlie's past completely possibly, not breaking canon at all in telling about this side of him and wow, she nailed it. This is Charlie, complex and with a few more skeletons in his closet, but still utterly Charlie.
It's a gen fic told 70% from Charlie's POV, the rest from Larry and even if you don't like Larry, you foolish person, you, read this fic. It's amazing.

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For my own reference -

Crackfic challenge posted at...

[ profile] numb3rs_notice: Here.
[ profile] numb3rs_slash: Here.
[ profile] numb3rs_fic: Here.



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