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Okay, so Grandma has hurt herself and Mum has decided that waiting a month and a half is too long. We are going to leave Missouri and return to Florida as soon as humanly possible. There is quite a bit of stuff to do.

  1. We need to figure out how to abandon the house. It is not really sellable and the mortgage is more than its worth by a fair amount (I'd say by $30K on the low end). It seems the best option for us is the "surrender by deed" the house to the bank, or possibly lender? I'm getting mixed signals on this.

  2. We are going to sell or trash a lot of stuff. We have chairs and bedroom sets and a fairly new clothes washer and AC unit and-- a lot of things. We're going to price it all out very cheaply (i.e. the new washer will go for about $75) and just get rid of as much as possible.

  3. What we can't sell, we're donating or recycling. I hate the Salvation Army for various reasons, so I'm looking for another venue to donate clothes and furniture and such. I live near Warrensburg, MO and am willing to drive a while.

I know there are other things, but this list is what's on my plate right now. If anyone has an information on any item, I'd appreciate any advice you could offer. I'm very much in the tall grass here, constantly on the verge of an emotional breakdown, and need help. And hey, if you are in the area and looking for furniture or appliances on the cheap? Lemme know. I have 'em, and everything will be under $100.

If you can help at all, hit me up here or, if you prefer, my email is luciazephyr[at]


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